"Godric's been so distracted recently," Helga said. "Don't you think we should do something to cheer him up?"

Rowena didn't answer, preferring to focus on distracting Helga Hufflepuff instead. It was true, Godric had been out of sorts since Salazar's departure, but her sweet Helga needn't be upset too. She ran her hand down Helga's side and inwards, following the curve of her ribs beneath the freckled skin. Her touch was carefully calculated to use just the right amount of pressure: firm enough not to tickle, light enough to tease. Helga responded just as she anticipated, arching up into the touch with a little sigh of pleasure. Rowena smiled, a warm glow of satisfaction thrumming through her, and traced her hand back up again, around the curve of one breast.

"Mmmm, that feels wonderful," Helga sighed, squirming against her. "But don't think I don't notice you're avoiding the question."

Rowena made a little huff of annoyance and pulled her hand away, frowning. Helga merely smiled back, waiting with an angelic expression. Or Rowena supposed it would've been angelic, if she'd been clothed.

"A hypothesis," Rowena said, pouting. Helga could never resist her pout. "The engagement of the body allows the mind to wander more freely."

Helga laughed, rolling her eyes. "It wasn't your mind doing the wandering." But she let Rowena pull her close again, snuggling into the warmth of her body.

There was ample evidence for the validity of her theory though. When she lost herself in the feel of Helga's skin, things seemed to click in her mind. Connections fell into place with each shuddering breath, each tiny tremor.

Salazar's departure had disrupted their group, Rowena could feel it too. No matter how she analyzed the dynamics, the four of them had always balanced, opposing tensions forming a perfect system. Helga completed her, but the balance between them all had made her feel part of something larger. Two led by their heads, two by their hearts. Two who saw in black and white, two in shades of grey. The symmetry of it had pleased her, and Rowena felt lost without him to complete their group. All her formulas would have to be revised.

Could she find symmetry in three as well? There was beauty in the triad too, one of the most powerful in arithmancy. It was the oddness of two plus one that was causing so much tension. Without Salazar, Godric had lost his balance, knocking around at loose ends while she and Helga stayed locked in their own close orbit. They needed to incorporate him, absorb his energy until they could find a way to bring Salazar back as well.

"You're planning something, I can tell." Helga rubbed a finger across her forehead, where she'd furrowed her brows, thinking fiercely. "What is it, Ro?"

Rowena studied her, considering the idea. Her hands rested comfortably on Helga's waist, the curve of the hip bone fitting perfectly to the palm of her hand. Could she share her? She bent down to kiss the hollow between her breasts, tasting the salt of her skin, and tried to imagine Godric there with them. Helga's breath caught in her throat, a half choked sound of need, and Rowena considered the possibilities. It was in Helga's nature to love everyone, and it would provide Rowena more information to process. The dynamics could prove interesting.



Her face was flushed, eyes dark. Rowena brushed a kiss across her skin, and smiled up at her lover.

"Would you be open to an experiment?"