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Chapter 1

~The Newborn~

Kaname sighed softly, as he rubbed his temples trying to cease the headache that was forming from the open certain. Yuuki laid asleep on his lap –and not wanting to wake her from much needed sleep– preventing him from getting up to close it.

He sighed again; they had both known Juri was pregnant again, but the surprise was that she was going into labor a week early. A scared and slightly pale Haruka had dragged her to a friend's house –Kaien Cross, to make sure his wife and child were safe. Kaname and Yuuki were dragged along, both against their will into the daylight. The man named Kaien said 'witness a miracle!', but sadly they weren't witnessing anything since they had been shoved out of the room quite quickly by Kaien when he had heard their mother's screams and some very colorful choice of words.

Now they sit in the living room listening to screaming and profanity. Yuuki had luckily dozed off but, Kaname wasn't so lucky, his keen hearing wasn't allowing any of that. So he had to sit there wide awake and listen to everything.

But it shockingly wasn't that long of a wait.


His head suddenly snapped up, his eyes wide with shock as his gaze immediately went towards the doors where his mother was delivering. Did he just hear...? His thoughts were confirmed when he saw Yuuki awake and also gazing at the door with soft eyes.

A new Kuran had been born.

He sat there in a slight daze; he had a new baby sibling... His thoughts were interrupted when a very happy Haruka walked into the room practically glowing, a giant grin on his face as he spoke. "Kaname, Yuuki, come! Come meet your new baby sister!" He motioned to both of them to come over with him with enthusiasm.

Yuuki slowly slid off the couch and moved to her father, Kaname not far behind. Haruka grinned brightly at both of them before turning around and opening the gray double doors that led them to their mother and new born sibling. He walked inside smiling brightly at Juri as he practically flew over to her, kissing her on her rosy cheek.

Kaname stared at Juri, she was breathing a bit hard still from the intense labor and her hair was a matted mess but, she didn't care at all as she wore a little smile on her face as she looked down to the bundle of blankets in her arms. A smile full of pride and love. Kaname could feel the curiosity build up in him before he could resist it no more and cautiously took a step forward. Juri atomically looked up –finally acknowledging their presence, a knowing smile on her face. "Do you want to see her?" She asked Kaname who stared at her for a brief second before nodding his head slightly and silently moving towards the bed. When he stood over Juri he looked down into her arms and let out a gasp as his eyes were finally laid upon his new baby sister. Though it was shocking none the less of what stood out most with the new baby infant.

Pink hair.

Kaname never remember any Kurans having pink hair.

Kaname stared in awe, his eyes trailing from her little pink tresses that laid on her head all the way to her chubby –slightly pink—face. She laid peacefully in his mother's arms sleeping soundlessly , he smiled warmly at the girl before feeling a tug on his pants. He looked down to see Yuuki pouting at him.

"I can't see." She huffed, raising her arms waiting to be picked up. Kaname chuckled, bending down slightly to lift her up onto the bed.

She slowly crawled up to her mother and cautiously peeked over the bundle of blankets as if not knowing what was to be in them. He face became a curious one as she examined her baby sister thoroughly with her eyes, and just like everyone else, Yuuki began to smile too.

"She's pretty!" Yuuki exclaimed happily, smiling cheekily at her mother.

Suddenly the little baby girl yawned making a small 'o' with her mouth as she wiggled around in her mother's arms. Her eyes slowly blinked opened, squinting at first since the world was bright around her but, then finally adjusting to the lighting she opened them more to reveal sparkling light green eyes. They shifted around the room looking at all the new faces around her. Kaname watched her with interest and was quite shocked when her little green eyes stopped on him.

His dark crimson eyes in such a contrast with her bright emerald.

She stared a little before giving an adorable giggle, showing off her toothless smile. Kaname smiled back, and before he could even ask his mother what her name was she answered, as if she read his mind.

"Sakura, Kuran Sakura"

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