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Chapter 1

The Newborn

. . .

The sun was shining brightly as it rose over the horizon, its rays of light and heat being soaked up greedily by the land as the world began to wake to the glorious sight. With just one glance at the scene any persons spirits would be lifted as they thought of how glorious the day would be. And as the light descended upon the campus of Cross Academy, the school greeted it back warming with the tolls of bells at the sign of the dawn.

But not everyone was awed by this marvelous sight.

A boy sighed softly as his face scrunched up in irritation, cracking an eye open to glower at the gap in the curtains, he raised his free hand slightly to block the bright rays of morning sun that were causing a migraine to begin to make itself known by the soft pounding at the front of his skull. He began to massage his temples before he finally gave up at the halfhearted attempt to stop the oncoming headache as he realized it wouldn't stop the incessant pounding. He gently removed his hand from under his slumbering sibling, and with a flick of his wrist the curtains were fully closed. He glanced down at his sister to see if the action had roused her, but she laid still, her breathing still deep as she dreamed on.

She needed the sleep much more then he currently did, which was what made him reluctant to move in fear of waking the girl that slept peacefully, her head resting on his lap. Her hand clutched tightly to his pants, as if in fear that he would leave her alone on the couch. The thought hadn't even crossed his mind as he ran his hand over her hair soothingly. As his hand began to brush stray strands of hair off her chubby little cheek his mind began to wander to the string of events that had led them to the current situation they were in.

The knowledge that Juuri and Haruka wanted a big family was of no surprise, as they talked about it nonstop. But with so many things happening at the time, and Yuuki needing to live in secret for her own safety you would think they would wait before choosing to try again for the big family they dreamed of.

Boy was he wrong.

Yuuki and he had both been shocked as their parents had happily gushed out that Juuri was once again pregnant and how they were so excited to have the family they had been dreaming about. Haruka had been beaming at his wife during the whole explanation and he held tightly to her hand, a dazed look of joy on his face as he stared at her with so much love Kaname felt embarrassed to look at them, he took to staring at the floor with a red face. Yuuki had became excited because everyone else was, even though she later asked what being pregnant meant. Juuri had explained in a very simplistic manor that Yuuki would be getting a baby sibling, which caused the child to once again become excited at the thought of another child to play with her.

The pregnancy had gone fairly well, with Haruka catering to her every need and Yuuki constantly asking when her new playmate would arrive, but as she neared the end of her last month Juuri had gone into early labor unexpectedly, shocking the whole household and practically giving Haruka a heart attack as he realized that the help they had planned to get in a week wouldn't be available at the time he tried to think of someone trustworthy to take his wife to. With a paler then normal face Haruka had dragged everyone into the morning sun to Kaien's house. Kaien had seemed delighted to be involved with the child's birth and had reassured Haruka that this happens sometimes and that there was nothing to worry about, the statement had seemed to calm the man's nerves slightly but he still looked at his groaning wife with distress, her hand never leaving his.

As Haruka had helped Juuri into one of the many rooms in the house Kaien began talking animatedly to the sleepy children telling them that they were about to witness one of the many miracles of life, Yuuki became more focused with each word he said, her eyes followed all of his wild hand gestures in unwavering focus as she soaked up the information in awe. Kaname nodded here and there showing that he was listening to the man as he blabbered on. But as Kaien ushered them into the room Haruka swiftly rose from his seat at the side of the bed to usher them straight back out, causing them to make a full U-turn. He quickly motioned to the front of the house as he told them to wait in the lounge before slamming the door in their face. After the initial shock at the action had finally worn off he blinked slowly before turning to gaze down at his baby sister in worry, wondering if she would begin to cry at the turn of events seeing how much she had looked forward to 'witnessing a miracle!', her state had of shock had worn off like his and he began to panic as her face puckered up in the usual way it did before she began to cry, her bottom lip stuck out and began to quiver as the tears formed in her eyes. Kaname quickly knelt down and began to try to hush the child and calm her down but she was having none of it, as her mouth opened to let out a wail they both paused as a string of angry words flowed out of the roo m, many of them damning their father.

Kaname paled visibly as he listened to the profanity that was streaming out of the room and realization dawned on him as to why they weren't allowed in the room while she delivered. He quickly picked Yuuki up and began to briskly walk to the living room; the whole time Yuuki questioning what the word her mother yelled meant, her tantrum forgotten as her curiosity peaked.

He went red slightly and made no move to answer her question.

So now they sat on the couch listening to slightly muffled yells, Yuuki had luckily fallen asleep without much trouble, he guessed because she was awake during the day when she should honestly be asleep. But he couldn't get any sleep, his keen hearing amplifying all the yells his mother was making causing him to stay awake.

Also that stupid curtain.

His eyes drifted lazily to the direction of the room his parents were in, wondering why it had gone so quiet suddenly.

But someone he had never met answered the question for him.


His eyes immediately focused in on the door to the delivery room as he abruptly sat up, he later realized that all his efforts to let the girl sleep had been in vain as him sitting up had jolted the girl in his lap awake. But he wasn't paying attention to that. His eyes shut as the wail rang through the silence once again it sounded so small and alive, his eyes slowly slid open as he turned his head to gaze down at his sister to gauge her reaction. Yuuki was now also sitting up and staring at the door silently, her mouth slightly ajar as her eyes widened in childlike wonder.

A new Kuran had been born.

He sat there in a slight daze; he had a new sibling his mind wandered to how the child would look, or if it was a boy or a girl, a million different faces flashed before his mind, some favoring Haruka more and some favoring Juuri but his train of thought came to a halt as Haruka swung the door open and breezed through the room, He beamed down at them his eyes slightly glazed over as he had that dreamy look on his face again. His joyous aura was very infectious causing Yuuki to grin back at him just as wide and Kaname gave a rare wide smile, and it just seemed to add to Haruka's excitement. He gestured madly towards himself, signaling for them to rise from the couch and follow him as he began to ramble on about how perfect the child was.

"You'll both love her I just know it! She came out so mad; her face was all scrunched up! But after she calmed down she was the cutest thing! I can tell she will have Juuri's temper, and her hair is the strangest color!" As the man rambled on Kaname realized that Haruka was nowhere near the end of his rant, so he began to slide of the couch and gestured for Yuuki to follow, she eagerly hopped down and latched onto his hand yanking him forward. As they followed after the man, who had yet to stop talking, Kaname began to go over what Haruka had said realizing the man had given up the gender of the child.

He had a new sister.

And even though he had yet to meet the child he could not stop the protectiveness he felt towards her, he would care for her as much as he had cared for Yuuki. He nodded as if to confirm his thoughts and as he realized that Haruka had stopped talking he noticed that they were in the doorway to the delivery room already. Haruka strode over to Juuri and placed a soft kiss on her cheek, he slipped an arm around her waist as he joined her is gazing lovingly at the swathed baby. Kaien stood on the other side of the bed shedding silent tears at the beauty of the scene.

Kaname felt the curiosity begin to gnaw at him as he stared at his happy parents who held the baby just out of view for him, he wished to know what she looked like but couldn't seem to take a step forward, he remained in the doorway clutching Yuuki's hand as he gulped nervously.

As if feeling his distress his mother looked up at him curiously the hint of a smile never leaving her lips. she was breathing slightly hard and her hair was tousled, she looked to be sweating profusely before and her hair stuck to her face and was sticking out in strange ways. But none of this seemed to matter to her and she smiled gently at him as she beckoned him forward "You wish to see her, no" she asked softly waiting patiently as he made his way across the room Yuuki in tow. His eyes never left his mother's face she smiled encouragingly to him and as he finally dropped his gaze to the infant he couldn't help his surprised intake of breath.

Pink hair.

Kaname never remember any Kuran's having pink hair.

His eyes visibly widen as his head swung comically around the room to gaze at everyone as if that would confirm what he had just seen, it caused a small laugh between the adults.

"Yes, we were a little surprised as well" Juuri said with a small laugh, as he gaze once again zeroed in on the child his eyes trailed from her little pink tresses that laid on her head all the way to her chubby –slightly pink—face. She lay peacefully in his mother's arms sleeping soundlessly, and as he looked down at his new baby sister he smiled warmly at the girl before an insistent tugging on his pants made him glance down, Yuuki stood there with a pout on her face.

"I can't see." She huffed, raising her tiny arms as she began clutching at the air signaling that she wished to be picked up. Kaname chuckled slightly before bending down slightly to lift her up onto the bed.

She slowly crawled up to her mother and cautiously peeked over the bundle of blankets, as if not knowing what was to be in them. He face became a curious one as she examined her baby sister thoroughly with her eyes, and just like everyone else, Yuuki began to smile too.

"She's pretty!" The girl exclaimed happily, smiling cheekily at her mother.

Suddenly the baby yawned making a small 'o' with her mouth as she wiggled around in her mother's arms. Her eyes slowly blinked opened, squinting at first since the world was bright around her but, and then finally adjusting to the lighting she opened them more to reveal sparkling light green eyes. They shifted around the room looking at all the new faces around her. Kaname watched her with interest and was quite shocked when her little green eyes stopped on him.

His dark crimson eyes such a contrast with her bright emerald green.

She stared a little before giving an adorable giggle, showing off her toothless smile. Kaname smiled back, and before he could even ask his mother what her name was she answered, as if she read his mind.

"Sakura, Kuran Sakura"

. . .

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