Here's my submission for Day one of Klaine week. I do not own Glee, it belongs to Fox. Title of this story is a song by the Barenaked Ladies. The title of the chapter (Born to Meet You) is a song by Kegawa No Maries.

Prompt #1: Baby Klaine

The sun shone brightly and clearly up in the cloudless, perfect blue sky warming the Lima Park goers. People set up picnics on the lush green lawns, some underneath shady trees. In a meadow near a pond sat one Burt Hummel, his lovely wife of three years Elizabeth, and their twenty-three month old son Kurt.

"God, it's so beautiful out here." Elizabeth sighed as she opened some Tupperware of food.

Burt smiled teasingly at his wife. "Yeah, you are."

Elizabeth chuckled at her husband's humor. She crossed her legs indian-style and pulled Kurt into her lap. "All right, sweetie, let's feed you some lunchy."

The more he and his parents ate, and his parents talked and laughed, the more sleepy Kurt was getting. He finally yawned.

"Aww." Elizabeth said softly. She slowly and gently laid Kurt down on the blanket and lay on her side next to him. "I think I might nap a little, too."

Burt smiled and chuckled. "I'll watch over you two."


After what felt like an hour, Kurt woke up and rolled over on his stomach. He saw a pretty butterfly on the edge of the picnic basket, squealed, stood up, and reached out his hand to grab it. The butterfly took off, and Kurt waddled after it, giggling. His shoelace was becoming untied, and he slipped and fell forward, grabbing onto the first thing he felt, which was a stroller. He heard fussing, and clumsily stood to see what it was. It was another baby with messy jet-black hair and brown eyes. Once Kurt looked him in the eye, the baby stopped fussing and smiled. Kurt smiled back and cooed a little. The back haired baby grabbed a little stuffed bird and extended his hand to Kurt.

"Goodness!" A woman wearing a dress exclaimed in dismay. She pulled the stroller back sharply and looked disdainfully at Kurt. "Disgusting thing."

"Funny. I was about to say the same about your outfit." Kurt, who had been knocked down with his bottom lip trembling, looked up to see his mother looking angry with her hands on her hips. She bent down to pick up Kurt and checked to see if he was hurt. Satisfied, she turned back to the woman.

"Excuse me?" The woman frowned at Elizabeth and put her hand on her own hip.

"You heard me." Elizabeth said coolly. "I gotta tell you...I don't like it when snobby rich people call my family disgusting. What if someone called your son snobby and stuck-up?"

The woman merely scoffed and snorted derisively. "Whatever. Your son will work for mine one day."

With that, the woman walked off leaving Elizabeth looking ready to kill. She huffed and turned back towards her husband who wasn't sure whether to laugh or yell back at the woman. Neither noticed Kurt and the baby boy wave sadly to each other.

"Me without my camera." Burt chuckled.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and shook her head. "That snobby rich lady doesn't know what she's talking about. Her son may end up working for Kurt one day."

"That's the spirit." Burt nodded as he started packing up. "But, who's to say they'll ever meet? That little boy might go to a private school."

"Well, he was wearing a vest and a bow tie, so you might be right." Elizabeth said as she balanced Kurt on her hip and helped packing. "I just hope that boy doesn't turn out to be his mother. I'm not sure if I want him and Kurt to meet if he does."

"Come on. Not everybody turns out like their parents." Burt assured her.

Elizabeth smiled and pushed away her brown bangs. "Yeah, you're right."

Little did Elizabeth know that her son and that boy would meet a little over fourteen and a half years later on the staircase at Dalton Academy in Westerville, and eventually fall in love.

I thought it'd be cute if Blaine and Kurt met before, but don't remember. Lol Tomorrow is Klaine AU.