This is my first fanfiction ever. I am in love with the Ringer, it is the most fantastic show and I am hoping it gets renewed for a second season, anyway be gentle and please review! This story will be half accurate with how it is portrayed on the show and half my own imagination with a bit added in spaces where I thought more explanation was necessary

Bridget came to New York believing that she could save her life. Knowing that if she stayed in Wyoming she would most likely end up dead, and if she wasn't killed she would spend her life worrying that someone was after her. Her motives were simple, there was no agenda and yet not even 24 hours later Siobhan was dead and before she knew what she had done she put on Siobhan's clothes, tied her hair back and placed the ring on her finger. Bridget was gone and Siobhan was alive and well on her way back to Manhattan, at least that was what everyone was lead to believe.

Walking into the apartment the first thing she saw was the outrageously oversized black and white photo of "her" in the entry way.

"How like Shiv to have a photo that ridiculous of herself out on display"

Walking into the house she realized very quickly that this space was not a home. It looked like something out if a high end magazine, everything was in its place, the furniture was sterile and felt like it belonged in a furniture store, there were minimum photographs of Siobhan and Andrew and the ones that were present were practically hidden away.

She knew when she got off the bus and saw her sister that something was off. Granted they hadn't seen each other in almost 6 years, but they were twins and no matter how much time had gone by Bridget knew that behind the expensive clothes, perfectly placed hair and oversized sunglasses that Siobhan was not happy. Arriving at "the weekend place" she was floored, the house was stunning and it was only for the weekends, and not even every weekend at that. Seeing the magnificence of the house and the knowledge that Siobhan didn't want for anything she foolishly believed that translated into genuine happiness. Some people are able to buy happiness to an extent, but genuine joy was a feeling, an emotion that couldn't be purchased. The joy on Shivs face in the photograph Bridget carried of her sister and her nephew, that was joy, and that was before the money, and the things, that was when Siobhan worked a blue color job, drove a used car and lived in a basic apartment that wasn't far from the playground.

Coming out of her thoughts she continued to tour the house. Every room was as perfect as the room before, only confirming her belief that her sister was definitely quite the actress and coming to the same conclusion of Andrew as well.

Walking into the closet she wasn't all that surprised, it looked like Martha Stuart's closet. There were no colors, except for one red dress in particular, everything was beige or white or tan and organized in sections, than there were the shoes all high heels, which wasn't a problem considering Bridget's profession however she did love plain old sneakers or at least flats but she realized that was not an option at least not at the moment.

Just than the door opened and she heard movement and a voice ringing out "I'm home" in a British accent. She had never met Andrew but she had seen a photo and from the picture she knew he was handsome but seeing him in person she realized he was even better. Physically fit, tall, dark hair and eyes, smelled fantastic especially considering he had just gotten off a transatlantic flight. Not knowing yet the complexities of her sister's marriage she walked toward him and gave him a quick kiss. Immediately she knew she had made a miscalculation.

"Well aren't you friendly?" he said in a tone that held what felt like a hint of disgust

According to Siobhan he had been out of the country for two weeks and they were young, attractive people with a relatively young marriage. Now granted she had never been married or even close to it, but aren't married people supposed to show affection for one another?

"It's been a long time… How was London?"

He looked at her almost stunned, she never asked him how his trips were and suggesting that she missed him was not something that she did. He didn't know what was going on but whatever it was it was refreshing to come home and not feel as though he was preparing for battle the moment he walked in the door. For as long as he could remember they had a routine. Each came and went as desired and no expectations were placed, in private they merely co-existed in public they turned on the charm, they performed, charming people always asking the right questions and saying the right thing, like a well rehearsed play. And now out of nowhere he was standing in the closet with his wife and she didn't seem like there was somewhere, anywhere, else she would rather be than with him.

"London was good. We landed that investor."

"That's great. Congratulations."

Now he knew something was up. Not only was she actually trying but it seemed as though she cared and if he hadn't known better he would have believed her."

"Who are you?"

She was speechless. Did he know? Within 5 minutes did he know? But then she relaxed, if only a little, he didn't know Siobhan had a twin, he had no idea that Bridget even existed. Yet the way he was looking at her you would have thought that he knew everything and then some. Watching him watching her she couldn't quite understand the problem. Yet she couldn't help but think about what Shiv said in the Hamptons "Nothing's perfect" it wasn't so much what she said but the way she said it. What exactly was the state of Siobhan's marriage? What had she done to make Andrew so suspicious of her? Wanting to play her cards as close to the vest as possible but still wanting to get some information on exactly what it was she had signed up for she responded with

"What do you mean?"

"You actually seem like you care, which we both know isn't true."

"Why would you say that?"

"I'm just playing by your rules Shiv, this is your game not mine."

"You have been out of the country for a number of days all I ask was how was London and you act like I just told you I discovered gold under the sofa." She knew she was losing her cool but damn it this was frustrating as hell. Fully realizing that in 6 years anything could have happened and having never met Andrew she had no idea what his game was, but her sister had killed herself and she was trying to keep herself from getting killed and all she wanted was to feel comfortable in her home, scratch that "temporary residency" and yet she felt like she was playing some sort of elaborate game and had no idea what the rules were and yet it was her move and she had to act fast.

Seeing the look on her face he knew that she wasn't playing him. She was making an attempt to reach out to him and that was all he wanted but he just couldn't trust it he couldn't trust her, he wanted to but he couldn't. Yet this was all he wanted, peace, he wanted to be able to come home at the end of the day and be able to relax, something he hadn't had in what felt like forever because of Siobhan but now here she was extending a branch and he was questioning it. Did it really matter why? No he needed to stop making something out of nothing and just enjoy it… whatever the reason may be.

"Your right. It's just we don't do this sort of thing… talk without it turning into some kind of argument or ultimatum."

"I know. I'm tired and all of this tension is exhausting and I just don't want to do this, what we've been doing, anymore. I'm trying and if you want to meet me half way that would be nice but if you don't…"

Reaching for her wrist he moved a little closer to her.

"It was your idea to put on this masquerade; I just don't know what you want from me. But I can see that you're trying and that's all I need to know… I'll do my best not to question it and to meet you half way."

And with that Andrew headed for the bathroom to prepare for bed and Bridget was left standing in the closet. She was curious and confused in a way she hadn't expected. She never thought her sister had anything less than a good marriage but after the exchange she had just had with Andrew, seeing how suspicious he was and how quick he was to assume the worst, she couldn't help but wonder what exactly had happened with her sister and her husband. How, no why, would two people choose to be married when it felt like they didn't even like each other?