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Chapter 10

Alice and New Disguise

Alice literally held her breath after seeing the gang was there. THERE. Oh God.. She hoped she was dreaming and when she pinched her cheek hardly she would wake up from the nightmare. But nooo ... she had been pinching her cheeks, closing her eyes and BAM! In front of her was reality.

Puh. Reality sucks.

"What in the chocolate chips with banana topping are you doing?!" Miki whispered hissing at Alice before looking at the gang, both them manage to escape from their sight and they were hiding behind a garage. Miki constantly throwing curses about how they arrive in Philippines but chocolate chips with banana topping? Where did they come from?

"Chan Lee must have told them. That idiot girl. I know this will bound to happen." Miki groaned in frustration.

"What do we do now?" Alice asked completely panicked.

"My friend said she's going to meet me out of the harbor near the main street with green T-shirt and black jeans. We have to make it pass through those stubborn friends of yours to meet her." Miki mumbled under her breath still watching the gang talking to each other, not aware of the girls.

Alice made a quick think, "How about we exchange our wigs and contacts? I will wear yours and you will wear mine?" the orange head's eyes were determined to get out from here alive and not going to go back to Wardington. She's not ready.. yet. She needed more time to think.

Miki grinned satisfied, "Good idea girl. But no, I won't wear your wig. They know your hair style and color so.." She pulled out her white long wig to reveal her tied up black hair and gave it to Alice, "I will tied up my hair and wear your contacts."

The two girls quickly changed their appearance. Alice with her new looks, white long straight hair reaching her waist, red eyes, black T-shirt with ROCK IT OUT GIRL words in white color, black fitting jeans and dark brown combat boots. While Miki had her black hair tied up in small ponytail and light blue shimmering contact lens hiding her dark hazel eyes, yellow blouse, dark blue shorts and black flat shoes.

"Alright. I'm ready to go."

"Wait." Alice stopped her as Miki looked at her with a questioning look. "This is just anticipation. If they decide to talk to us, we should change our way of talking and personalities."

Miki crossed her arms with a frown plastered, "Basically you want us to exchange personalities? You being the cold and unfriendly girl while me being the shy and introverted girl?" Alice nodded which made Miki grinned rather wicked.

"Let's play the drama."


"According to Chan Lee, Ai Yamamoto and her companion will arrive in Philippines by the ship now. And if we don't want to give her a heart attack when she saw us waiting her under the ship, it's a good idea we meet her here.." Marucho mumbled while looking at his watch, waiting for a certain blue hair to come out.

Shun grumbled, "Why can't we just wait there anyway?"

"Like I say, we don't want to scare her." Marucho repeated with a stare.

"Calm down hot-shot. She will lower her guard down when she doesn't see us and assuming that we didn't know where she hide this time." Dan put a hand on his shoulder.

"Which on the contradiction, we know thanks to Chan Lee." Runo added.

"I can't believe Chan Lee hid it from us! I don't care if Alice asked for it but still.. Urgh!" Julie huffed while being wrapped by Billy on the waist.

"The ship has arrived and we just need to wait for her. I can't imagine how shock she will be when she see us." Ace had a his lips quirked to a grin.

Mira smacked him on the shoulder, "That's not good of you, Ace." She reprimanded as Shun gave him a glare 'don't-mess-with-me'.

As the gang waited for the blue haired female to walk out, they watched one by one passengers from ShangHai to Philippines walked out but they didn't see any of blue hair. Instead, they saw a pair of eccentric girls with white and black hair walked out and to be the last passengers.

The white hair with bright red eyes had a scowl on her face while the black hair with dull blue eyes had a shy introverted face. The gang looked at each other, questioning to themselves where were Alice and her companion.

"Marucho, the ship was the correct one, right?" Runo gave a skeptil eyes on the short blonde boy.

"I swear it is. Chan Lee seemed didn't lie to me when she say the ship was to arrive at 3.25 p.m." Marucho held his hands up to defense himself.

They watched the eccentric girls talked to each other which was rather intriguing.

"Hey Diane, it's finally Philippines for God's sake." The white hair girl (Alice) hissed to the black hair girl, Diane (Miki).

"Uh—yeah, we are and I can see it, Mel." Diane gave a quick soft glare to her friend, not planning to be rude as if she was scared if she gave her a death glare.

"So, where's this friend you say huh? I can't wait to have a look on Philippines." The white hair girl, Mel, sarcastically said.

"Very funny. We come here not to stuck your butt on the street looking for dresses and make-ups." The introverted girl reverted her shy face into a scowl.

What the heck! Alice almost smacked Miki on the head because she's out of character.

"Yeah right. Whatevs for you." Mel, um, Alice rolled her eyes not caring about her companion statement. She noticed the gang was staring at them in amusement.

Inside, she was panicking every little bits of her heart and tried not to explode. She let her drama instinct kick on as she twitched in annoyance when the gang's eyes didn't leave them.

"Whaddya looking at freaks?" Ouch. I'm too into my fake character. Sorry guys. She prayed that they wouldn't take it on heart.

Dan snapped out, looking a little mad at her remarks, "What did you just say?!"

Uh-Oh... This is bad. I don't come here to look for a fight! Alice sent a look to Miki to stop the fight. Miki reluctantly stepped in, masking her scowling face with shy and gentle face.

Euw! I so not going to act all friendly to strangers anymore. Just this once! Miki gave the gang a shy convinced fake smile, "I'm sorry about my friend. She's a little... agitate after the long journey."

"But still—"

"Cut it out Dan.. You're being unreasonable to a girl." Runo didn't hesitate to side Alice and Miki even though she didn't know them. It's like an instinct to side the white hair girl, Diane, why was it happen she didn't know.

"Hey! I'm not! She call us freaks!"

"Heh." Mel/Alice snorted, "It's natural since you all" she pointed all of the gang, "been staring at us. Dude, don't you know staring is rude?"

Dan continuously glared toward her as if he couldn't accept being called as freak. He was about to encounter Alice but held it with a grumble and reminded himself that she's a girl and no violence.

"Whatever you said."

"So, we are wondering if you saw two girls, one with black hair and one with blue hair…" Marucho asked.

Miki and Alice looked at each other. Outside, they might look as if they were questioning themselves if they had met the descriptions but actually inside, they were questioning for excuses.

"Can you.. be more specific?" Diane/Miki asked with a timid face (forced).

The gang looked each other, debating about who would tell them the details. Since Diane being impatient with them, Marucho gave a quick details about Alice and her companion.

"Did you see them?" Diane/Miki asked with a pretended confuse look.

"Nah… I was sleeping. Didn't you talk a little walk around the ship? Ya' might actually see them." Mel/Alice pointed out. The statement about sleeping wasn't all lie. Alice did take a little rest while Miki took a tour around the ship.

Of course, at this point Miki shook her head. "Nope. I didn't see the girls in description. Maybe they ride a different ship?"

"Impossible. Chan Lee was lying to us?!" Dan groaned.

Nope. Not really. The girls in disguise thought. Miki had her fake smile and Alice had a fake grumpy expression.

"From my point, Chan Lee didn't lie but maybe something has going on. For example, Chan Lee told us what Alice and her company ride to and she told them to take different route." Marucho pushed his glasses up.

Totally wrong. Hah. Miki smirked inwardly.

Ah.. Alice sweat-dropped at his obnoxious hypothesis. She pretended to look at her cell-phone and made a small 'tch'. "Oi Diane, it's late already. Let's meet that girl you so-called-friend." Alice faked a scowl face. Sometimes she wondered when she did ever so well with double personality. She never ever played drama once, just watched some drama show though.

Miki nodded her head, totally agreed Alice as she wanted to get away from this commotion. She also swore she would struggle Chan Lee, hard.

"Right. So anyway, it's nice to meet you lot but we have to go. My friend won't be very happy if we don't meet with her soon." Miki faked a warm smile and waved at the Bakugan Brawlers. Alice didn't wave her hand due to her personality she's playing. A cold and unfriendly white girl with red eyes. What a perfect combination.

Inside, Alice was relief she and Miki could get out from her friends though there's a bit of disappointed in her heart. She shouldn't be happy that she ran away from her friends, should she? But she had got no choice. She had told them on the letter that she needed not to be found. Not until she's ready.


Urgh. Crap.

Alice stiffened at the familiar voice giving her shivers and pleasure. She quickly hid the shivers and looked at the boy. Shun.


He eyed Alice with his sharp, undeceived eyes. He felt a slight familiar feeling inside him that drawn him to her. Those red eyes might not be familiar, but deep inside those red eyes, he knew there's something bugging him.

"You look familiar." He said and quite surprised to see her stiffened as if she didn't expect it. But then Mel/Alice hid it quickly with her scowling mask. She didn't reply him and simply ignored him as she walked away with Diane/Miki following her.

"That. Was. Dangerous!" Miki whispered lowly so the gang won't hear her, hopefully.

Alice mouthed I-know but kept walking away, hoping to find Miki's friend as soon as possible.

Minutes later, Miki found a girl wearing green T-shirt with 'Stupid Love' words and black jeans, she had a black hair tied in low ponytail and was wearing a pair of sun glasses so they couldn't see how exactly her face looked like.

"Is that her? Green shirt girl?" Alice asked.

Miki shrugged but approached the green T-shirt girl who was looking at her i-Phone. The girl seemed to notice that someone was looking at her as she lifted her head and saw Miki walking to her. The girl tilted her head in confusion before her face lit up in knowledge.

"Miki Yamamoto, isn't it?" The girl had a soft voice that could melt every boys in Philippines.

"Yeah. Marian is it?"

The girl, Marian, clapped her hand and nodded. "That's me! Oh I'm so glad to finally see you in person!" Surprisingly, she engulfed Miki in a big bear hug which made the Japanese stiffened but hugged her back awkwardly.

"And where's that companion you mention on chatroom?"

Miki pointed Alice with her head, "That one. The one and only Russian girl with orange head. Pretty cool huh?" Alice was confused why Miki didn't act cold and unfriendly toward that Marian girl like she used to with the gang.

Marian went to Alice, who gave her a sheepish smile. "Oh my God! She's so cute and pretty Miki!" she hugged Alice tightly as if she was a worth teddy bear. Alice choked her throat, lacking of air. "Can't-breath—" Miki imagined if this was anime world, she would see Alice's white ghost floating out from her mouth. Hah. Hilarious.

"OMGee! Sorry!" Marian released the hug but stayed smiling. Her smile dropped when she inspected Alice's hair color, "I thought you said she has orange hair?"

"She does. It's a wig. We are on runaway." Miki reminded.

"Oh yeah. Totally forgot :p" She popped her tongue while put a hand on her forehead.

"Right so can we go now? The guys who chase this girl are behind us." Miki jerked her thumb over her shoulder.

"Uh-Oh Miki…" Alice whispered with her face paled in white color. Miki looked back at the sight that capture Alice's pale.


Big UH-OH.

Behold, the previous 'not giving up' Battle Brawlers were walking straight to the three girls. Their eyes were looking at them as if to search an evidence that Alice was there.

"Oh shit crap mother of chocolate ice-cream kingdom." Miki muttered under her breath and let out a 'tch'. Despite Alice paled seeing the gang caught up on them, she made a sweat-drop when she heard another weird curse came from Miki. Like seriously? Mother of chocolate ice-cream kingdom?

Miki calmly turned into a shy girl and asked Marian to show them her house. Marian caught the frustration and pleading tone from Miki's eyes so she nodded.

"C'mon! Let's go! My mom cook us Chicken Pastel!" Marian cheerfully grabbed Miki and Alice's arms, dragging the girls out of the gang confusion's sight.

Well, at least they were safe.. for awhile.

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