If Only Time Stood Still

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Is it over yet?
Can I open my eyes?
Is this as hard as it gets?
Is this what it feels like to really cry?

Tittle: Cry

Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Chapter 1: (Re-Edited)

Mystic Falls, Virginia


An emotionless man stood staring transfixed into the dying flames of the fire before him, he twirl a glass of scotch in one hand; while the other was occupied by holding a black and white sketch of a girl no older then seventeen or eighteen.

He glanced once again at the drawing of the girl; taking in her big, doe-like eyes, pulp-looking lips and the long, dark locks of hair that shaped her heart-shaped innocent looking face. He sighed once; downing the rest of the scotch before throwing the glass into the flames and watch as they licked up the last drops of the alcohol he had been drinking.

The sound of expensive heels clicking against the pavement leading to the front door of the house that he shared with his family, indicating that he will no longer be alone in the house. He sighed again; as the front door opened and the scent of his sister's perfume hit him like a ton of bricks.

He did not turn to greet his sister, as she pause to see him standing beside the sitting room's fireplace, back facing her.

"Elijah?" She asked, earning her brother to face her then. "Whatever are you doing at this godly hour of the night?"

"Shouldn't I ask you the same thing, Rebekah?" Elijah replied, cocking up an eyebrow. "I take it your stalking of the elder Salvatore brother did not go as planned?"

"No, it did…" Rebekah replied, sitting down across from her brother. "Then the human doppelgänger showed up…"

"Elena?" Elijah asked eyebrows rose again. "Elena Gilbert?"

"Yes, her…." Rebekah mumbled bitterly; folding her arms and looked back at Elijah. "Now explain to me what you are doing at this hour?"

Elijah turned back the dying flames, thinking about throwing the last sketch he had of his first beloved human girl into the flames; before he could even think or blink the drawing was snatched out of his hands.

"Is this…" Rebekah gasped, holding the drawing out towards him.

"Yes, it is…" Elijah replied, eyes pleaded for her to burn it; but Rebekah made no motion to do such thing. "May I have it back?"

"You had a drawing of her, all this time?"

"Yes, I was about to burn it."

"Burn it?" Rebekah replied, anger rising in her tone. "Why would you do such a thing?"

"The memory of her hurts too much!" Elijah yelled, banging his fist on the fireplace frame; making little chunks of wood fall onto the wooden floor. "It just hurts too much…."

"You think you the only one that had lost her?" Rebekah hissed, folding the drawing and placed it in her jacket pocket. "Isabel Petrova was a part of our family, even if she did not think she had deserved a place in it! Klaus, Finn, Kol and I had lost a sister and best friend! Mother had lost another daughter! And let's not forget about the original doppelgänger, Tatiana Petrova; she had lost her family all together!"

Elijah was about to reply; but then seen their mother; Esther behind them, tears threatened to falls from her eyes.

"Mother…" Elijah mumbled, as Rebekah got to her feet again; turning to greet Esther. "Shouldn't you be resting?"

"How can I rest when two of my children are throwing themselves at each other's throats?"

Rebekah and Elijah both looked to the floor in shame; knowing that their mother was right, Esther sighed and moved into the sitting room.

"I wanted us to be a family again," Esther said, looking both at Elijah and Rebekah. "If it takes me forever to do that; then that is what I will pay to do… Even if it means to bring Isabel back"

"Wait… What?" Elijah replied, as Rebekah gasped; both looking at their mother in confusion.

"Isabel is not dead, my children."

"But her life was taken…" Elijah replied, looking at Rebekah, who nodded silently in agreement. "By the wolves…"

"Yes," Esther said, nodding once. "But that is also not the truth."

"So basically, she was reborn?" Rebekah asked, cocking her head to one side. "Like the doppelgänger was?"


"How?" Elijah asked, blinking once. "How could she be reborn like the older Petrova doppelgänger?"

"The doppelgänger spell must've brought her back as well…" Rebekah mumbled.

"So there are two Petrova descendants living in Mystic Falls?" Elijah asked, looking at Rebekah and Esther. "And we were so based on finding Tatiana's doppelgänger that we never thought to even look for Isabel's…"

"There is a way that we can find her."

"We know where Tatiana's…." Rebekah started to explain, but Esther shook her head.

"There is a way to locate Isabel's doppelgänger," Esther replied. "A simple spell."

Elijah and Rebekah looked at each other, before looking back at their mother and replied.

"Show us."

Esther walked to a small looking table, with Rebekah and Elijah not far behind; with a motion of her hand, both Elijah and Rebekah sat on one side of the table while Esther moved around to gather some things.

"Do you know what type of spell this is?" Rebekah asked Elijah quickly, too quickly for their mother's ears.

Elijah shook his head, about to reply but Esther then returned and placed an oval shaped plate filled with water, a cloth doll, a black ribbon, a small silver knife and some herbs.

"May I have the drawing of Isabel?" Esther asked, looking sheepishly at both a shocked Rebekah and Elijah. "What? Did you not think I knew about the sketches you both drew, mainly you, Elijah of Isabel? I am not stupid, you know."

Rebekah handed the sketch to Esther, watching eagerly as Esther wrapped the herbs inside the sketch, rolled it together and tied it to the cloth doll; dangling the doll over the water-filled plate. She held out for Elijah's hand, who didn't hesitate to hand it over; he didn't even feel the knife slice across his palm but he did hear the drops of blood hitting the water and the doll.

Esther started to chant something in the ancient language that both Rebekah and Elijah tried to forget long ago, the candles surrounding the room dimmed as Esther was rocking back and forwards still chanting; the candles then lit back to full strength as soon as Esther open her eyes and the cloth doll caught on fire, making both Rebekah and Elijah jump.

The burning, blood-covered doll fell into the water; twirling faster and faster until the water was no longer bloody but a cloudy black colour, Elijah cocked his head aside as the water started to form pictures.

Welcome to Forks!

"Forks?" Rebekah replied, looking confused. "They named a town after kitchen utensils? What's next, Spoons?"

"Rebekah…" Elijah warned, not looking up from the twirling pictures, he then swallowed a smile as Rebekah gasped. There before them was a sleeping form of their beloved Isabel Petrova.

"Isabel…" Rebekah smiled, choking down a sob. "She is alive!"

Elijah smiled, as the girl suddenly woke up and he was staring at her beautiful, doe-like chocolate brown eyes…

"Yes," Elijah said, touching the watery reflection of the girls as the water turned back to the normal cloudy black. "She is alive."

Forks, Washington State


A eighteen year old girl woke up with a start, her hand went straight to her heart as she had another nightmare about been eaten alive while a man known as 'Elijah' watched and tried to save her.

She got to her feet, suddenly she felt as if she was been watched; her eyes immediately darted to for the window, a scream built up in her throat as she seen a man looking back at her. Strangely enough she felt like she knew him.

His dark green eyes felt very familiar to her, but yet she didn't know where she knew them from; as soon as she blinked the man's reflection was gone.

"Elijah…?" Bella whispered, shaking her head; sneaking downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

When she reached the kitchen, she almost let out of blood-curling scream; there standing in the kitchen in all of his vampire goodness, was her boyfriend Edward Cullen, holding a glass of water for her.

"Who did you thought it was?" Edward replied, looking confused. "Not the mutt?"

"Jacob is a good friend of mine, Edward." Bella snapped back, grabbing the glass of water from Edward's hand. "And if you love me as much as you say you do, you would respect my friends and their furry problems."

"But they are dangerous!"

"And what," Bella spat, looking dangerously at Edward; who was surprised at her tone "You and your family are no walk in the park! You are just as dangerous as the pack is!"

"But I would never hurt you."

Bella snorted into the glass of water, earning an eye-roll from Edward; who sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. She snorted again, rolling her eyes at Edward, she was starting to get annoyed at his over-protectiveness; yes she was a klutz, but really she was getting fed up with all of Edward's demands of keeping her safe and protected from the second thing that makes her happy that she didn't die when she dived (or in everyone's eyes: Jumped) of the cliffs.

"You did, Edward." Bella said, pausing to rinse the glass out and set it on the dish rack to dry. "Remember?"

"But… I…" Edward replied, trying to make her see reason.

"But nothing!" Bella snapped, whirling fast to glare at him; who looked surprised that she didn't fall over from the speed she used to face him. "Admit it! You and your family had done more damage to little old me then Jacob and the pack has ever done"

"Bella… Love… Please see reason here…"

"I have seen reason, Edward." Bella snarled, turning on her heels, thanking the lord that Charlie was doing a midnight shift and won't be home until two in the morning. "I think you should show yourself out."

"Love…" Edward said, getting hold of her fingers and laced it with his stone like ones. "Please…"

"She. Said. To. Leave. Leech."

Bella blinked once as she seen Jacob standing there, she was confused as to why Jacob was there.

"I got a call from that pixie-like leech."

"Alice?" Bella mumbled, looking confused. "What did she see?"

"You trying to get mind-reader here to leave but he wouldn't, so she rang me to ask if I could pop over and see that he does."

"And pray tell how are you going to make me leave?"

"Easy," Jacob shrugged. "Throw you out the front door or the nearest window."

"But Charlie…" Bella gasped, looking darkly at Jacob and Edward. "For the sake of my sanity and Charlie's ever growing blood pressure, Edward can you please leave?"

"What about him?"

Bella looked towards Jacob; he smiled once at her then continued to glare at Edward, who rolled his eyes at the thoughts going through his mind.

"He can leave if he wishes to do so." Bella replied, walking up the stairs towards her room. "I'm sleeping alone tonight."

Both Edward and Jacob heard Bella's bedroom door slam shut, along with her window being closed and locked, Jacob sniggered at Edward.

"What was that?" Edward hissed as both boys walked out on the house, parting their ways. "Mutt? What did you just send me?"

"You are in the dog house tonight…" Jacob sniggered once again, running off without a backward glance at the vampire who stared longingly at his girlfriend's closed window.

"We'll see how long I am there for, mutt…" Edward smirked, running off towards his house.

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