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Note: Title blatantly stolen from Taylor Swift's 'This Love is Ours'. Sunday's prompt: Kurt and Blaine as daddies.

It's three am when Blaine's phone goes off. Rolling away from Kurt, he squints at the caller ID and sees that it's from their surrogate. Fumbling with it for a few seconds, Blaine answers with, "Cindy? Are you okay?"

"Actually, this is Mark, Cindy's husband. The contractions are close enough that I'm taking her to the hospital, but Cindy wanted to make sure that you and Kurt knew."

"Seriously?" Blaine yelps, feeling his mouth go dry.

He hears Mark laugh. "Seriously. You're gonna be a dad in a few hours."

And Blaine just blanks out on the rest of the conversation, because he's running around the house; getting dressed, waking up Kurt, and trying to get everything together all at once.

By three-thirty, they've gotten to the hospital and checked in with Cindy, who didn't put up a fuss when Blaine insisted on taking a about dozen photo of everything in the room.

"I'm sorry," Kurt says, running a hand through his still sleep-mussed hair, "We want to make sure we don't forget a single minute of this."

Cindy smiles and pats his hand, reassuring Kurt that she's been through this twice on her own and a half dozen times for others, so she understands their excitement. Not for the first time, Kurt feels incredibly lucky that she agreed to be their surrogate.

For the next two hours, Kurt and Blaine are back in forth between the room (where they talk with Cindy and try their best to comfort her through the contractions) and the waiting room (where they field what seems like a million phone calls from friends and family and eat a quick cafeteria breakfast). At five-thirty, Cindy's obstetrician says it's time to push and by six, there's a squalling, seven pound baby boy being placed into Kurt's arms.

He's held babies before: Finn's daughter and Blaine's nephew and, one visit back to Lima, Dave Karofsky's six-month old son. This boy is his though. His and Blaine's and so utterly perfect that Kurt wants to cry.

Next to him, Blaine lets out this big, awful sniff. He reaches over Kurt to press a kiss to the little boy's head and, stupidly, Kurt worries about the trace of stubble on his husband's face. Maybe it's Kurt over-dramatic imagination, but once Blaine pulls back from the kiss, the baby starts to settle down.

Soon, he's asleep, red face twisted into something that could resemble a smile, if you squinted. Voice thick, Blaine angles his iPhone in front of them, pressing a kiss to Kurt's cheek. In a soft whisper, he says, "Say cheese."

Kurt does and even if the little click of the camera makes the baby fuss in his arms, he knows that their first family portrait will be the one he loves best. (For now, at least.)