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Home of Healing

The ceiling of the school infirmary is quite dull. Now, most ceilings probably are, but this is one people stare at quite a lot. I think maybe only the ceiling at the dentist is stared at more, but at least my dentist has a painted ceiling. This one is just a discoloured white.

I wish I had brought some literature with me. Anything to read would have been fine. I could have gone to the library and borrowed a book, but... I close my eyes and sigh. I really just want to lie down and waste away for a bit. I am just so relaxed now. That Momoyo... I hate to admit it, but that massage felt so good. Or maybe I am just sensitive to that? It was a similar experience as what that Kuki maid gave me. Well, it is a weakness befitting a noble.

Weaknesses... I want to get rid of mine. I have been so naïve, thinking I had none. Actually, if I consider my previous opinion, I had simply not been honest with myself. Delusional, even. But, yesterday, someone cheered for me. Not because of who I am, but because of what I did. What I accomplished with my own strength. And it felt... good. I cannot say I dislike it when people look up to me just because I deserve it, but that was...

Someone wanted me to accomplish something. Someone wanted me to fight with all I had. And I did.

"You're not drugged up or anything, are you?"

"Whaa?" Oh, no, not again... I resist the urge to slap my forehead. I must have had an unbecoming grin on my face.

"I like having that effect on you." Yamato has another type of grin on his face. It is probably more becoming on him than mine on me, but seeing as it is directed at me, it is only annoying.

"Would you please stop that, you moronic monkey?"

"Now, it doesn't sound very sincere if you say please and then insult me like that."

"Fine. Stop it you dolt!"

"Yeah, yeah." He just waves me off like a fly on the brim of his hat.

"If you're just here to antagonise me you have a door there and window there." I point in both directions as I tell him that. He is just so infuriating sometimes. "Pick one!"

"Hmm..." He walks over to the window and looks out. "Well, those bushes look thorny. I think I'll take the door." Then he just starts heading for it.

Was that all he came for? And did I not have something to say? Is he really just going to leave? "Wait! What do you think you are doing?"

"I'm leaving. Didn't you want me to?"

Urgh... That stupid... I manage to calm myself down long enough to keep a civil tone. "Did you just come here to antagonise me?"

"I just found out you were here, so I came to check up on you. I didn't think you'd show up today after your duel with Momoyo."

"She said the same thing. Am I really that weak in your eyes?" I had meant to say that as if he was underestimating me, but I could not manage any bite at all in my voice. Is something wrong with me? Was I not angry a moment ago?

"I don't think anyone would feel up for school after a round with her. I'm actually impressed you managed this far."

"Oh." Well, that was... not what I expected. There is a slight heat in my cheeks, but I frankly think I am too dumbfounded to react much at all.

"And sis told me you wanted to apologise for yesterday."

"That's right." I nod unconsciously. Wait, what am I saying? I shake my head, and my anger returns with a vengeance. "What are you making me say, insolent monkey?"

"It's okay. I forgive you," he says with a smile. Try as I might, I cannot find any mocking in it. Then he pats my head.

How am I even supposed to react to that? I want to hit him, I really want to hit him. Hard. But his sincerity is just too overwhelming for me to actually take action. Did I want him to forgive me that much?

"Oh, and the school uniform suits you."

I instinctively pull the bed sheet up over my face and lie down. It is only after I have done that I realise why I did it. How can he say and do such embarrassing things to me? Does he not hold any concern for my dignity? Wait, stupid question. It is blatantly obvious he cares nothing about dignity, especially mine. He is just a scheming monkey, that's what he is.

When I uncover myself, I find him gone. Good riddance. But if he came here, it must be a break. What time is it? I glance at the clock, which reveals it is the longest break we have during the day. Lunch break. I am not particularly hungry, but I suppose I should get something to eat. I do not have a box from home as I usually do. The cafeteria will have to do.

So, here I am. I have acquired a plate of curry, and I am looking for a place to sit. It was a little strange, though, as the other students nearby looked at me astoundingly when I ordered that. I had thought curry was one of the most basic things you could eat. Sure, this one does have the word special in its name, and it costs a little more than the item on the menu that just said curry, but is it really that special? I do eat here on occasion, but I have never really paid much attention to the options we have, and instead just picked what I know I like. What Yamato offered me a couple of days ago has given me a more curious disposition.

I spot Mayuzumi sitting alone at a table. Most other tables seem to be busy, so I guess I will have to sit with her.

"May I sit here?"

"Hey, Mayucchi! Heads up! Someone's talking with you."

"Oh, ah, um... sure?"

Those two voices are completely disparate, yet the only person in front of me is Mayuzumi. I do remember something bizarre from the first time I met her. She would occasionally speak for that phone-strap horse she carries around. Some people are remarkably eccentric, but my time in the S class has made me somewhat used to such oddities.

I do not have time to start a conversation before a plate of food is slammed down next to Mayuzumi.

"Are you harassing Mayucchi? Even if I respect your choice of food, I will not let you bother my friend!"

What does my choice of food have to do with it? Well, she seems to have picked the same dish.

"Calm down, Miyako. Do you know her?" He is that large monkey Mayuzumi considers a friend. Behind him I spot several others from the F class, including Yamato. Are these people all friends? It should not surprise me.

"Don't you recognise her? It's Fushikawa from 2-S!"

It is almost amusing how shocked they all are. Actually, let me correct that. It is amusing. Only the most perceptive people seem to even be able to determine who I am. So far, those people are Yamato, Momoyo, and Miyako. And possibly Yuki; I can never tell with her.

"S-she's not b-bothering me."

"I merely offered her my company as she seemed to be lonesome."

"She wasn't lonely! She was just waiting for us."

"Oh? Is that so? Then why—" I feel an arm on my shoulder.

Yamato looks down on me while setting down his plate next to mine. "You'll have to excuse us commoners. We're just not as understanding as you noble people are."

Really? "Then I believe I shall overlook this act of rudeness." Wait, this cannot be right. Yamato is more intelligent than that. "Are you making fun of me?"

"No more than you deserve," he says as elegantly as he can manage.

I nod at him as he sits down. Well, then, that settles it. Then the implication strikes me. "You cheeky little monkey."

"I'm not the small one of us here."

"Oh, I was not referring to your stature. Just your mind."

"Hey, they sound just like when Yamato is arguing with Chris." That is one of them I recognise. Kazuko. I have heard a little too much about her from Kuki.

"Hey! Don't compare me to that arrogant woman!"

"Hmm..." Yamato puts his finger to his lower lip. I do not think it looks like he is sincerely considering something, though. As usual, he is putting up an act. "You may be right. Say, Fushikawa, can you cook?"

"Of course I can. It is a simple matter for a noblewoman." While I may not be on the level of our family cook, I have once made my own lunch box, when he was unexpectedly sick. It turned out okay. I have had home economics classes, after all.

"Well, then, it's not fair to compare you two. Chris can't cook at all."

"Yeah, this morning she tried to help making our lunch boxes, but it all ended up in disaster."

"Yamato! Miyako! Stop being so mean to me!"

I find myself laughing. Even these people can be entertaining sometimes. Oh, well, enough time wasted. My stomach reminds me I need to eat. I take a spoonful and put it in my mouth. Immediately my hand goes to my mouth as I cough. Hot! Hot! As soon as my coughing subside I reach for my carton of milk and drink about half of it.

"Is it too spicy for the little noble? Can't she handle a little heat?"

It is Miyako who is mocking me. The rest of them, Mayuzumi excluded, seem... unsurprised. I gather this is why everyone reacted when I bought this. I should have read the label more carefully, instead of just choosing it on a whim because it said special.

But it would be improper to just dispose of food I have ordered. I take another spoonful, this time mixed with rice. I will not let these people think I cannot handle something simple as slightly savoury food. Actually, now that I expect the taste, it is not so bad. It burns, but... for some reason, it lifts my spirits. I feel a little more energetic now.

I ignore the rest of the group sitting next to me. Their chatting is not interesting, and they do not feel the need to include me in it. Not that I mind. Anything I had wanted to say to Mayuzumi does not feel appropriate now. That can wait for later. For now, I will just enjoy my lunch.

The break is soon over. Despite that I spent most of it at the same table as that rabble, it was not abhorrent. It seems they can behave at times. Though, thinking about it, Mayuzumi, Friedrich, and Kazuko do come from respectable families. Maybe they are rubbing off on the others? But I do wonder how Kazuko can be Momoyo's sister. They are so unlike. Still, both are brutes. Maybe there is something connecting them after all.

I walk into my classroom. I believe Physics is up next on the schedule, starting in a minute or two.

I hear Inoue's voice from over my shoulder. "Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?"

What? Oh, right, these morons are incapable of recognising their own classmate just because she is not wearing her usual kimono. I put on a cheerful smile. The sincerity of my smile is helped by the fact that I'm amused by the situation. "Oh, yes, I'm looking for that wonderful Kokoro Fushikawa. I heard she is in this class."

"Ah, she's not here today, because of yesterday's duel. But can I..." He trails off, staring at me. My smile turns into a grin as I realise he figured out my identity.

"Why, hello there, Fushikawa!"

"Hello, Aoi."

As I figured before, he would recognise me, intelligent as he is. From beside him, the pale-haired Yuki skips over to me.

"Ooh! Kokoro is that cute girl Jun was talking about."

Wait, he admitted that I am cute? From anyone else it would have been a compliment, but from him, with his preferences... no.

"What? I was not talking about her!"

"Jun li~ikes Ko~ko~ro!" I cannot decide of her melodious voice is annoying because of what it implies about myself, or beautiful because Inoue is the one she is teasing.

I am just about to open my mouth against Yuki when a thought strikes me. "Well, I suppose my incredible grace and astounding charms are simply too great for even a man like yourself to resist."

"No, way! You're not small enough for me!"

Those words are music to my ears. "Oh, ho. So you admit I am too much of a woman for you?"

The numerous faces he makes are well worth the effort to drag them out. "Gah!" Unable to come to a coherent answer, he turns around and walks over to his desk.

Well, class is about to start anyway. "Aoi, may I borrow a pen and a notebook?" I do not have any books with me today, but taking notes should suffice.

Author's Notes:

Thus ends the fifth chapter of the story.

From this point, I'm going to take a break. I have a few new ideas, but I need time to contemplate and structure it up. I can't say for sure this will lead to more chapters, but hopefully it will. I really do enjoy writing this story, so motivation is a non-issue. Plot, on the other hand, is. I could probably write a few more chapters where nothing really happens, and the characters just bounce off each other, but I don't want to do that. I want to have a more solid story to this.

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