If Only Time Stood Still

If Only Time Stood Still

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Elijah: From where exactly?

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I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying
Until my dying day
I just need to know
Whatever has happened
The truth will free my soul

Song: Somewhere

Artist: Within Temptation

Chapter 5:

Mystic Falls


Hi, you've reached Elena Gilbert; Sorry I can't answer the phone right now but leave your message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible… BEEP!

"Elena!" Damon growled into the cellphone, standing outside the Mikaelson's Manor; staring at Elena's car. "I have found your car, without you in it! Where are you? Saint Stefan, Barbie, Barbie's doggy, Shaggy and Witchy are worried sick! So am I! Call me back…"

As Damon closed his phone, he felt a presence behind him; turning around he came face to face with one of the Original vampires.

"Damon?" The vampire said, looking at him. "Is it?"

"Yeah," Damon said, looking at the vampire before him. "You must be the eldest Mikaelson, Finn?"

"Yes, I am."

"Do you know where…?"

"My dear little sister is with your precious doppelgänger?" Finn replied, looking quite bored. "Yes I do, I am heading there now; apparently the doppelgänger has been asking questions of a person I thought was long forgotten about."

"You mean Tatiana?" Damon asked, looking confused. "Why would she want to know about…?"

"No, I do not mean of that harlot." Finn replied, hissing as he remembered what Tatiana put Klaus through. "I meant her sister, Isabel."

"Isabel?" Damon muttered, still confused. "How come I never heard of her? The Petrova books never mentioned an Isabel."

"Because, most of us do not wish to remember how we lost her," Finn replied, looking bored again. "She was to be wed to Elijah, before the wolves descended upon our village and her life was taken in front of him."

"Elijah loved her?" Damon asked, not believing a word coming from the man's mouth. "But he was fascinated by Katherine when she was in England; he told us himself."

"Fascinated, yes," Finn replied. "That was all, Klaus was interested in her, he was just simply fascinated that she could look so much like Tatiana and not have the same qualities as her."

"Let me guess," Damon said; smirking. "She played both of them against each other?"

"I do not know," Finn muttered. "I was not there to see it nor there to ask, Mr. Salvatore."

"Would you mind telling me where Rebekah took Elena?"

"Even better Mr. Salvatore."

Damon cocked up an eyebrow, what could be possibly better than knowing where Elena was?

"I can show you."

Rebekah knelt down at the plaque that was nailed into the trunk of the tree; she pulled away the dead leaves and roots around the trunk so that Elena could have a better look at the plaque.

It was beautifully craved out of the White Oak that Rebekah said that her father and siblings 'burnt' to the ground, Elena got to the level of Rebekah and read the elegant script that was in Latin or Viking writing.

"What does it say?" Elena asked, pointing at the script.

"Here lies a beloved sister, daughter, friend and wife."

"Wife?" Elena asked, confused. "Was she about to marry Elijah?"

"Yes." Rebekah said, a small tear fell and landed on the wood; soaking into it. "She was about to really become my sister."

Rebekah walks outside, watching as Elijah wriggles away from their father and Klaus; sneaks into the blacksmith shop.

"What on earth is Elijah, doing?" Rebekah asked herself; silently she sneaked over to the blacksmith's shop and peered inside.

There Elijah was; having a small but quick conversation with the blacksmith and he was busy melting a small amount of gold.

"It shall be down, Elijah." The blacksmith replied, shaking his hand. "You can come and pick it up within the hour."

"I thank you, Charles, for you generous friendship."

Rebekah quickly walked away from the window as she seen Elijah make a move towards the door, quickly picking up an empty jar and then placed it back down as Elijah came outside.


"Bekah," Elijah replied, looking at her confusingly. "I thought mother told you not to go anywhere? Aren't you still trouble for nearly shearing all of Tatiana's hair off?"

"Yes, I am." Rebekah replied, making a small face. "You cannot lie and say that, that scarlet woman did not deserve it!"

"Wait a minute," Elena asked, trying to cover giggles. "You almost shaved of Tatiana's hair?"

"Yes," Rebekah replied. "I would've done it and gotten away with it if Elijah just kept his mouth shut…"

Elena was about to say something else, when a twig snapped in the distance; making the now scared human jump to her feet.

"We have company." Rebekah muttered. "You can come out now, Finn and bring the older Salvatore with you."

Elena glanced around for Damon, wondering why he was here; her eyes landed on his usual black leather jacket.

"Damon." Elena sighed. "What are you doing here?"

"Apparently looking for you," Damon replied, folding his arms across his chest and stopping right in front of Elena. "Did it ever occur to you to leave us a notice or call us to let us know where you were?"

"My phone's off."

"I know that!" Damon snapped. "I called it, Stefan called it, and Barbie called it even Matt called it and every single time it went straight to voicemail!"


"Sorry?" Damon snapped, throwing his hands up in the air making a drama-like scene. "Sorry? You had us all worrying for two and half hours and all you can say is sorry?"

"It was a long drive!" Elena snapped back, earning a look from Damon. "I wanted to know about my descendants okay! Is that too much for you to handle, huh Damon? That I just wanted to know where I came from?"


"No, Damon!" Elena snapped, standing beside Rebekah and Finn. "I'm staying right here!"

"Fine," Damon snapped back, getting into Elena's face again. "Then I'm staying too!"





"Would you two just bloody kiss already?" Rebekah asked, breaking the tension between the two of them and earning two death looks from them. "Don't look at me like that; both Finn and I can see there's something there! Just seal the deal with a bloody kiss and get it over with!"

"I think," Finn said, hearing Elena's stomach rumble. "That Elena stood get something to eat, before she faints out of hunger."

"I'll drive!" Damon replied, pulling Elena away from the two Original vampires.

With Damon and Elena gone, Finn turned to Rebekah who looked at him with confusion on her face.

"I thought you never knew of this place."

"I never forgot where Elijah and Isabel were the most happiest." Finn replied, looking down at the plaque. "It was nice of the carpenter to do that for Isabel's memory."

"It was not a carpenter, it was father."

"F…Father did that?"


"How do you know of that?"

"I watched him carve it out of the left over remains of the White Oak tree," Rebekah replied. "He worked on it for two whole nights; then got mother to place a spell on it so that it will never age overtime."

"Father has a very weird way of showing his emotions."

"Yes," Rebekah replied, staring back at the plaque. "He surely does."

A drunken Klaus and Kol both waddled into Elijah's empty bedroom, both very angry at his sudden disappearance and placed the blame on everyone that came to their alcohol filled minds. Klaus then pushed a compelled, blonde girl onto Elijah's bed; Kol just started biting into the neck of the unknown blonde girl's friend.

Suddenly, Klaus noticed a note folded neatly on Elijah's bed, beside the blonde's head.

"What is it?" the unnamed girl asked.

"Nothing to do with you, love." Klaus replied, picking the note up and opening it. "Kol…"

"Hm?" Kol replied, stopping his drinking. "What? Can't you see I'm busy?"

Klaus turned to the compelled blonde, still lying on Elijah's bed; he then looked into her eyes to compel her once again. "You will leave and forget about me."

"Aren't hungry anymore?" Kol asked, shrugging his shoulders and was about to bite the girl again, when in a blink of an eye he was biting air. "Hey!"

"You will leave and forget about this in the morning." Klaus compel the girl, as he wrapped her scarf around her neck to stop any more blood from dropping. "Leave, now."

"Why did you do that for?"

"We are going on a trip."

"Oh?" Kol replied, folding his arms against his chest. "Where to?"

"A little town by the name of Forks."


Without saying a word, Klaus threw the folded note to Kol; who then opened it to read it.

"He has found her again?"

"It appears so."

"What are we going to say to mother?"

"Nothing." Klaus replied, walking out the door. "It appears that she knew where he was all of this time."

Kol then got to his feet, throwing the read note into the garbage bin, behind Elijah's bedroom door; following his older half-brother out to find their mother.

Forks, Washington State


"Are you full yet, love?" Edward asked, watching with a little bit of disgust in his eyes as Bella shoved another French fry into her already filled mouth.

Bella swallowed, and then took a small drink of her coke. "Are you kidding me?" Bella replied, while picking up another French fry. "I've been in a coma for three days, Edward… Three days! I'm hungry!"

"Ok," Edward replied, trying to calm his mate down. "No need to raise your voice, love. We aren't alone."

"You don't say?" Bella replied, biting into her juicy looking hamburger with extra onions. "Yum…"

"That looks disgusting…" Edward muttered, a small grimace came upon his face as the scent of the hamburger went up his nose. "Smells horrible too."

"You can leave you know?" Bella replied after swallowing her mouthful of burger. "Jacob or Angela can give me a ride home."

"No I can wait."

"And hear you complain again on how disgusting human food is?" Bella hissed in a whisper. "I think not, go home and try to per sway Emmett from cooking dinner tonight… I don't want another trip to the hospital."

"Fine, love." Edward sighed, giving her a small kiss on the forehead and proceeded to exit the diner.

Bella sighed as the guilt settled in, she didn't mean to be such a bitch to Edward; but his overly protectiveness of her fragile state is starting to annoy the crap out of her.


A smile came upon Bella's face as Angela Webber and her boyfriend of five months, Ben Changey sat in the seat that Edward occupied moments ago.

"Hey, Ange… Ben."

"Hey, there Bella." Ben replied, giving a small kiss on the cheek to Bella. "How are you holding up?"

"Good," Bella replied, and then winced as a headache came. "Head still hurts, though."

"Oh, do you have painkillers for it?" Angela replied, taking a small sip of her coffee. "If not I have some on me."

"It's all good," Bella replied. "I have them… Oh I left them with Edward, who left."

The door to the diner opened, Bella thought it was weird that the whole atmosphere of the diner suddenly went tense; she didn't need to turn to see who came in; obviously it must be an out-of-towner, the chatter within the diner started to build up after the person/people went to order something.

"Angela?" Ben asked, looking towards the counter. "Isn't that the same man you told me about?"

"What?" Angela muttered, looking towards the counter and smiled a little. "Yeah, it is."

Bella took another bite of her hamburger, then felt as if someone was behind her; Angela smiled again as Ben started to look a little jealous.

"Good evening, Miss Webber." A new voice spoke, one with an English accent.

"Hello, Mr. Mikaelson."

"Please," Mr. Mikaelson replied, as Bella swallowed her mouthful of burger to face him. "Call me Elijah."

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