Author's Note: Something I did to work out the stress of the…lackluster endings in Mass Effect 3. I'm not sure where I'm going to take this. There's three titles to start from. Most crossovers start with ME2 these days…on the other hand ME3 is freshest in my head. We'll see.

CODEX ENTRY – Jensen, Adam

Adam Jensen (born in 1993) is the last known mechanically augmented human being since the Great Crash of 2052, as well as a veteran of the Corporate Wars of 2029.

One of the hundreds of subjects in the Sarif Cache found in old Detroit in 2175 (and thus far the only one to have been successfully brought out of stasis), Jensen's awakening has caused hundreds of legal and ethical debates in academic circles to erupt on Earth due to the legality of his extensive cybernetic modifications. Although he could not be charged since these laws were not ex post facto. Anti-augmentation advocates are now desperately trying to amend Article 1 Section 9 of the United North American States' Constitution to implement such laws, a factor in Jensen's decision to leave Earth in favor of the colonies.

He eventually attempted to settle on Elysium, shortly before Skyllian Blitz. Afterwards, he left for the Citadel, where he signed on as a C-Sec officer. He was quickly promoted to the rank of Corporal on C-Sec's Homicide Desk after finding enough evidence to put Cylenander, the Hanar serial child murderer, away for life.

CODEX ENTRY – Sarif Cache

In the aftermath of the Corporate Wars, a brief yet bloody conflict that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, anti-augmentation sentiment (which were already reaching a boiling point due to the Pangea Incident) rose to new heights, and biotech legislation progressively went from regulation to outright ban.

David Sarif, a polarizing figure of his time and an ardent proponent of human augmentation, predicted what he described as a "dark age of technology". To preserve the works of his company and provide humanity "answers to questions it is ready to ask", Sarif spent a significant portion of his waning fortune into Project Legacy: the construction of a hidden underground bunker filled with electronic data storage and printed media on biotech and cybernetics. Most importantly, Sarif had hundreds of his staff cryogenically preserved in the underground facility. It was sealed in 2031, and discovered and opened in 2175 by archeologists.

Project Legacy's success as an elaborate time capsule is arguable: most of the technologies found within are now very illegal, but the schematics for the PEDOT Cluster led to significant advances in modern Biotic implants. To this day, various universities petition the UNAS Government for access to the cache, with little success. As for the frozen staff, over 20 percent of the Cryo-pods shut down due to power loss, and flaws in the thawing process means that the rest cannot be opened without great risk to the sleeper. Only one subject has been successfully brought out of stasis: a security guard known as Adam Jensen.

Culturally, the cache was an interesting look into the daily lives of people before the Great Crash of 2052. Articles of clothing, Artwork and various other pieces of entertainment electronics and media were put on display at a museum. Visiting Asari took well to the display, and now the "Neo-Renaissance" style of clothing and architecture is seeing resurgence on Asari colony worlds, especially on Ilium.


Subject: Jensen, Adam

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 9th 1993 (Earth Anno Domini Calendar) in Detroit

Nationality: Former US American

Height: 1.92 m

Weight: 90 kilos

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Green Yellow (Artificial)

Blood Type: O Negative.

Profession: Currently employed by C-Sec as a detective. Former Chief of Security of cybernetics corporation Sarif Industries. Former SWAT Specialist.

Threat Evaluation:

Tela Vasir Recording (audio):

TV: I had the pleasure of seeing Jensen at work during a bank robbery gone bad in Zakera Ward. He and I were already inside, in line to do our banking when ten armed Asari - some gang of maidens that like to call themselves the Daughters of Anarchy who were crazy enough to operate in the Citadel of all places – decided to barge in right through the front door and blasted the guards away with their combined biotics. I was in my civvies so I decided to play the part, discreetly alerting C-Sec with my omni-tool. Well, the Daughters of Whatever were smart enough to have a signal jammer on, and My SigInt program needed time to cut through the static. While I was doing this, Adam had simply vanished in the initial chaos. When the robbers spread out to secure the area and round up the civilians in case they'd need hostages…that's when things started to go wrong for them. One by one they stopped reporting in: some just went quiet; others screamed and then went quiet. And then there were two: The leader, this brick shithouse of a maiden carrying one of those big fuck-off shotguns the krogan are into, and this wired little bitch with an LMG. Too young to have any real experience, she cracked under the pressure and started shooting up the ceiling, screaming "Come on out, phantom!"

Nihlus Kryik: Did she hit any civilians?

TV: She was getting there, but then (laughs) but then –fuck me!- out of nowhere comes this fridge, fast as a cannonball, and it bashed right into her! She was out like a lamp!

NK: He used Biotics?

TV: Don't think so. No flare.

NK: That left the leader…

TV: Right. So the leader grabs this human girl – tiny, not much older than…oh, fourteen?I don't know - and puts that shotgun to her head. Classic hostage situation. I was getting ready to spring into action when this yellow golden glow in the shape of a man erupts some ten meters away from the leader and faded into Adam with his hands up. That was a surprise: I didn't know C-Sec had access to personal cloakers.

NK: They don't.

TV: Right, anyways. That gang leader? Still so new at this she makes all the classic demands you see in the vids: first she asks him to drop his weapon – which, by the way, was still holstered – and when she hears the sirens outside and changes her demands to a getaway car and a shuttle to Bekenstein… but you could tell she knew she wasn't in control of the situation.

NK: She was bound to do something stupid.

TV: Well, it turns out our boy Adam has got a…what's the human expression? A silver tongue? He convinced her to let go of the kid well enough, but then she had a brilliant idea.

NK: She figured a cop would make a better hostage?

TV: A cop that just took down her gang, no less. It didn't end well.

NK: I can imagine: I just pulled the case file: she's in a coma right now with three broken ribs, a punctured lung and both arms broken in several places.

TV: Got off easy.

NK: So why didn't you intervene?

TV: Didn't have my gear. Also, I wanted to see him in action. Say…why are you interested in him?

NK: I can't talk about it.

TV: You know, you hear all kinds of things on the Presidium…

NK: Really.

TV: Humanity is pushing for a human Spectre again…

NK: Hm-hm.

TV: The Council taking that request seriously…

NK: Imagine that.

TV: …You're scouting him for the Spectres!

NK: I can't talk about it.

TV: Kryik, come on, if you can't trust your fellow Spectres, who can you trust?

NK: …It doesn't matter. If there's a list of candidates, Jensen's name wouldn't be in it for long.

TV: Do I need to mention the fridge again?

NK: …I have a better idea of his abilities than you think. The fact of the matter is that a significant amount of people on Earth - important people - consider him to be a walking, breathing war crime. Humanity wouldn't want him as a Specter...

TV: …What about Elysium? You'd think they'd hail him as a hero.

NK: Adam doesn't like media attention, and his role in halting the Blitz was downplayed by Alliance propaganda.

TV: You sound disappointed.

NK: Politics shouldn't factor in Spectre recruitment... Only the worthy should be granted the responsibility.

*Recording Ends*