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Chapter 13: Oblivion

Haymitch is dying. Everyone knows it. Beth knows it. Katniss knows it. Peeta knows it. Their kids know it. Johanna and Annie know it.

Effie knows it.

It was bound to happen. It happens to everyone, eventually. Frankly, people were pretty shocked that he lived into his seventies, what with all of his excessive drinking.

Everyone thought he would drink himself to an early grave.

Effie changed that. She gave him the will to live on. Beth only increased this will.

But now his body was failing him. His arthritis had set in, his breathing hacked with mucus. His eyesight going bad. His blonde hair gone, replaced with a few white strands at his scalp.

Effie, while still aging, kept herself in better health than Haymitch during her early years, and it was apparent that she would outlive him by a decade at least. But she didn't want that. She wanted more than the measly twenty five years with Haymitch that she got. She wants to die with him. She knows what it's like to live without him, and it's horrible. For Haymitch to die would be bringing the darkness and shadows of torture and Rebellion down upon her.

Beth is long gone. Their daughter was going to a school in the Capitol. She wouldn't be there when her father died. Probably for the best.

Effie lays in bed next to a wheezing Haymitch, and both just lie there for who knows how long. Finally, he grabs her hand weakly, and mutters, "Effie..."

This does it. Tears escape her eyes, and she clutches his hand as hard as possible, "Haymitch, don't die! Don't leave me. If you die, I die!"

"Don't," he says firmly, and with some effort, roll over on his side to face her wrinkling tear stained face. With his free hand, he strokes her face and searches her still-lifeless eyes. "Don't cry, Princess."

"But, I can't...," she cries harder, "I'm serious. If you die, I die. I promise, that's what I'll do. You have to stay with me."

He places a light kiss on her lips, and mutters, "I love you, sweetheart." Haymitch gathers her in his arms one last time, and strokes her white curls.

She sniffles, and buries her face in his chest, and mumbles, "I love you too, Haymitch."

Eventually, Effie falls asleep. Haymitch falls into oblivion.

True to her word, a month after his death, Effie follows him.

They meet, looking the same as they did when they got married. They embrace, and set off together, off to find friends who had reached oblivion with them.

It didn't matter where they were.

Effie and Haymitch would be together forever.

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