(There are no pairings in this, but I'm hoping that I could at least make it a bit funny. Enjoy!)

My life is full of joy. I am a fan of Gintama. Actually, I'm a die-hard fan.

School recently was over because it was summer time. It was the day after school was out when I was sleeping in my room.

It was almost noon, and my sister jumped on my bed, and shouted, "Wake up, Madison! It's almost noon! You need to get up!"

I woke up, rubbing my eyes, and sat up, wearing my pajamas.

I am Madison, who is an anime fan. I live in a small town in Michigan. My all-time favorite anime is Gintama. I have a sister named Gabriela, or Gabby. She's 4 years younger than me.

I was a freshman in high school, but next school year, I will be a sophomore.

My mom and dad work for a company, which makes them very busy. The only day they don't work is on Sunday's.

I got dressed, but it wasn't that hot out yet. I wore a white shirt, with a cartoon kitty on the front, with a tang top under the shirt since it would be see-through. I also wore a dark pink skirt, with dark striped pant-like tights underneath. I had white socks and brown shoes on, but I made sure that I wouldn't step on my bed with my shoes on.

My hair is chocolate brown, as long as just above my shoulders, and my eyes were brown as well.

At noon, Gabby told me, "Mom wants you to take out the garbage!"

I scratched my head, and replied, "Alright, alright. I'll go take it out."

I grabbed the bag, full of garbage, went outside and threw it in the closet dumpster.

I went back inside, and saw the sky cloudy. My house wasn't that big. It was only a two-floor home with two bathrooms, and three bedrooms.

Gabby had her own room, and I had mine, that way she wouldn't snore so loudly by my ear.

I came back inside the house, and saw Gabby looking at one of my Gintama DVD's.

I said, "Why're you looking at that?"

She answered with a straight face, "I want to read the information."

"Even though you don't watch anime?"


Gabby isn't much of an anime fan. Not counting Digimon or Pokemon, she's only seen one Ghibli movie.

I sat on my bed, and looked at the Weekly Jump magazine I got at a Good-Will store.

It was all in Japanese, so I couldn't really tell what the words were saying. But it didn't really matter to me.

Whenever I picked it up, I would always look at the Gintama part.

Oh, how much I love Gintama. I thought with happiness.

Just then, Gabby opened the door fast, and went in my room.

She told me with her hands on her hips, "Madison Willis! You didn't put a new bag in the can!"

I realized it, and slapped my forehead.

"My god, you're right, Gabby! I'm terribly sorry!" I ran downstairs and added a new bag in. The magazine was on my bed.

The door bell rang, and I ran to the door next.

I opened the door, and saw one of my friends, named Amanda. She said, "Hello, Madison."

I replied, "Hello, Amanda. What brings you here today?"

"Do you have some eyeliner I could use?"

I blinked, and nodded my head. "I do. What's it for?"

She giggled, and answered, "I'm going on a date with Cody tonight, so I wanna look good."

I laughed, and said, "Alright then. I don't really use my make-up anyways. It's in my room."

"Thanks," She said.

She ran to my room, and a minute later, she had eyeliner on the top of both her eyes.

"Thanks again."

"Sure thing, Amanda," I replied back.

Amanda said bye to me right before she went out of my house.

Gabby then said to me, "That Amanda. Why can't I get a boyfriend?"

I turned my head to face her, and answered her, "Because you're too cocky."

She exclaimed at me, "I am not! Don't be so mean!"

"Gabby, you're almost in middle school. Clam up,"I told her with my hand on my hip. She calms down, but still makes a pout.

She then started to walk up the stairs again, and mutters to herself. I couldn't tell what she was saying, and I honestly didn't care what she told herself.

I set one of my other hands on my forehead, and let out a sigh.

I walked up the stairs as well, and sat back on my bed.

My collection of Gintama wasn't so big, but what I had was one DVD, a poster of the Yorozuya, a stuffed doll of Kagura, and a few drawings I drew. I'm not the best artist of drawing Gintama characters yet, but I'll get there sometime.

Gabby came into my room again. I sighed again, and asked, "What is it now?"

She asked with some sort of high voice, "Do you have a crush on somebody from the series?"

I chuckled, and said, "I can't answer that. And it's because there are so many hot guys in it."

Gabby chuckled as well. "I see. Don't you want a boyfriend though? Like Amanda?"

I stared at the magazine for a bit, and told Gabby without looking at her, "Not really. Too many boys at school are being creepy and they want to have sex as soon as they get a girlfriend."

Those, were a little bit true. But I have heard about it by my friend.

Gabby said, "It's not always true, but you do have a point. If I ever get a boyfriend, I'l make sure he isn't like that."

"Smart of you, Gabriela," I tapped my head, smiling at her.

She also exclaimed, "That's right! I am smart!"

We both laughed, and smiled at the same time. We both then continued to talk, only it was off topic.

"How long have you had your phone for, Madison?" She asked.

I had a phone, which flips. It wasn't a phone where you only touch a screen.

I said, "4 years."

She shows that smile again, and brought out her phone. "Are you jealous of me having a touch screen? Because it's much easier to use this kind of phone since you don't have to keep pressing buttons over and over again."

I laughed again, "No. I'm not jealous. But sometimes I wish I had that kind of phone."

She sets her phone on my bed, as she sat on it. She said something off topic, "Can you believe I'm going to be in middle school next school year?"

I said, "Yes and no. You are four years younger than me, and I'm going to be a sophomore in high school, so I'm not that surprised."

Gabby gave out a sigh, and replied, "Sometimes I wish I wouldn't grow up so fast."

I patted her head, to make her feel better since it always made her feel better. I told her, "Well, time does go by fast, and you can't pause time."

"You're right, I can't," Gabby muttered.

I let go of her head, and continued to look at the Jump magazine. But just then, some sort of dust came on my arm.

"Huh? That's weird," I muttered also.

Gabby looked at me, and asked, "What is it?"

"There was dust. And I dusted my room not too long ago!"

It didn't make sense at first because I cleaned my room, and dusted the floors and shelves, so that I wouldn't have those allergies.

I wiped the dust that was on my arm, but more dust came on the more I wiped off. Gabby opened her eyes widely, and told me, "Uh, Madison...you need to look at your magazine."

"What?" I questioned.

I looked straight at the Jump, and opened my eyes widely as well. There was dust, magically coming out of the thick magazine. I didn't understand at all why dust was flying at and on me.

Wiping the dust off wasn't really helping, because more dust came.

The dust was actually white, even though I don't really know the color of dust. Unless it was only gray.

Gabby started to panic, and said, "Don't tell me this is happening, though I don't know what's going on!"

Then, the whole two pages on the magazine turned white. At first, I thought I was dreaming. But I realized...

This isn't a dream!

Suddenly, it felt like I was being sucked in. First was my arms. As soon as my arms were touching the pages, I couldn't see my hands. Actually, I couldn't even feel the pages.

It didn't look like there was anything Gabriela could do, so she yelled, "I need to record this, so that I could show this to mom and dad so that they won't say I'm lying!"

She took out her phone, and set it to 'camera'. I also thought it was a good idea, but I also noticed that she could've at least tried to pull me to prevent me from going any farther.

But it was too late. More of the so-called 'dust' pulled me farther and farther in and the side of my face was in as well.

Before I disappeared, I shouted, "Gabriel!" She shouted my name back.


She showed a bit of water in her eyes, as nearly my whole body was sucked in the magazine. The last part of my body that was being sucked in was my legs. My shoes were still on me, but I was completely sucked in, and heard Gabby say my name one more time before I completely disappeared.

Soon, I felt like I was flying down a portal. A portal that drives a person to a place they've never been to before.

What the hell...is this?

All I saw so far was black. But it wasn't like being in the dark at night. I wasn't so sure what to do. All I did was wait until the 'trip' was over.

It was only a few minutes, but it felt like forever.

Soon, I closed my eyes, and thought about my family.

They'll all wonder where the hell I'm at, but good thing Gabby got the footage.

I was happy that Gabby took a video of it, so that my parents wouldn't disbelieve her, but I was also disappointed in her for not saving me. But I realized that it couldn't be stopped.

Not long after, I still had my eyes closed, but I landed on land. I didn't want to open my eyes yet because I was a bit terrified of what I would see.

But I thought, Who am I kidding? I can't keep my eyes closed forever.

I decided to open my eyes, but slowly, and see where I was.

As soon as my eyes were completely opened, my eyes were wide in shock.

I was in the other world. The world of the anime Gintama. I looked down at my skirt, and it looked like anime as well.

Right next to me was some sort of water stand. I stood up, and looked at my reflection. The second I saw my reflection, I gasped in shock.

My figure looked completely different, except I was wearing the same clothes, but I was an anime person. I wouldn't call myself a character though. My eyes were a little big, but not too big. My hair was also very shiny.

I touched my face, and felt that it was really soft.

Am I really in the Gintama world?

I looked both ways, and saw a street not too far away from me. I then realized that I was in an alley way. I blinked, and noticed that I was in the city called Edo.

I decided to walk forward, but I was thinking about my sister, Gabriela.

Gabriela...why am I alone?

I ran out of the alley way, and ran in the streets. But some people were giving me strange looks. It was probably because I was wearing clothes that weren't kimono's or yakata's.

The more people stared, the more uncomfortable I was with this attention.

I yelled in my head, Dammit, stop staring at me!

My face was starting to turn red, due to the amount of attention I was getting. I wanted to not be seen as soon as I could.

Fortunately, I saw another alley way, and ran towards it, so that no one would see me.

There, I wasn't getting the attention anymore. I panted heavily, and walked farther from the corner of the alley way.

I then sat down on the ground of dirt, and started to feel water in my eyes. I was already missing my family, including my friends.

I thought, knowing what would happen, My parents will report me as missing. What can I do? How will I go home?

My legs landed on my chest, and tears were starting to flow down my cheeks, and I knew that I was crying. My head fell on my knees, crying for mercy.

I want my mom! I want my dad! I want my sister!

A minute later, I heard a female's voice, that was asking, "Are you okay?"

I stopped crying, and I lifted my head up to see who was asking me. Despite them saying it in Japanese, I could actually tell what they were saying. I thought it was weird at first, because in my world, I could only speak English. Well, I know a little bit of Spanish.

The second I looked at her, it was Kagura. Kagura-Chan?

She blinked, and had her umbrella over her head. I figured that even if I do know most of the Gintama characters names', I'd need to pretend I don't know them. But another thought was that I would tell the Yorozuya that I'm not from Edo or their world.

I stood up slowly, and answered her, "I'm fine. I'm just depressed." There, I was speaking Japanese. I opened my eyes wide in surprise, but then again, I was in the Gintama world.

Kagura then asked me, "What're you depressed about?"

"..." I paused for a minute, and couldn't say anything. I didn't want to say that I lost my parents because then Kagura would help me find them, but it would be too hard to explain.

Instead, she said, "How about you come visit my friends' place to talk about it?"

I look into her blue eyes, and nodded my head.

She told me, "Follow me!" I followed her.

I was getting attention from people again, but I ignored it.

My thoughts were, Should I tell them? Or will they not believe me?

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Also, this doesn't really focus on any characters, even the Yorozuya.

So Madison's last name is Willis, but it won't be mentioned that often. Her last name will only be mentioned by her being introduced to the Gintama characters.

By the way, sorry if it isn't that funny, but I'll try to at least give out giggles to people who are going to read this. And Madison will meet most of the characters. I also plan to make this story long. So please expect that.

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