Japanese Heart

A MajiKoi fanfic.

Disclaimer: Momoyo will beat up anyone who claims to own her, including Minato Soft.

Author's Notes:

MajiKoi is one of those series that's just plain fun. As such, I got a few ideas for fanfics, and this is one of them. I really want to read the sequel/expansion visual novel, but Japanese isn't exactly my best language.

This fanfic comes from that I just wanted to write about the duel between Kokoro and Yamato, and it's inspired by a single line on TV Tropes' Heartwarming section. It shows a great deal of the difference between winning an argument, and making your feelings understood.

Present tense, first person perspective (Kokoro's viewpoint). Yes, yet another one.

/ Another Duck

War of Wills

"A duel. You wanted one, right? I'll take you on."

Those words ring in my mind. It was what I wanted, was it not? It was. But... is it? I wanted revenge for how he humiliated me in the war game. I still want to. This is my chance. I cannot waver.

"The duel between Kokoro Fushikawa and Yamato Naoe will commence. There are no restrictions and the duel lasts until one party is knocked out or gives up." The principal announces the battle with all of the authority he can muster in a phrase he has said hundreds of times.

In this duel, I will show him my thoughts. He has defied me one too many times. I need to put this monkey in his place.


He just charges at me, with no discernible strategy nor thought. He lacks grace and proper balance. He is not a warrior. This is not a match. This is just a disciplinary punishment for what he has done.

I barely use any effort at all to toss that rag doll over my shoulder and several metres away.

"Weakling. I did not conceive that you would be this atrocious. Do you not usually have a plan for what you do? Just forfeit and apologise, and you will not have to suffer!"

It would be much better for the both of us if he would stay down. He is determined, though, and rises once more. Though, I am glad I have not misjudged him too erroneously.

"Your resolution in this engagement may be admirable, but you are outmatched."

Again I throw him away from me. He lies on the ground, still for a few seconds, but he foolishly refuses to stay there. I can feel my composure slip a little bit as my eyes widen. How stubborn can you be?

"If you want more punishment, I shall provide it. I will give you no quarter in this battle."

Once, twice, thrice. I am starting to lose count of how many times he just will not stop getting up. He is persistent, and it is starting to grate on my patience.

"Stop it, already! You cannot win! You must realise that you have no chance to overcome my skills."

I can tell he is hurting a lot by now. I... I do not want him to hurt any more. He should have learned his lesson by now. But if he just keeps standing up, he is forcing my hand.

"You can quit any time you wish. You have shown your willpower, and there is no dishonour in submitting to a superior opponent. You—"

I am sure my displeasure shows when my faces tenses up at his adamancy.

"What is so important? Why do you keep up this futile act?"

His fall this time is rougher than before, as he lacks the strength to land properly. At this rate, he is going to dislocate a shoulder, or worse.

"Give up! You have already lost!"

The principal cuts in at that. "He has not conceded the match yet. I'll not call a winner until there is one."

I grit my teeth and harden my face. There is no chance Yamato can win. He can barely stand, and he has managed nothing against me.

"Concede! A mere monkey like yourself cannot hope to win against a noble like myself!"

The sound of him hitting the ground almost makes me wince this time. It has got to be painful. Why does he willingly submit himself to this torture?

"Stay down and stop this farce!"

He struggles to roll over, but cannot quite manage to stand up.

"Why do you not give up?"

"I... c-can't... I'm not... satisfied yet."

"There is no need to! It is useless!"

He stands up, unsteadily. "It's not."

I do not remember the last time someone frustrated me this much. Can he not see that this is futile?

"Why are you so determined over some petty food? There was nothing of value in that!"

That is what he accepted the duel over. Or rather, he was the one who challenged me. The duel is not for my honour, but his. What honour lies in that food? I just don't understand...

"What is your point in all this? Just give up! I will just beat you down again and again!"

The events are starting to fade from my consciousness, and I just react on instinct. How long time passes, I do not know. How many times he tumbles into the ground I do not want to know. I start to feel ill just from looking at him getting up time after time.

"I offered you restitution! If you had just accepted we would not have to do this!"


"It was just food!"


"Why are you so stubborn?"


"It is not my fault! It not have happened if you had not ignored me! You have only yourself to blame!"

I think I heard something breaking this time.

"Stop it, already! Don't stand up! Don't!"

He refuses to listen to reason, and the exertion he shows grinds my mind down.

But it is my fault. I cannot blame him for something I did.

"What's your point?"

"There is none."

I want to tear my hair out. He just doesn't give up this pointless endeavour.

"Haa!" The length of my throw just proves how long I can go on, and he could barely remain standing after my last throw. My vision starts to blur as I watch him tumble after landing harshly on his shoulder. Give up already! Please!

He still struggles to move.

Stop it! Don't! How can he care this much about the food? Does he resent me that much?

I don't think he can stand any more, yet he tries. I can't stand it any more. Please stop...

What can I do? It's up to me. I'm the one at fault here. Just stop hurting yourself over this.

His hopeless attempt to stand up breaks my will to continue, and I drop to my knees, bowing down with my head almost on the ground.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry about the food!" My tears catch in my throat, but I'm beyond caring at this point. "I am so sorry!"

There is silence for a short while, then a muted thud and, "Yamato Naoe is knocked out! Kokoro Fushikawa wins the duel!"

I don't wait for the principal to finish before rushing forward.

"Yamato! Are you all right?"

When I gently lift him up I notice something I did not notice before, strange as it may be. I pull up his shirt to see what's hidden under it. It's some kind of armour.

He winks at me with a smile. "Were you worried?"

Was he... was he faking it all along? Did he just play me for a fool? I feel my face heat up, and I lash out in anger.


He really is hurt? A light blow like that shouldn't hurt at all, especially since he is protected. "You're... you are not faking it?"

"I'm... exaggerating a little."

My mind is much more clear now when I am trying to figure out what is really going on, so I notice the minute details in his tone. Before, he seemed to be faking any injury, but now I believe he is actually trying to hide it. His armour only bought him some time, and saved him from any serious damage.

"Imbecile. Will you be all right?"

"Yeah. Just give me a few minutes."

In the silence that follows, I notice that the principal has departed, and we are alone.

I let out a sigh. "Why do I feel like I am the one who lost?"

"I don't see it that way," he responds.

Ah, I said that out loud? My cheeks burn red, but his closed eyes makes it easier for me to relax and regain my composure.

"My intention was not to win, but to convey my feelings. I may consider myself a winner for succeeding, but I don't think you're a loser for understanding."

"If that is how you express it, I see your point. I just... I still do not know why you feel that way. Is food that important to you?"

"No. But gifts from my friends are important to me."

I only incline my head at that, my mind incapable of any particular focus. This man here is not the monkey I have always claimed him to be. I did know he was intelligent enough to fit in the S class, but I underestimated his thoughtfulness.

We are not alone. I can sense a powerful presence coming towards us. Looking up, I see it is who I expected. Momoyo Kawakami. There is a slight bit of hostility, but I do not believe she is aggressive. The duel was fair, and she should have no problems with that.

"I will take care of him."

I stand up and face her. "Very well." She is trying to intimidate me, but only to the point of making sure I abide by her words. I wonder if it stems from animosity towards myself, or a wish to protect Yamato. "I will leave him in your care." That is the last thing I say before I turn to walk towards the car waiting for me.

Author's Notes:

Thus ends this story.

I've found that Kokoro is very fun to write. She's haughty, doesn't hesitate to step down on people, and is frequently the butt of many jokes, occasionally literally. Despite that, she's also depicted as someone who belongs in the S class through her skills and intelligence, without relying on her family name. I tried to match her thought pattern after that, along with a more formal language than normal, which is something I need practice on. I also found it hard to write her panicking, while at the same time having her narrate coherently.

Yamato isn't uninteresting either. However, I think he's a little more interesting as a non-viewpoint character. It may stem from being used to him in the game, though. It makes his plans come off as more surprising, as long as you don't take it too far into incomprehensibility.

I respond to all signed reviews, in as much or more detail than the review itself. This fanfic stands on its own, but a continuation is not unpossible.

/ Another Duck