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Note: Title blatantly stolen from Taylor Swift's 'This Love is Ours'. The following snippets are written for the Klaine week prompts. Monday: Kurt and Blaine as kids.

Blaine was excited as Mommy unstrapped him from his car seat. Tonight, he got to go with her and Cooper to the big kid's school for the first time ever.

Blaine was sure that big kid school was the best place in the whole wide world, because his brother was always telling him about what they did during the day and would sometimes even read out loud to Blaine from his books.

Even with Mommy holding one of his hands and Cooper holding the other, he bounced all the way up the sidewalk and into the school.

"Sweetie, I need you to calm down," Mommy said, "You can't jump around like that in school. You could get hurt."

Blaine nodded and stopped jumping, but was still excited as they walked down the hallways and Cooper showed off the art projects hanging all over.

"This one is from music class!" he said excitedly, lifting Blaine up so he could see better, "It's me and you on the Yellow Submarine."

"Like the song, Coop?"

"Just like the song, buddy."

After oohing over the picture for a little while longer, the brothers hurried over to where Mommy was talking to another grown-up. Puffing up his chest, Cooper said, "That's Mrs. Hummel. Her fourth grade class is the best. She tells us that all the time."

Blaine couldn't really believe how cool his big brother was sometimes. Being in fourth grade was exciting enough, but being in the bestfourth grade class? That was super duper cool. He let Cooper half-lead, half-drag him over to the grown ups, suddenly feeling shy.

"Who do we have here, Cooper?" Mrs. Hummel said, leaning down and smiling wide.

She smells a little like flowers and Blaine hides his face in his brother's side. Cooper tries to shake him loose, explaining. "This is my little brother, Blaine. He came to conferences because Dad is working tonight."

"It's nice to meet you, Blaine. Cooper talks about you all the time."

She offered him her hand and, shyly, Blaine reached out to shake. It made him feel grown up and a little less afraid. Standing up again, Mrs. Hummel turned to Mommy.

"My husband had to drop off our son this afternoon. I'm sure that Kurt would love to have a playmate while the three of us talk."

She nodded to the corner of the room, where a little boy was playing with Legos. As Cooper went to get his folder out of his cubby, Mommy lead Blaine over to the table and gave her youngest a small kiss on the head.

"Play nice, okay? I'll be right across the room if you need anything."

Blaine nodded and sat down into the chair across from the other boy. It was high up and, even when he swung his legs, Blaine couldn't reach the floor. After pretending he was a prince on a thrown for a little while, he stared at the other boy. He looked the same age as Blaine, but was dressed in a sweater without sleeves and what Mommy called 'church pants'. Not sure what to do, Blaine stuck out his hand across the table.

"My name is Blaine. I'm five."

The other boy stared at the offered hand for a moment, then shook it. When he talked, his voice was very quiet. "My name is Kurt. I'm five and a half. The half is special."

Blaine nodded, because [everyone] knew that when you were a half, it was special. He told Kurt this, not letting go of the other boy's hand. It was warm.

"What're you making?"

Kurt's eyes lit up. "A garage for my Barbie car. It's pink."

Blaine had never heard of a boy with a Barbie car before, but he wasn't going to say anything. Maybe the boys at Kurt's daycare all had pink Barbie cars and it was weird that Blaine didn't have one. Instead, he asked if he could help.

"Sure. You gotta let go of my hand though."

And Blaine was a little sad to do that, because it was nice to hold hands with someone whose hands were the same as his. Still, he wanted to help with the garage and Legos were his favorite. They played until Mommy came and said it was time to go. Blaine stuck out his hand for Kurt to shake again.

"Promise we'll play again?" Blaine asked, trying to look at Kurt as seriously as possible. It made him go a little cross-eyed.

Kurt giggled a little, but still shook on it. "Promise. We're gonna be the bestest friends."