Sorry for the long delay – we are going to jump forward a bit.

The lie had been going on for a few weeks now, almost a month. Shockingly no one seemed to notice and if they did they weren't saying. Henry was a bit stunned when Siobhan ended things, making it a point on more than one occasion to seek her out to find out why. Gemma was still convinced that Henry was having an affair but wasn't able to come up with proof, and now that the "affair" in question was ended maybe Gemma would be able to let it drop. Juliet was coming around, slowly, she had a lot of resentment for her stepmother and even though Bridget didn't know the exact details it didn't take a genius to figure out that the relationship was not a good one. Yet as the weeks went by and Bridget tried to repair the damage in her sister's life without being overly forceful or obvious Juliet was beginning to soften. Then there was Andrew. Ever since the discussion they had he seemed to be a little lighter, not so dark and intimidating. It turned out he had a rather naughty sense of humor that Bridget could appreciate. She had made it a habit of having coffee made in the morning with his mug sitting next to the pot when he woke up; when he left she would give him a peck on the edge of his mouth and a reassuring smile. She made him dinner. Unlike her sister she had always liked looking through cookbooks and preparing things with a bit of variety to them. Sitting at the dinner table asking him how his day was and listening as he responded. He seemed to appreciate her effort. All of which only reaffirmed in Bridget's mind that Siobhan had not changed in the years they hadn't seen one another. She never had been all that good at taking an interest in other people's lives, when it came to drama she was always up for details, like the national Enquire she loved the untold story, but the basic facts of someone's day never failed to bore her. Yet Bridget appreciated hearing people recount the activities of their days, the duller the better, partly because of how terrifyingly eventful her life had been lately.

Sitting at the table Andrew would reveal moments of his day and every time he looked up at her she didn't only appear to be listening but she actually seemed interested. During his trip to London he had spent much of that time contemplating his marriage. Wondering if he could live with the way things were with them, this elaborate act they put on in public and than being practically strangers in private. In business he was a very cool, disconnected man but in his personal life he was of the old stock. He wanted a wife who appreciated his company, who was happy to see him, who wanted him in bed with her at the end of the night and there next to her when she woke the next morning. He wanted passion. In the beginning of their relationship they had wonderful chemistry, perhaps because of the excitement that went with sneaking around. But very quickly things became routine, domesticated, and the more "married" they were the more Siobhan seemed to detest it and him. Coming back from London had been like night and day. Walking into the apartment to see her in their closet. Asking about his trip, greeting him affectionately he was stunned and initially thought it was a game, thought he was being tested. Than they had it out and both agreed they wanted to try. Now week's later things were good, better than they had been in as long as he could remember. He looked forward to coming home at the end of the day and seeing her. Sitting at the dinner table just talking, not yelling or freezing one another out, just talking about life. Going to bed with her. Nothing had happened, sex wise, in a while but that didn't bother him. Lately when he crawled into bed she would be laying there reading cooking books, ironically enough, once he was settled she would put the book down on the bedside table, turn off the light, rest her head on his shoulder and they would just lay there in the quite until sleep arrived. It was comforting and nice to feel appreciated and needed again in that way. Though he had to admit that as the weeks were going by and things were increasingly improving he wanted to be with her, physically, more and more.

Dinner ended and sometime later he came out of the closet having prepared for bed and again there she was reading one of her cook books

"We have been married for 6 years and in all that time I have never seen you read books on cooking"

She worried sometimes when he called her out on changes even if they were as small as what she preferred to read. The longer she spent as Siobhan the more she felt invested and she did not want it to fall apart, more importantly she was beginning to develop real feelings for Andrew and she wanted to stay here with him.

"Must be the pregnancy. Ever since that call I have this renewed appreciation for food"

He gave her a warm smile at that. Crawling into bed, he took the book from her and put it on the table, pulling her closer to him he started running his fingers through her hair finally summing up the courage.

"You know pregnancy looks good on you. You've seemed really happy these last few weeks, more calm than I can remember"

She almost laughed at that, inside she was a constant bottle of nerves most of the time. However when it was just the two of them she did feel relaxed even though arguably he was still the one most likely to discover the truth. The more she stopped trying to be Siobhan and just let things flow the more she realized that Andrew was a wonderful man. He was rough around the edges but he was good to her, he didn't even have to try all that much. Once he accepted she wasn't playing games he seemed to relax a little as well and the more he relaxed the more she was able to relax as well

"What do you think about a trip?"

"To where?"

"Somewhere warm, some place where I won't be distracted by work, no phones, no internet, no interruptions, someplace where we can just be together."

This caused her to smile. Pose shining herself so she could look at him, she ran her hand along the side of his face and gave him a soft kiss. A bit surprised when he initiated more. Quickly the kiss turned passionate and things were happening that although pleasant were not what she had expected. The more things progressed the more she gave in. in the last month or so Andrew stopped being Siobhan's husband and he became someone she cared for greatly, in the last few days she even began questioning whether she may be falling in love with him. The more he appeared to be caught up in the moment the more she realized that she already had fallen in love with him. This was her life now, here with him, Siobhan was dead, Andrew trusted her and appreciated the effort she was making and by getting him to trust her she had involuntarily come to care for and now to love him and with those realities present in her mind she let herself go and be with him. He wanted her, she wanted him, this was there life and she was going to do whatever she had to do. She didn't know what drove Siobhan and Andrew apart, granted she was learning more and more all the time, little things, but this was Bridget and Andrew, even if he wasn't aware, and she did appreciate him and was happy that she was making him happy and in that moment that was all she needed to know.