After the curtain had descended, and after Link had kissed Zelda, he realized what he really needed to do.

He was still muddy, bloody and singed, from trekking through swamps, fighting monsters, and walking through the lava fields that guarded the last palace. And beyond that, he had seen things that no young man Link's age had ever seen. He had just stared into the darkness of his own soul, and seen his own Shadow, and with great difficulty, defeated it, proving himself a true hero.

He had earned the adulation of the kingdom, and the affection of the princess.

But Link knew that meant nothing. He had looked into his shadow, looked into the true meaning of hatred and callousness, and he knew that he wasn't a hero because he had fought monsters and saved the kingdom. Link could only be a true hero when he showed compassion and caring for the lowliest resident of Hyrule. Link knew that he was just as bad as Gannon, because he had looked into the eyes of a hurt man, a desperate man, a man who needed his help, and just turned away.

Link journeyed out, still full of the sweat and grime of his journey. He needed to go to Ruto. He got there quickly, since Hyrule was no longer full of prowling monsters, and he marched up to the door, threw it open, and walked in.

The only resident, a portly man with a thick head of black hair with a beard to match looked at the young lad in front of him and intoned "I am Error"

"You keep saying that. I didn't even think about it...think about what you must feel like!" Link emoted. "What must your life be like, that you are so full of despair that you just sit in this room, endlessly repeating your feelings of worthlessness!"

"I am Error" the man repeated.

"You long for someone to come in here, to look upon you, and to say 'No, you are not an "Errror", you are a gem, a person of worth and dignity!'"

"I am Error"

"How long has it been? How long has it been since someone said to you, said the words you needed to hear?" Link asked, with anguish in his voice, thick tears running down his face. The salty tears mixed with the grime of traveling.

"I am Error"

"I am acclaimed as a hero! But my real heroism will only begin when I can show you that you are as valuable as the entire Kingdom of Hyrule! That you are not alone, not rejected!"

"Um, my name...its Error. In the Rutian dialect, it means 'Very Important Man'..." the man shook himself and started to move about the small room. "And if I can ask, what are you doing in my house/"

"I am Link! I am the hero of Hyrule! And I am here to...wait, so 'Error' is just your name? Its not a cry of existential despair?"

"Yes...that is just my name...sorry, I was a bit surprised when you came in. Teenage boy in a green jerkin bursts into your house smelling of monster gore, its kind of hard to find the right words."

" don't need me to save you?" Link asked, confused.

"No, I am quite alright. Um, but, I am kind of busy right now, so..."

Link exited the house, and trekked back to the palace, sad that he could not have proved his heroism by showing Error the beauty of life.