So, people on the meme wanted to see Prussia's and Russia's sides of the story behind the Iron Curtain after I brought it up in "Questions", so here ya go. My love for suffering!Prussia sometimes outweighs my dislike for evil!Russia, but it would be nice to see him miserable for some other reason sometimes. I admit I took a little inspiration from the excellent fic "Shadows on the Walls", though in that one it's Germany who was convinced Prussia was being molested and Prussia himself is fine. (Go check it out, it's amazing.)

The Great Prussia's Diary

I'm going insane. I thought I could handle this place. I'm the awesome Prussia, I can handle anything, right? I don't know how to handle this.

Russia keeps touching me. Not hitting me, just touching me. He sneaks up behind me and puts a hand on my shoulder, or ruffles my hair, and says "Hi, German Democratic Republic" in that fucking creepy voice. I told him, it's Prussia, whatever he says I'm still Prussia, and he just gives me that stupid fucking smile.

He keeps giving me bottles of vodka. Is he trying to poison me? Or maybe just get me too drunk to fight? I empty the bottles down the toilet when he's not looking. I'm not risking it.

Yesterday he picked me up. He was practically fucking cuddling me, and I still can't get the stink of vodka breath out of my hair, and he was cooing at me and telling me everything was gonna be okay like I was a tantrumy kid. And I couldn't get free. I'm not as strong as I used to be. And last week I nicked my hand while I was cooking and the cut didn't close up straight away. I didn't want to believe it, but I guess it's true. I'm not a nation anymore. I'm a fucking HUMAN. And I'm stuck here with the crazy Ruskie bastard, and I'm not strong enough to fight back anymore. If he hurts me it won't heal right. If I die I might not come back anymore.

Why does he keep touching me? What's he trying to do? Shit. Now I'm not a nation I'm weaker than that poor little bastard Latvia. If he tries something I won't be able to stop him. I've heard him calling me cute. Is he thinking of what I think he's thinking? Fuck. I keep looking at that pipe he carries round and wondering where he's gonna try to put it.

It's okay. I can take whatever he throws at me. As long as it's happening to me, it's not happening to my brother, so it's okay. I'm the awesome Prussia, he's not gonna break me.

Oh who am I fucking kidding I'm gonna die.

Russia's Diary

I'm so sorry I haven't written in so long, diary, but I've been so busy helping German Democratic Republic settle in. Poor thing, he seems so lonely! Must be missing his brother. I know I miss my sisters when they leave me. I try to make him feel better with hugs, that always helps me. He wriggles and shouts a lot, but I think he appreciates it. who doesn't like hugs? Though maybe I should stop patting his hair, he seems to get upset. Maybe it's like Italy's hair, he always tenses up and goes red when Germany pokes that funny curl. Probably should stop anyway - that little bird that sits on GDR's head doesn't seem to be house-trained very well. Pity, his hair would be so nice and soft if it stayed clean a bit longer. The bird is cute, though.

I wish I could bring him some sunflowers, they always cheer me up. Oh well, I think he likes the vodka I give him. He's always finished the bottles when I check, anyway. He writes in his diary a lot, too. I wonder what he's writing.