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By Techno Skittles

"Trust fall!"

"Wha-Oh shit! Soul!"

The hard pavement rushed to meet them both, bruising Maka's shoulder and upper spine upon impact. On top of her, Soul lay, laughing it up at the joke he had just pulled. His laughter only increased when he saw Maka's red face and fierce eyes directed towards him. Thank Death her arms were pinned underneath him as well, otherwise she wouldn't be the only one in pain.

"Just what the hell was that, Soul?" she yelled.

"Trust fall. And you failed."

"What? How did I fail?"

"You didn't catch me."

Maka rolled her eyes and wiggled her knees under from Soul's body, sighing in relief when they weren't being bent at awkward angles anymore. "Yeah. I just broke your fall. You're welcome."

White locks brushed her chin and nose, tickling it. Resisting the urge to sneeze, she turned her head to the side to escape Soul's pale locks of hair. "Could you…oh I don't know…..get off of me now?"

Soul lifted his head and stared at her with a bored expression. "What's the fun in that?"

Maka growled and glared when Soul started laughing again. "You are so getting Maka Chopped when I get up."

"That is, if your arms aren't numb."

"Go die in a hole."

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