Here it is. The final chapter. Madison is finally home. This isn't exactly an epilogue, but if you want to call this chapter that, go right ahead. Enjoy!

Three days have passed since I finally came home. I was so happy to finally be in my own house, and even in the same town of Michigan again. I've been stuck in the Gintama world for over three weeks, and during those three weeks, it felt pretty slow to me. It felt like forever, but it was worth being in Edo. I made some great friends, even if they are just anime/manga characters. I know I'll never see them again, but one thing's for sure. I'll never forget them, and I'll still be a fan of Gintama in general.

Today was Sunday. My mom and dad wanted me to tell them everything on what I did during my 'travels'. They wanted me to tell them today because they were pretty busy, that they wouldn't have time to listen to my amazing story. But since Sunday was their day off, they had plenty of time now.

I was at the dining room table with my mom, dad, and my sister, Gabriela.

My mom had long, brown hair, and wore a ponytail. My mom has brown eyes, and likes to wear ponytails, and the only time I see her not wearing one is when she's about to go to bed. When she goes to work, she obviously wears a suit with a black tie, but she would also wear a not-so-tight skirt that was up just a little above the knees. She would wear black stockings and black high-heels.

My dad had short, but almost choppy brown hair, with green eyes. He was never a fan of beards or any other kind of facial, so whenever he notices at least a little bit of facial hair, he'll shave it off. For the truth, I think he looks better without facial hair, because the only time I saw him with facial hair, he didn't exactly look that good.

Today, I wore a dark blue tang-top that had white swirl prints on it, and light blue shorts. It was a perfect fit, that I didn't need a belt to go with it.

We were all eating Golden Grahams, and mom asked me, "Since your father and I have our day off today, would you mind telling us your experience in...the other world?"

As I took a bite of my cereal, I answered, "Well, it was crazy at first, but as I got used to it, it was interesting. But I still missed you. Sometimes whenever I slept, I would dream about you guys. Then, I would cry."

Gabby said, "Until you finally came home, I was dreaming about you as well! Almost every single day, I cried, wanting you to come back."

I told Gabby some of the stuff about my experience, but not really everything.

She continued, "Until you came back, I waited beside your bed, with your magazine opened, just in case you would come out of there. And when you were out, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was so happy you came back...for good. I think that's the most that I've cried, ever."

Just then, Gabby's eyes began to water. She blinked, and said to herself, "I better get a napkin." With that being said, she stood up, off of her chair, and walked to the napkin box. She took a napkin out, and wiped her tears, but also blew her nose.

After that, she sat back down, and I continued with my story, "Strangely, I spoke Japanese completely. But the strangest part was that I could read Japanese too!"

Dad's eyes opened wide in surprise. He said, "That's weird."

I nodded my head, replying to my father, "Tell me about it."

Gabriela asked, "So what kind of things or activities did you do there?"

I scratched my head, trying to remember all the things I did in the Gintama world. When I had remembered, I answered, "Well, I went to a few parties, danced in a huge outfit, worked with a group,, don't get mad, but I used a sickle for a weapon."

Mom nearly dropped her spoon in her bowl, and exclaimed, "Why did you use a sickle? You're too young to use any weapon!"

I blushed a bit from embarrassment, and set my hand on the back of my head. But I had to tell my parents and Gabby about this. I informed her, "But it wasn't my idea to use it! And besides, I realized that I needed to fight for my life in order for me to go home."

"Why? That sounds silly."

"I know, mom. But I got sucked into a shonen manga. Shonen, meaning some manga's have fights in it. But I'm not sure if that's the reason why. The good thing, though, is that I didn't bring that sickle home."

"Good. We don't want you to use any kind of weapon until you at least turn 16."

I blinked, but replied, "I know."

She went back to eating, and dad said with a chuckle, "You know, if Gabriela didn't record you getting sucked into that comic, we wouldn't have believed her."

Gabby made a cracked smile, and replied to dad, "That's why I recorded it."

Blinking my brown eyes with realization, I decided to ask my parents, "Did you show the 'video' to anyone else?"

Mom answered, "We showed it to Amanda, Sharon, and Max."

Max is Gabriela's friend. She first introduced me to Max when she was in the fifth grade. At first, she was nervous, but she got over it kind of quickly. I may be older than Max, but I thought he was a nice kid. He's not like a lot of other fifth graders, who act like kindergartner's. Gabby told me that he's pretty smart, but he's not that smart.

As Gabby and I were finished eating our cereal, the doorbell to our front door rang. I turned my head, facing the door, and said while getting off my chair, "I'll get it."

I walked to the door, and as soon as I opened it, there stood Amanda and Max. Amanda's my friend, and Max is Gabby friend, like I said.

I thought with a bit of surprise, What a surprise!

I smiled slightly at the two, and asked mom, "Mom, can Amanda and Max come in?"

"They may come in," She answered.

I motioned the two to come in. Amanda had black hair, and it was as long as to her back. Her eyes were crystal blue, and her skin was a bit darker than mine. But that was because she tanned a few times. No, not at a tanning salon. I mean REAL tanning at the beach. I think tanning salons are really stupid.

Amanda gave me a big hug, and said while nearly crying, "When your sister showed me that video, I was so scared for you. You are my friend, and I wanted you to come back."

I smiled slightly, replying to Amanda, "I know, Amanda. My family wanted me back too."

She retrieved the hug, and Max came towards Gabby. Max was a little taller than Gabby. He had short, dark blonde hair with greenish-blue eyes. Sometimes his eyes would be just green, and other times, his eyes would be just blue. But most of the time, those colors are just mixed in.

He asked Gabby, "How did you feel when Madison finally came home?"

My little sister opened her eyes widely, and exclaimed, "What kind of question is that? I had a mixture of happiness, and...heart-breaking happiness."

I chuckled, "Sis, that's the same thing. You were just happy."

She made a cracked smile as Max said, "That must've been hard being away from your family for over three weeks."

I nodded my head at the younger boy. "It has been. I've cried some of the times while I was away. This is completely different from being at a camp."

Amanda said with a smirk, "Did you fall in love with anybody?"

I stared at my friend, and chuckled quietly. I told her, "I told you, Amanda, I don't want a boyfriend, if that's where you're getting at."

She snapped her fingers, pretending to be disappointed, "Oh, darn!"

Everyone, including me, chuckled. Mom came by and told us, "Excuse me."

Gabby asked with curiosity, "Where're you going, mom?"

She answered, "My boss just called me, and he wanted me to visit him. But I won't be gone long."

"Okay then, see you soon."

"Bye," She replied with a smile on her face.

Max scratched his head, asking us, "Tell me again, why does your mom visit her boss?"

I told him, "Well, mom told me that it's because her boss gives her some files."

"What kind of files?"

"I don't know. She said she thought me and Gabby wouldn't really get it," I shrugged.

Now it was time for dad to come by us. He said, "Hello, Amanda and Max. How're you two doing?"

"Good, Mr. Willis," Max and Amanda said at the same time. My dad is actually pretty kind to the two. When I first introduced her to my dad, she was obviously nervous. But dad greeted her politely, and she was okay with it not long after.

But when Gabriela first introduced Max to dad, dad was a bit suspicious at first, but he smiled at him, and trusted him. Since then, dad has trusted Gabriela's friend, and mine. So there hasn't been any problems.

Dad replied to the two with a brow raised up, "Good. Amanda, I heard that your mom was really drunk last night. One of my friends told me that she was so drunk, that she couldn't even stand up straight."

Her eyes widened in surprise. She asked, "How did you know that?"

"Well, I was close to one of the bars, and I happened to see your mom going in there. But since I don't drink, it didn't really matter to me. But my friend does drink, so he went into the bar anyways. I waited for him since he told me he was going to have one drink, but he made me go in the bar. I walked in, and then saw your mom...really drunk."

"Wow," Amanda muttered under her breath. She made a cracked smile as Max shed a drop of sweat down his face.

Dad said, "Well, she's fine now. She didn't really want to drink that much, but I guess she couldn't help it."

I shook my head as I thought, Amanda's mom is pretty weird sometimes.

I've met Amanda's mom. Her mom can get a bit crazy. Well, at least she doesn't smoke drugs. She only drinks.

Dad also said, "Well, I'm going to watch some T.V. And if you kids are going out for a walk, remember, don't talk to strangers."

Gabby and I chuckled as we replied, "Yes, dad."

"That includes you, Max and Amanda," He told our friends.

They nodded theirs head, replying, "Yes, Mr. Willis."

With that being said, he went to the living room, and turned on the T.V. He sat on the couch as Amanda asked, "You want to go get some ice cream?"

Gabby answered, "We just had breakfast, so we're not hungry. And besides, it's almost eleven o'clock."

Amanda gave out a chuckle, and said to my little sister, "It doesn't exactly matter what time it is, as long as it's not before breakfast."

I said, "We're not hungry, but we can still walk with you."

"Alrighty then!" My friend exclaimed with cheer. Gabby and I exchanged glances, and then decided to get our socks and shoes on. I still wore the same brown tennis shoes. Gabby wore white tennis shoes, but also had a stripe of blue on each side of her shoes.

After we had put our shoes on, we followed Amanda and Max outside.

Gabby said to Max, "How's your day, Maximilian?"

He chuckled and answered her, "Gabby, you know it's just 'Max'."

"I know. I just like calling you 'Maximilian'," She laughed back. Gabriela once told me that she liked the name 'Maximilian', but Max was just named 'Max'. However, he was used to being called 'Maximilian', but occasionally, he would correct Gabby by his name.

Gabby giggled like a little kid (Even though she's sort of a little kid), and I looked at her, and saw her cheeks turning slightly pink. Whenever she giggles, her face turns into that color, but only slightly.

I've always been curious about their relationship as friends. Sometimes I've wondered if my little sister had a crush on Max. I actually asked her that months ago, and she yelped, and blushed slightly. She didn't exactly answer my question, but she did tell me that she liked hanging out with him. So I didn't bother asking about it, since she's probably too embarrassed.

For some reason, she reminded me of Tsukuyo.

But anyways, we went to the store, and Amanda and Max got themselves some ice cream. Amanda got herself a chocolate frozen pop, and Max got a chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bar.

When they brought their ice cream at the cash register, they soon got it back, with their change back.

The worker said with a smile, "Have a good day."

Amanda quietly said, "You too."

We walked out of the store, and found a nearby bench that we could all sit on. Amanda took the lead, and soon sat down on the bench. The rest of us sat down on it as well, and the bench was big enough to fit four people!

Max asked me, "Did you use any weapons while being stuck in the anime world?"

I stared at Max for a second, but answered his question in my normal tone, "I used a sickle. But when I disappeared from that world, and came home, I left it behind on purpose. Because I knew that mom and dad wouldn't allow me to use it at home."

Our friends' eyes opened wide in surprise. Amanda exclaimed, "You used a sickle? That's so cool! Was it a small sickle?"

I shook my head while chuckling, "The blade was curved, but a bit long. The handle was also long, but the sickle itself was a little shorter than my height."

Max asked again, "Didn't your parents say that you couldn't use any weapon until you turned 16?"

"That's true. Although, I'm not so sure why at 16. Oh well, I did have fun using that sickle, but like I said, I had to leave it behind."

I closed my eyes half-way, and added, "But I did bring back a short-skirted kimono. I wanted to keep it for memory."

Again, they opened their eyes widely in surprise. Amanda exclaimed yet again, "That's amazing! I so want to see it!"

I gave out another chuckle, and replied, "I'll let you see it. It's in my room. When you two finish eating your ice cream, we can go see my kimono."

They nodded fast in agreement, and they managed to finish their ice cream bars without getting any brain freeze, or so I thought. We all got up, off of the bench, and we headed straight back to my house.

Not long later, we got back to my two-story house, and our dad didn't mind if my friend, and Gabby's friend, came into my room as long as they didn't break anything. Same with the rest of my house. The only place they couldn't go in was my parents' room. I understand that, so me and Gabby didn't complain about it.

As we were heading up the stairs, and towards my room, Amanda quietly exclaimed, trying to hold back her excitement, "Ooh, I'm so excited!"

I gave out another chuckle just as we entered my room. I pointed at my short-skirted kimono, which was on the top of my dresser, and as soon as Max and Amanda saw it, they walked towards it. But I went in front of them, and grabbed my kimono, unfolding it since it was already perfectly folded.

I showed my kimono at the two, and they smiled big. Well, Amanda smiled more since she was more excited than Max.

Amanda nearly shouted, "It's beautiful! I'm sorry that I'm overreacting, but I love the design on it! Especially the flower print!"

Gabby agreed, "And I like that it's golden yellow. Did you really wear that while you were stuck there?"

I nodded my head. "I did. I wore it until the day I came home. But I loved it so much, that I decided to not leave it behind."

I narrowed my brown eyes, and remembered the time where Kagura first met me. She got me this kimono, and I was happy that I got it. But I loved my casual clothes better, to be honest.

I said, "I will keep this forever." I hugged on my kimono, and thought, I miss you all, but I missed my family more, so I'm happy to be home.

Gabby decided to ask me, "Madison...did you dark side come out?"

Amanda and Max looked at her, but I answered, "A few times. But those were when I was really furious."

"I figured," She chuckled.

I folded my kimono again, and put it back on top of my clean dresser. It had no dust, so I wasn't worried about my kimono getting dirty...for now.

Amanda said, "Well, I should get home now. My mom expects me to be back at noon."

"Alright. I'll see you later then," I replied as she was heading out of my door. She waved at me with a smile on her face. I did the same thing.

Max scratched the back of his head, and asked Gabriela, "Gabby, what do you want to do?"

I stared at Gabriela's friend for a second, and I could've sworn I saw a small blush creeping up his cheeks. I smiled slightly as Gabby answered, "We could look at National Geographic magazines."

Max gave her a smile, and replied, "That sounds good." Both of them were fans of National Geographic magazines. Those were one of the things that made them kind of alike. They went to her room, and while Gabby picked up a magazine, I opened my eyes kind of widely, and just remembered something.

I said, "Oh, while I was in the other world, I found another person, who got sucked in as well."

Gabby stared at me for a few seconds, then asked, "You did?"

"Yes, and it was a girl, who's 17. She told me her name was Miyo Patricysia, and she also said that she's Polish. She went home before I did, but she told me...that she was stuck there for over a year."

Gabby widened her eyes in shock. "A year? Wow, that must've really been hard for a girl. Is she also a fan of your favorite anime?"

A nod came from my head. I said, "She is. I can't believe I actually remember her name." There, I figured something out. "Maybe I should look up online, and type up her name."

"Do you know how to spell it?" She asked.

I answered, "I don't think so, but I could try."

With that, I went to my room, and turned on my computer. A few minutes later, I went on Google, and first typed up, 'Polish Miyo girl'. And surprisingly, I have read her name, and it was exactly like the name Miyo told me.

So I clicked on the link, and I saw a picture of a girl that looked exactly like the girl I saw in the Gintama world. I smiled slightly, and realized that it was her. The website that I was on was some Polish news. Of course, it was in Polish, so I didn't understand what they were saying. But that didn't matter to me. I found Miyo in reality.

A chuckle escaped from my lips as I muttered under my breath, "Can't believe I found her."

But I thought, I wonder if she has a Youtube account, or even a Facebook account.

Even though I don't use Facebook, I would try to find her anyways. But I looked up on Youtube first, and when I typed in her full name, the first video I saw was the real life Miyo.

I clicked on the video, and I expected the video to be all in Polish, but she actually spoke English. And her English sounded...very good.

I smiled at myself, and thought, I'm glad you're safe at home, Miyo.

I decided to turn off my computer, so I did.

I stood up, and decided to draw Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, and myself on a piece of paper. I looked at my JUMP magazine, and chuckled once more. As my eyes cast on the paper that was close to me, I took the piece of paper, and grabbed my mechanical pencil and eraser. I also grabbed another piece of paper because while I was drawing, I would set the paper over the paper that I was going to draw on. Otherwise I would get led on my hand, and it would be very frustrating.

But as I drew, I first drew Gintoki. He wasn't that hard to draw, but drawing his hair correctly was kind of a challenge. But I did my best. After Gintoki, I next drew Shinpachi. Shinpachi was easier to draw for some reason. He only took, maybe, three minutes to draw completely. Next, I drew Kagura, but her umbrella was going to be kind of hard to draw, so I didn't bother putting her umbrella in the picture.

Finally, I began to draw myself. I smiled as I drew myself onto the piece of white paper. I had remembered when I looked at myself in the Gintama world, and I was pretty surprised. But I also remembered on what I looked like, Gintama style. So I drew carefully, but not so slowly. I then drew the kimono that I wore, and as soon as I finished the details, I thought that the picture looked amazing.

I was careful at drawing, and I stared at it for a moment.

But I heard my name being called, and it was my mom's voice. "Madison! Gabriela! Your Aunt Sharon will come by very soon! I suggest you come down now!"

I smiled, and was pretty excited to see my Aunt already. I haven't seen her in months, that's why I was this excited.

I put my mechanical pencil and eraser back, and stood up, walking out of the door to my room. I left my picture on my desk, and was definitively going to use thumbtacks to hang it up on the wall later. But right now, I had to get downstairs.

Being in the Gintama world for three weeks was worth it. I waited until it was time for me to come home, with my family again.

It was the best adventure ever.


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