Chapter 1 – Sadness All Around

Sad eyes stared at the grave marker.

It had been two years and nothing seemed to feel different and nothing had changed.

It was the same day in and day out. Everyone was just two years older.

A howl from the forest brought him from his personal thoughts as his nearly black eyes glanced towards the group of trees surrounding the cemetery. Paul frowned as he leaned over and placed the white roses on her grave. "I miss you." His voice was thick with emotion and partial anger. He pushed his emotions aside as he heard another howl and then a growl to his left. His head snapped towards the growl as he glared at the brown wolf staring at him with tons of attitude. "I know Jared I'm coming." He addressed the wolf.

Paul's eyes wondered back to the grave marker as he sighed heavily. "I'll see you later." His hand reached out and brushed some cut grass from the heart shaped head stone as he turned and jogged towards the trees. Once he was hidden by the trees he dropped his shorts and tied them around his right leg and felt the fire zip down his spine as silvery fur replaced his tan skin. He let out an answering howl as he fell in step running alongside Jared.

'It's not getting any easier is it?' Jared questioned his best friend.

Paul's gave a sideway glance to his best friend since birth as they patrolled the Forks/La Push border. 'I don't know if it's getting easier or harder; then again it might not be changing at all.'

'I wish there was something I could do to help. I really don't like seeing you so down. It's been two years bro.' Jared pointed out.

'Yea I know.' Paul hated that Jared knew him so well, but loved him like family because he's always been there for him.

'Were all going to Doc's diner in town when we get off patrol; you should join us. I mean you gotta eat like the rest of us.' Jared gave him a wolfie smirk.

Paul coughed out a chuckle. 'Yea I guess so.' As he nudged Jared's shoulder with his own; they both chuckled as they continued patrolling.

"Oh my goodness Kim, the ring is so beautiful." A female voice gushed.

Kim smiled as she nodded. "Thank you. I can't believe he finally asked me."

"Well he had to make sure you both were ready." Another voice said.

Kim stood and let the other waitresses gush over her new engagement ring before she turned to go clock in for work. She walked through the swinging door as she was tying an apron around her waist and saw Mila standing over at the end of the counter alone refilling the salt and pepper shakers for all the tables.

"Hey Mila. How are you doing?" Kim smiled sweetly.

Mila smiled as she screwed the caps on the salt shakers. "Good. I see Jared finally asked you to marry him. I'm happy for ya Kim. You deserve it." Mila stated genuinely.

Kim's smile widened as she looked down at her ring with heart shaped eyes. She watched as Mila walked off with the tray as she placed the salt and pepper shakers back on the tables; making sure to wipe the table off with the slightly wet cloth hanging from the back pocket of her jeans. Kim noticed Mila still seemed melancholy. She'd showed up about six weeks ago out of thin air; Doc had let the staff know his grand-daughter would be coming to live with him and work at the diner. Mila was extremely quiet and had kept to herself. Kim had invited her on more than a few occasions to join her at the bonfires, but Mila always declined; never giving a reason or excuse. She always said 'no thank you' ever so politely and then would walk away.

As the sunset, Mila walked around the diner and pulled the blinds up on the windows. She had pulled her waist length hair up into a ponytail earlier when it was getting in her face, but now it was giving her a headache as she pulled the hair tie free and let her brunette hair with the blonde streaks flow free. She rubbed her temples to relieve the tension that was building from keeping it in a ponytail. She was sitting at the end of the counter as she was refilling the ketchup, mustard and mayo squeeze bottles.

Mila looked up as a group of guys walked in. They were tall, buff and tan. She watched with amusement in her eyes as Kim skipped, hopped and then bounced across the floor and into one of the large gentlemen's arms. He put her in a lip lock that could've curled Mila's toes had she been standing next to them. The next girl to bounce over to one of the tall, buff and tan guys was Serena as she walked over and the guy she stood in front of leaned over as their foreheads connected she smirked evilly at him and jumped and he caught her in mid air as her legs wrapped around his waist as his hands gripped the back of her thighs and he carried her outside. No doubt to perform a little mouth to mouth resuscitation on each other.

"Mila, come meet Jared." Kim's voice brought Mila out of her own thoughts as Kim's hand touched Mila's forearm.

Mila looked at Kim as she nodded. "Okay, lead the way." Mila laughed slightly as Kim's radiant smile re-appeared on her face as Kim took a hold of her hand and led her over to the group of rowdy men.

Kim walked over as she pulled Mila behind her. "Ok you guys calm down." She gave a few of them the evil eye and they got quiet rather quickly. "I want you guys to meet Mila. She's Doc's grand-daughter and she's staying in La Push for a while." Kim noticed Mila was chewing on her bottom lip and seemed somewhat nervous.

Mile smiled as the guy Kim was smooching before pulled her onto his lap as he blew raspberries on her neck and she squealed out and smacked his chest as he chuckled at her outburst. "So this must be the infamous Jared Cameron."

Kim stood up off his lap as he stood up chuckling. "Yes ma'am that is me. I see my fiancé has been talking about me again. It's nice to finally meet you Mila. Kim talks about you as well."

Jared shook her hand gently and the warmth from his hand traveled up her arm. "Nice to meet you as well Jared and you're right Kim does talk about you. Probably far more then you think she does." Mila smirked at Kim when her cheeks flushed red.

Jared chuckled again as he leaned down and kissed the top of Kim's head. After which he sat back down in his chair and pulled Kim back onto his lap.

Mila could tell how happy the couple was. She felt a twinge of jealousy and an even bigger twinge of sadness. Her own happiness at the level as Jared and Kim was long gone.

"By the way Mila, these knuckleheads over here; that's Quil Ateara, Seth Clearwater, The guy who went to go let his lips and tongue get acquainted with Serena's was Jacob Black, and that is Paul Lahote."

Paul looked up at the girl who Kim referred to as Mila and noticed something different about her. Her eyes looked into his and he noticed there was a sadness in them that almost matched his.

Mila smiled softly. "It's really nice to meet all of you. If you'll excuse me I have to finish stocking."

Paul watched as she walked away and his eyes traveled to Kim. "What's her story?"

Kim frowned. "I'm not sure. Doc came to us six weeks ago and said his grand-daughter would be joining us, but never said why and I don't really think anyone has asked her either. Sometimes on her breaks I can hear her crying in the ladies room. I invited her to the few bonfires' we've had the last six weeks but she always declines with no excuse or reason."

Paul's eyes traveled over to her once again. "Does anyone know how old she is?"

Kim nodded. "Yea she's the same age as all of us twenty-three. Whatever has brought her here is definitely painful for her."

Paul nodded. "Yea well obviously she could use some friends. You should try inviting her again for Friday's bonfire."

Kim smiled; maybe this was the ticket both of them needed. Paul could move on and take Mila right along with him. Though she knew neither one of them would rush themselves.

Kim would definitely ask Mila again.

Kim just hoped for both Mila and Paul's sake; that she accepted.