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Chapter 1: Disappearance

I felt the breeze of wind in this autumn calming me, the trees waving left and right as if they were waving to me… Waving a good-bye to me.

This year, I visited Wardington again, although Dan had moved away to Bayview. Surprisingly, Julie moved there as well and worked part time job as a waitress in a café. I heard that they got new friends which I remembered as Jake Vallory, Ren Krawler and Fabia Sheen. Out of the three, there were two which you could say as alien. I heard from Dan and Marucho that they came from outer space, Ren Krawler was a guy from Gundalia while Fabia Sheen was a princess and going-to-be Queen in Neathia.

Today, the guys would visit the Wardington to meet Runo and me because we were like the leftovers one. I hated to admit it but I couldn't deny it. Although I had stopped from brawling, they still accepted me as one of their team, the Battle Brawlers. I knew from the first place I shouldn't have stopped but I couldn't stand seeing people brawling and hurting other bakugan. I'm a coward and I didn't have a confidence in brawling.

The only friend left for me was Hydranoid, my partner and Runo. At first, he was bad because the one who controlled him wasn't me but Masquerade, the half of me and he was a guy. Pretty funny, wasn't it? I was shot down by Naga's bad light and my evil separate personality was a guy with blonde spiky hair. At first, I didn't even know that he was me and I was him, and I felt the guiltiness circling over me when my friends found out that I was Masquerade, the evil guy who sent bakugan to the doom dimension. How cruel him. How cruel me.

Runo and Tigrerra still accepted me as their friends and I was more than glad to hear it. I still befriend with everyone, but, I felt that they were far away...

I was the worst, up until now, the guiltiness still flowing in me. Did they still hate me? Or I was left out because I was weak? I didn't know how to answer it…

Hydranoid popped out from his ball form, revealing his three dragon heads with dark purple color, he then looked up to me with, I believe I can't see his true expression in ball from but I was sure he was worried about me.

"What's the matter, Alice?"

I remembered the first time I brawled with Hydranoid when I finally realized that I could be help of Dan and the others. It was fun. Really. And I could feel the excitement of brawling together with the bakugan. What on my mind was: Am I still needed? It's hurt to know that I wasn't in need anymore although they kept telling me that I was good in strategy and knew which abilities and Bakugan to use at certain time. The past when Shun shouted at me for being talkative about how I gave my advice still remained my heart. It's hurt, I know. But sometimes you had to endure it.

I faked a smile to my partner, "Nothing. Everything is okay." Another lie I told him. It's hurt to lie to your very own partner. My guiltiness rose up every time I lied to anyone. It's hurt. But I had to.

"You seemed down, recently. Is there anything bothering you somehow?" He politely asked. Again, my sense of guiltiness rose higher and higher every time I saw his sad tone questioning me about my condition. It's hurt! I could feel my tears almost dripping down but I stopped it by inhale the fresh air and faked a grin.

"There is nothing wrong, Hydranoid. You are too worry about me." I lied and lied to him and everyone, I couldn't help it. The day when I told my condition as Masquerade to Klaus, he seemed down as well and I could see a tint of anger flowed through him. I knew he was mad because Masquerade was me. The innocent girl who rarely played Bakugan was the evil destruction. Every time, the past came to me, I almost cried down while muttering apologize words.

Sometimes, in the night when Hydranoid in his own dreamy world, I had a nightmare where everyone ditched me and told me that they didn't need me anymore. Every time I woke up from those scary nightmares, I broke down to a small cry which I didn't want to wake up Hydranoid. My heart beat faster whenever I remembered those nightmares while talking with my friends. It seemed, I couldn't stay in that society, anymore.

My creamy apron floated by the cold wind as I headed back to Runo's café. Back for work, was in my mind now. I had to dispose away those thoughts. As I opened the door, a bell above of it ringing signing the customer was coming. I sighed in relieved when the breeze of wind stopped tickling my pale skin. I t was cold.

"Hey Alice." A voice greeted me, I had to rolled my eyes to the source of the voice. It was a male and a familiar cold voice which you wouldn't forget. Shun was sitting with there with Dan, Marucho, a big tanned guy, a tanned white haired boy with a pair of scary yellow eyes and a sharp eyes girl with dark blue hair. What did you know? They brought the guests. And I bet the guests must be the aliens and human. I could guess, the white haired boy was an alien and I heard the Fabia girl was an alien as well. It must be that dark blue haired girl.

I brought out my angelic smile to greet them, "Hello Shun, Dan, and Marucho. I see you bring some friends here…" I glanced over the three new guys who smiled back to me. They were friendly. Hydranoid jumped from my shoulder to the table, joining the other bakugan and had a little chit-chat to some new bakugans.

"Ah yes! Let me introduce you. Guys, meet her, she is Alice Gehabich, one of our Battle Brawler family." Dan excitedly introduced me to them. My heart skipped when he told them I was in one of their family, it felt joy and sad at the same time. Why? The guiltiness still flowed around me and rose higher and higher. The smile on my lips curved down but I knew I'd to maintain my best to them. Luckily, they didn't see my new expression. I started to curve my lips into a fake smile. I wasn't the best in acting but at least this smile would deceive them a bit. I just hoped, Shun didn't notice it. He has those sharp eyes which couldn't fool anyone.

"Hello, nice to meet you." I smiled as great as possible I could.

"The guy over there is Jake Vallory, beside him, Ren Krawler from the outer space and our newest girl member from outer space as well, Fabia Sheen who would soon be Queen." Dan proudly introduced them to me. Again, I maintained my very best smile to greet them. My guess was right, the white haired boy and the girl were aliens. I wondered what their true forms were.

Runo came in time to save my life with her babbling about Dan's adventure. Not that I hated to hear it but my heart beating very hard and sweats flowed from my head. I felt the a pair of eyes staring at when I gripped my apron. I trailed over to search it and landed on Shun's eyes. He was staring at me? Oh no. This was bad. If he found out I was in no good condition of facing them, I would be doomed…

I excused myself to the kitchen and hide behind the wall. I left Hydranoid in the table so he could have some talks with the others. I didn't mind a bit of it. I just had to get some rest of my sudden nervous. Before I started to lift up my heavy legs, I heard the guys talked and what's more surprise, they were talking about me. I stopped and eavesdropping their chit-chats. I hated eavesdropping people's private talks but this was about me.

"Recently, Alice is odd, guys. She always avoids talking to us…" Runo worriedly said. Oh, Runo. If only you know what had happened to me…

"I know it! It wasn't just me!" Dan exclaimed with his loud voice. Anyone would hear it…

"Sssh Dan! She will hear us!" Marucho shushed him down as Dan covered his mouth with both of his hands. I sighed in fatigue, anyone would hear it from far away because Dan's voice was number one the biggest voice ever.

"What's wrong with her?" This time I heard a manly voice which I knew it must be Ren Krawler's voice judging by his appearance. I took a peek with one of my eyes and saw them were discussing with serious faces. The most unwritten face was Shun's poker face. I couldn't read what was in his mind.

"Recently, after she arrived in Wardington, she started to act strange." Hydranoid bumped in. He could tell it? I guess my lies were obvious… I sighed in desperate knowing that I wasn't good in deceiving my own friends and partner.

"Like she stared out of window and sighed. Also I found her muttering 'Sorry, sorry' in the morning before she woke up." Hydranoid said with sad tone. I was touched by how Hydranoid really looked after me that well. Probably, my dream had dwell me to the very deep which made me muttering sorry word. But of course, I remembered I told sorry for more than 10 times to my friends in dream world for being weak, for being talkative about strategy and for being evil.

I took a look at Shun's surprised face, why would he make that face, anyway? It's not like I was going to die… On the second blink, Shun's eyes were trailing over where I was hiding as I quickly turned my body to hide my face from him. Okay, it's not good eavesdrop someone's private talks even it your own friends.

I sighed once more before started to take 6 orange juices to them. Again, I heard them still talking about me, and this time, an unfamiliar female voice spoke out. I bet it must Fabia.

"Hey, I was wondering about this… Why are you all concern about her? I heard the story from Dan, Marucho and Shun about that Alice girl. She was once an evil person, am I right?" I froze hearing her sentences, as if it was enough to petrify my legs and body unable to move around. I was holding the tray and afraid that it would soon fell to my legs.

"True she was evil once because of Naga's power, she got a separate personality which changed her gender into a male and he was called as Masquerade." Shun replied her. I sensed his voice was dry and there were none sympathy given to me. It's hurt. I felt I was going to numb. My stomach felt liked tornado burst out.

Tears started to drip down from the tips of my eyes, my cheeks became red as apple as I wiped those and endured tears from bursting down. I wore my best fake smile to sign them that I wasn't hearing any of their conversation, although I heard it.

"Here are the juices, guys." I put down all the juices to them after I showed myself out from the kitchen. They had stopped the conversation when I came by. It's hurt. I felt liked a hopeless girl and almost started another tears. But I had to be strong. It's hurt. But I had to endure it. God knew how many times I had said those words… I smiled once again to them before leaving the table and headed to kitchen. Runo seemed to stay there to have another conversation discussing about me.

"Continue from where we are. So, why bother to concern about her? Let her be. She was once evil. And we don't have to bother her…" Fabia spat them as if she hated my guts for existing between the Battle Brawlers. I bit my lower lips to hold my burst tears. I had to be strong! I gripped my apron to endure her cold sentences to me. She was right. Why should they bother me around? I should have gone long ago with Masquerade… I couldn't erase my sins… My sins for bringing the bakugans into doom dimension. I couldn't make up for what happened back there… I was hopeless. Even Shun hated me for being me. For being Masquerade. For deceiving him. For…anything I had done to him…

I put the tray on the table around as I walked numbly toward Runo's guest room. I bowed down in shameless, covering my eyes with my orange bangs. My ears couldn't hear any of the continuous conversation after Fabia's true statement. Why should I, in the first place exist after what I had done?

I should have gone. Gone away to the unknown place. Leaving them with their peaceful world without me being hindrance.

I climbed the stairs which brought me to the guest room, thank goodness Hydranoid wasn't with me, I could pack my things freely without anyone told me not to go away because it wasn't my fault. In the first place, it was my fault, why even bother? I wanted to pay my sins by… getting stronger. I'd to train my own fragile heart. I couldn't face them. It's too hard... And I knew, I couldn't do anything much to him, to Shun. I began to feel this unknown feeling whenever I was with him. Whenever he showed me his rare smile, I felt overjoyed and my face started getting red.

I knew it. But why couldn't I realize in it the first place that I had..

Fallen in love to him.

I let out a small cry after I locked the room, I cried and cried in the floor while muttering apologize word. I didn't count how many 'sorry' I had said in the middle of my cry as I sniffed and sobbing hard. I covered my face with my hands to stop my cry for awhile. I should have packed fast before Runo and Runo's parent started to suspect me of why I was in my room for about 10 minutes.

I took my yellow sling bag and my needed clothes. Also I had prepared some moneys for my selfish runaway. It's for the sake of me and for them as well, I have to be strong. I don't want t be burden anymore. It's hurt to even think of it.

After I had done putting all my needs in the bag, I hide on the closet to prevent Hydranoid from suspecting it. He has a great sense of suspicious and I was afraid that I couldn't answer his mountain questions.

I cleared out my red marks on my eyes with some cold water and headed back to the café, pretending that I was doing private works in my room. Their conversation seemed to have changed from talking about me to Drago's power. They seemed enjoyed it and I envied them. In the shadow, I could only watch them with my sad face.

"Where were you, Alice? You haven't came out since you brought the juices?" Runo asked her after the guys went home. My hand stopped wiping the table, I took a glance at her while inhaling the air.

"I was taking my personal things in my room and then went to toilet." It wasn't half lie but I had to made it up before she suspected me. Hydranoid jumped to my shoulder, he started asking me a mountain of questions of why I wasn't joining their conversations. God… Why would I join them if they were talking about me? It's funny, Hydranoid…

"I'm so sorry, Hydranoid, Runo…" I apologized to them after Runo showing her pout face. Speaking of Runo, she and Dan had started dating since the Naga's Arc. I admitted they weren't the romantic couple I had ever seen but they stayed long enough to have long distance relationship as Dan had moved to Bayview and Runo remained in Wardington. They still bickering and fighting as usual, but sometimes, Dan would flirt her and swept away her angriness toward him. Seeing her blushed and Dan's satisfied grinned, I couldn't help but smiled at them.

In fact, I hadn't seen Shun with anyone. Okay, I didn't forget about Marucho and Julie because Julie has got Billy in her side and Marucho was too young to even have such relation. I was wondering about why Shun has scored a girl, yet. I was happy and disappointed at the same time.

After the dinner finished, I bid a good-bye wave to Runo as well as her to me. I headed to my room with Hydranoid in my shoulder talking about the new bakugans he had met.

"So, they were friendly and fun?" I giggled.

"I never say that they were friendly and fun!" Hydranoid's face formed a tiny red in embarrassment. I knew it. He was enjoying today's meeting new friends. I was glad for him. I was very glad.

I glanced at my closet and then to Hydranoid who was blabbering about how Hawktor and Drago teased him and how Aranaut and Akwimos laughed him. Alice was more than glad that Hydranoid finally got new friends, afterall, he was an enemy once with Masquerade and he didn't get well with others.

The wall clock ticking to 12 a.m. as Alice woke up and saw Hydranoid was in his deep sleep. She started to get moved and changed her pajamas with her usual clothes, an inner green blouse covered with long yellow dress, a white short and small boots with white and green color. She tip-toed to her closet, the closet door made a 'creek' sound, making Hydranoid stirred his ball form to the left. Alice stopped and froze when she saw her partner rolled to the left. After the quietness filled them, she took the yellow sling bag which she put all her things there. She ripped a single note and wrote them down. It was a single letter to her friends, Hydranoid and her grandfather before she left.

"I'm sorry Hydranoid. I'm so sorry grandfather. Please forgive me guys. And I'm sorry, Shun."

"WHAAAATTT? Don't tell me this is…" Runo fell to the floor after she entered Alice's room. She has this suspicious of why Alice was late in the morning. She was always the morning person. So, at the thought of waking her up and after she knocked the door with no one answering, she went in and saw Hydranoid there, stunned like a stone with paper on under him. Runo was asking what happened to him and where was Alice since she was nowhere to be found. Hydranoid stood there in silence, he was too focused on what the paper said and ignored Runo's questioned. Tigrerra, Runo's bakugan, told her to read the paper which enough to petrified Hydranoid. After reading it, Runo broke into a cry and Tigrerra tried to calm her down.

Hydranoid couldn't speak a word as he was too confused with the new information he had gotten. The fact ruined him totally. Soon, Runo's parent came along and read the paper as well, they calmed Runo but also broke into tears knowing the truth that Alice has gone.

She has gone.

"What do you mean she went away?" Shun has lost his cool when he heard Runo told them the story. Dan was comforting Runo by hugging her side and soothed her some words. The brunette glared at the black haired male.

"Calm down, Shun! It wasn't her fault! Read the letter and you will find out!" Dan, too has lost his cool seeing Shun shouted at Runo. It's not her fault, anyway.

Shun grabbed the letter and scanned down the words with his eyes, Marucho joined him and the new three members quiet down to wait Shun' s response.

Dear all of you, Grandfather and Hydranoid,

I'm sorry that I went away like this. After I saw and heard Dan, Marucho and Shun's adventure, I started to think myself, do I still needed? I know I'm the weakest in this team and because I know it, I want to train myself for being a strong girl, not the innocent girl you knew. I'm so sorry that this is so sudden. Hydranoid, please forgive me. I'm not able to be your best partner…

Grandfather, I'm sorry that I leave you, but I promise to all of you that I will back someday or one day. Please don't go search on me and move forward to your own life. I'm not suitable enough to be one of your team yet because I'm weak. The sins of being Masquerade still in me and I couldn't forgive myself. Shun, I know you have a grudge on me deep down in your heart, please forgive me after what I had done to you and the others.

Forgive me, guys.

Alice Gehabich.

Shun clenching his fists into balls, he gritted his teeth as well after reading Alice's letter, "Alice…Why?" Marucho let out his tears after reading it, he felt guilty for leaving Alice alone with her weakness. The blond boy knew that she still remembered her tragic past, but why didn't he confront her and comfort her?

Ren, Jake and Fabia took the letter and read it. After they read the letter, deep down in their hearts, they felt sorry for those who had known her well. Fabia felt guilty after she bad-mouthing her, she thought that it was a good idea leaving her alone because she was once got an evil separate personality. The girl muttered apologizing after reading the letter.

"Let's find her." Shun said after he quieted down for awhile, earning everyone's attention, "There is no time sulking about what happened. Let's find her and asked her what had gotten in her." At this positive speech from Shun, Runo stopped crying and nodded. She quickly informed the others; Julie and Billy. Dan couldn't help but smile at his childhood friend.

"Good idea, dude." He gave him a thumb. Drago and the other bakugans joined on the search and that included Hydranoid who hadn't talked.

"What's wrong with you, Hydranoid?" Drago asked him. The pitiful Hydranoid, turned to his right side without answering his question. This took the other bakugans' attention. For him, Alice was the best partner to him. She was caring, kind-hearted, gentle and she didn't give up on anything but why today… The hydra wondered if she has planned this for a long time and waited for a good chance to... He didn't dare to think about it.

"Hydranoid!" Tigrerra shouted at him. The darkus bakugan jumped and faced her, "Wh—what's wrong with you?"

Drago sighed, "Look, we know how much you loves Alice, but sulking isn't a good idea for now…" Hawktor then went to Hydranoid to comfort him, the ninja-like bakugan had a strange friendship with Hydranoid since yesterday. Akwimos and Aranaut soon joined them leaving Coredom who couldn't say anything because he didn't familiar with the condition.

"Let's bring her back to us." Hawktor told him without hesitation which lightened up Hydranoid.

Dan looked at the bakugans and smiled to himself, Even bakugan could do as human do.

Marucho took out his cell-phone and called her butler, Kato. "Hello Kato? Bring my jet here…" The team lit up and grinned to him for his great idea.

"Let's bring her back, guys!" Shun encouraged the team, earning nod from them.

Alice, we will take you back here, no matter what.

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