Title: Heart in a riot
Author: scyllaya
Artist: cashay
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Gabriel/Dean, Castiel, Sam in later chapters
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slavery, graphic sexual content [light dub-con (slavery), mild D/S (master-slave)], cursing, blood [graphic injury], mentions of violence
Spoilers: none, AU
In a time where the creatures of the Five Worlds rule and control everything; humanity has fallen into slavery many years ago, with only a few willing to still fight for them. Dean Winchester awaits his seemingly grim future in an auction house, which is achingly similar to the one where his brother was torn away from him thirteen years ago. He doesn't realize how the second the hammer falls down, it's not only his fate that is sealed. He unknowingly lands in a life where he may have a chance to help change not just his own future, but the fate of humanity as well.
Word Count:
~ 55 000
Beta: ptechyaperfect
Author's Notes: Title from '30 Seconds to Mars' - Hurricane (yeah, sue me, I like this song, it fits the fic XD)

Fanart for this fic is available on my Livejournal, I have the same username as here, as in: scyllaya(.)livejournal(.)com

Written for the gabriel_bigbang 2012.


(1) August


It was the fourth week, the fourth auction, the last chance. From all the slaves around him, he was the oldest, the tallest and the strongest, so in every way at a disadvantage. He may have had a handsome face, but he looked a lot more dangerous than all the 15-18 year old boys most creatures came to buy. He was twenty-nine and he had served as a guard for almost thirteen years for an old faun, so he was well-trained and masculine, and it showed. The only type of beings that came to the auction house to buy slaves like him, were not the type Dean wanted to belong to, not one bit. So he didn't have a choice, but it didn't mean he couldn't hope, right?

One thing he knew for sure: if nobody bought him this time around, he would be sold to one of the factories. One of the demons that brought food for all the slaves told him that the trader, Brady, never kept any human for more than four weeks. If he couldn't sell them to an individual buyer in that time, he was done trying and got rid of them. An average human didn't survive more than a year in those places and Dean really didn't want to end up dying in a dark hole from exhaustion. There was, of course, not a damn thing he could do about it.

The demon also told him that his chances didn't look good at all. Twenty-nine, as it turned out, was pretty "old" on the slave-market, since humans didn't live for more than 4-5 decades in average. So why would any being buy one that was almost thirty when there were slaves half his age at a decent price? So yeah, Dean wasn't even sure which possibility was worse, if he ended up with the type of owner he dreaded, or if he got sold to a factory. He would be dead pretty damn soon in both cases. It sucked; it sucked so hard that he had no words for it.

He wasn't able to decide whether he should try and look less intimidating for one last time so that maybe he would get lucky, or just give up already, look mean and accept that he was going to work himself to death, literally, very soon.

He was still undecided by the time the auction began. First his mind was racing, thinking over what to do, how to act over and over again, but then the quiet voices of the boys standing before him caught his attention. One was around sixteen maybe, the other a little younger. The younger one was practically shaking, scared, for good reasons actually, but the other one tried to calm him down, telling him again and again in a hushed tone that it would be alright, that he would look after him.

Dean tore his eyes away and tried to shove down the memories that threatened to surface. These two were brothers, Dean was sure of it, he recognized how brothers acted, but he knew the older one was lying, because there was nothing he could do to protect his little brother, nothing. Rarely were siblings lucky enough to be bought by the same being. Damn, he really didn't want to think about this, not now.

How he has given the same promise, how he couldn't keep it, had no chance to keep it. He shouted and yelled and screamed at everyone, but… even still, on some nights his mind tortured him by making him remember Sam's crying face, how he tried to hold on, but was taken away, bought right before Dean. Whoever was taking him, he didn't need two slaves even if the trader, still the nicest demon Dean has ever encountered, offered a discount if someone bought both of them. He hadn't seen Sam since, they probably wouldn't even recognize each other, it's been over thirteen years after all.

The auction was going and Dean was pulled to stand by the stairs, while the two brothers were taken out. It seemed like Brady wanted to give a try selling them together. Keeping them together would definitely make them a lot easier to handle. He still remembered how defiant and rebellious he was in the first year after he and Sam got separated. He wasn't disobedient for long thought, he wouldn't be alive then.

Dean tried to ignore the auction, but he couldn't help but hear what was going on. Seemed like the brothers were not lucky enough, it was expected. The beings were bidding on the younger one and Dean really did try to not look at them. The moment Brady declared him 'sold' and the hammer fell, the younger brother started shouting, clinging to his brother as one of the demon guards tried to take him away. The older one didn't let go and after a moment of struggle a second guard walked closer and hit the older brother, who went down without a fight.

Dean moved without a conscious thought, not thinking, there was only the blood rushing in his ears and his memories pulsing in his mind. He was by the two boys and the guards in three steps, moving swiftly. He pulled the first demon back, who was definitely not expecting the attack so went down easily enough when Dean twisted his arm and kicked his feet out from under him. The second guard, who was holding the younger boy's arm, had a baton in his hand, by the time he looked up Dean already grabbed him, turned the small rod out of his hand and hit him hard across the jaw. The demon stumbled and fell to the floor. He wouldn't stay down long. Dean turned the baton over in his hand and was in a protective stance a blink later. His mind only caught up with his body at this moment.

Well shit.

There was silence in the auction room for a long moment. As Dean's head cleared out, he glanced up at Brady's darkened face and dropped the baton, backing down, stepping away and lowering his gaze. He was in big trouble, also so much for trying to look less dangerous. The two demon guards got back on their feet of course, without the right weapon they couldn't really be harmed. Dean felt as pain shoot in his legs as someone hit the back of his knees and he fell to the floor. He didn't try to get up, stayed down on his knees. He wasn't sure he if would be killed right here on this very spot to be honest.

The boys were taken out, but Dean only saw it from the corner of his eye. What was he thinking? He didn't achieve anything, just got himself in trouble, stupid, so fucking stupid.

'Alright,' Brady clapped his hands, getting the room's attention back on himself. 'Someone was very eager to introduce himself early,' he remarked. 'Male, 29. Now I know what you think, why would you give out money for him, especially after what you just saw? Well, I say, you give out money, exactly because of what you just saw. Not everyday you see a human taking on two demons, huh? Strong, healthy, already well-trained guard, a little bit spirited, but I guarantee you, on my reputation, that he's an obedient one. Nowhere would you get a human like this with a better price, you can be sure of that.'

There were small murmurs in the room, but Dean didn't raise his head yet. It would probably make things worse.

'As per usual, I offer a discount because of the age, so… let's say, the put-up price is 8000 credits.'

Considering that Brady was selling the others for 15000-20000 credits, he really was a cheap one.

'7000?' Brady lowered the price. 'C'mon ladies and gentlemen, you cannot buy a slave for a better price anywhere… 6500 credits?'

'I'll take him for 4000,' came a voice. Dean raised his head and searched for the one who spoke. Demon, he was sure of that. He was a lot taller than the rest standing there. Dean felt how cold dread gripped his stomach, because those eyes didn't promise anything good. It was the coldest, cruelest pair of blue eyes Dean has ever seen. There was a smile on his face, a malicious, pleased smile. Dean didn't like the way he was looked at, not one bit.

Brady chuckled.

'Well, considering that you are my best customer, Alastair, for you only, I am willing to lower the price for 5500 credits, but that is my last offer.'

The demon considered the amount, and then nodded. Dean's mind was nothing but a litany of "no". He was very much willing to admit that he was afraid; this demon definitely did not need a guard. Whatever he wanted, it was not something Dean would like.

'Well then, if nobody else wants to bid,' Brady started looking around in the room. Dean never prayed in his life, he didn't even know who he was supposed to pray to. He swiftly looked around the crowd of demons and other creatures, his eyes probably betraying how he felt. Maybe someone, anyone would take him instead of this demon. Anyone. Oh please anyone but him.

'10000 credits,' a male voice interrupted. Everyone's head turned towards the higher seats up on the gallery in union. Dean looked up and only now did he notice how quickly he was breathing, how vehemently his pulse was beating. He didn't notice before that there were beings sitting up there too, but now his eyes were locked up there, searching for the owner of the voice.

Brady looked up too and he fell silent abruptly for a moment before he continued, but his voice was not as confident as a moment before when he started talking again.

'Yes sir! Of course, as you wish, he is yours,' he spoke quickly, bowing a little. Dean couldn't see who he was looking at properly with most of the lights directed at him. Not like it mattered, anyone had to be better than the demon who wanted him. Dean kept his eyes up on the gallery, trying to catch a glimpse of his new owner as he was pulled to his feet.

Dean was dragged out by the two demon guards and as soon as the reflector no longer shone in his eyes he finally managed to catch a proper glimpse of the gallery. He did not have time to look for long, but the pair of golden eyes that were staring right back at him seared into his brain the second he managed to lock his eyes on the man leaning on the handrail.


He was taken out to the front first, which was a bit strange since he was sold last, but he didn't think much of it. It was not Brady, but a different demon that remade his seal. One of the older slaves he knew back at his late master's house told him once that his seal meant what he was or who he was. He couldn't read the symbols and runes that made up the circle-like seal, but as far as he knew it had his name, birth date and his owner's name on it among other things. He also didn't know enough about magic to figure out how the beings changed something that looked like it was seared and painted right into the skin, but they could do it.

He bit back the hiss that wanted to escape his lips when the demon put his hand on his nape remaking his seal. It was over in a moment anyways. He heard that Brady was talking even before he was steered into the room.

'And there he is,' Brady said when Dean and the guard entered the room. Unlike before the auction he was shackled now, it was not surprising actually. Dean looked up and for the first time he found himself face-to-face with his new owner.

He was shorter than him, but Dean long learned that just because a being looked harmless, it did not mean that they were actually to be taken lightly. He had light brown hair that glinted golden in the light and Dean's eyes were not mistaken before, his eyes still looked amber or maybe even gold now that he saw him up close. His clothes were casual, dark trousers, shirt, and a light-colored jacket. He was not a demon, Dean could tell, which was a relief, but he also had no idea what he could've been. Brady looked cautious around him, so maybe a god or a fey. No way to tell.

Brady waved the guard closer, so naturally Dean was pulled along too. He realized that he's been staring way too long at his owner, so he quickly dropped his gaze, not wanting to seem challenging or prideful.

'I have already had his seal remade, you can check if you'd like,' the guard turned Dean around, clearly so that his seal could be seen. 'With that we are done, he is yours. If you happen to find yourself wanting to purchase more humans,' Brady continued without a beat. 'I have everything one could need, males, females, all age, any skin or hair color, whatever you may want. And what I don't have, I can definitely get in a matter of days, just a word your Grace, it'd be my pleasure to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.'

'This one's fine,' his new owner replied. He had a light voice, not deep, but not too high either, nonchalant, but with an edge of authority in it.

'As you wish,' Brady answered.

'You can take the shackles off him,' his owner answered and the demon guard complied immediately. Dean got turned back around after his hands were freed.

'If there is anything else I could be at your service with, please do not hesitate to contact me,' Brady said affably with a smile. His owner did not answer to that one. 'My guard will escort you to your car then,' the demon continued after a beat.

'I don't drive,' his owner replied and walked closer to Dean and the guard. The demon stepped back from him. Dean didn't move and kept his head down, only watching him from the edge of his vision.

'Oh, yes of course,' Brady replied. 'It's been an honor, your Grace,' he bowed slightly again. His owner didn't reply to that either. He took another step closer and before Dean could blink he reached out and grabbed his arm. The world disoriented and twisted around him immediately.

When his arm was let go he stood in a completely different room and his stomach was completely upside down. He felt a bit dizzy, but managed to keep himself upright as he looked around quickly.

It was a living room, albeit a really enormous one. They were standing beside a half circle of large couches which were around a fireplace. In the entire room the colors were light and warm and soft carpets covered most of the floor, and many other things. Actually, the whole room seemed sort of messy. Magazines and books dropped down at random places, some clothes scattered on the couch, a few empty bottles and a bowl half-full with some snacks on the coffee-table. The place looked like it was made and decorated with great care, all furniture and colors matching, but Dean had the feeling it was not his owner who furnished it himself, because the way it looked right now, he either didn't care about the room looking pristine or he had a small kid who liked leaving stuff around.

'So, Dean,' he immediately stopped looking around in the room and focused on his owner. 'I assume you know who I am.'

Dean startled a little at the statement and didn't know how to answer. How was he supposed to know that?

'You're my master…' he tried.

'Besides that,' his owner prompted. Dean started to feel just a little bit nervous.

'I'm… sorry… I…' he had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to say. His owner looked at him for a moment, his face showed something close to surprise.

'Really? Have you been living under a rock or something?' he asked.

'My late master was pretty remote and I lived on his land for thirteen years, I don't know what I'm supposed to say.'

His owner's face shifted a little, he looked thoughtful and maybe even a little curious.

'So if I say, that I'm the Archangel Gabriel, it means to you that…' he let the statement trail off and waited for Dean to finish.

'That you're an angel?' Dean tried again, uncertain about his answer. Gabriel, he had a name now, it was always good to know such basic things. He at least also knew now that he was bought by an angel, he was definitely not expecting that. Well, an archangel, but he didn't know what the difference was. He didn't even know that there was more than one kind of angel up until this point to be honest.

'Huh.' Gabriel looked at him with an unreadable expression, he still looked somewhat surprised and Dean found himself searching his mind for excuses again.

'I'm sorry, I'm-'

'No, that's actually refreshing,' the angel interrupted him. 'I like that. Come on,' he waved him to follow as he started walking, so Dean did. They walked to the end of the living room where his master opened a door.

'This is the bathroom you can use, which you really should, by the way,' he walked a bit further to another door and opened that one too. 'And this one's your room.'

'My what?' Dean asked before he could stop himself.

'Never had a room on your own before, right?' the archangel asked.

'I can't say I had,' Dean answered.

'Well, I have plenty of space here, so now you have one. Clean up and go to sleep. It's late and I'm not in the mood of explaining things right now, so we leave that till morning. On weekdays I always wake up at 8, there's an alarm clock in your room, make sure you're up in time.'

'Yes, I understand,' he replied and glanced at the bathroom door. His clothes were dirty too, maybe he could wash them while cleaning up and maybe they would dry by morning. He absentmindedly smoothed down the edge of his t-shirt while thinking this over and it apparently drew his master's attention to his clothing.

'Yeah, you're going to need a change of clothes… right… huh… yeah I'll find something,' he turned on his heels and started walking away. Dean just stood there, as he was not told to follow. 'Go and clean up,' his owner said from across the room, not turning back around. So Dean went to get himself clean.

The bathroom was neither big, nor luxurious or anything, but it was still clean and spacious enough. Dean just stood there and stared at the glass doors of the shower stall standing on the green tiles and started to be pretty sure that he passed out at Brady's house and was hallucinating right now. Just a few hours ago he was trying to get used to the thought that he would be taken to work in a factory where he would die in a year, but now? He's only been here for a very short time, but it already looked better than anywhere he was before. His brain was already telling him that no, when something looked this good there had to be something bad too. He chased the thoughts away for now and undressed to get cleaned up.

His shoes, trousers and t-shirt looked really dirty on the nice green tiles. He himself was way too dirty for this place right now. He decided to shower first and wash his clothes after. The water was hot, not just lukewarm the way he was used to it, and the water pressure felt amazing. He found a bar of white soap too, it was again nothing fancy, but compared to those dirty yellow, scratchy little bricks he used most of his life, it was pretty damn nice. It smelled a little sweet, but Dean didn't recognize the scent.

He scrubbed himself clean with a thick layer of soap and washed his hair too, which by the way, was in need of cutting, so he will have to find some scissors and cut it soon, he didn't like it when it got in his eyes. He didn't realize how sore his muscles were, how tired he was until now. He had a pretty decent bed in the quarters at his old master's house, but in the past four weeks he didn't have it that good. Now his back, shoulders and neck relaxed under the hot spray of water and he felt a lot more alive by the time he was done washing his hair. He didn't want to spend too much time in the shower in case his master was waiting for him to give more instructions.

He dried himself off with a towel he found on one of the shelves. It was kinda soft and more importantly clean, so it felt too good to rub his skin dry with it. His brain again started telling him that this was way too good, there had to be a catch, there always was one. The question was what exactly it was. His owner did not seem harsh and his tone was more nonchalant than anything. His instructions were firm, but Dean could go with being given orders, he could obey, no problem.

When he was done drying up he realized that he could use a shave too, but there was no razor in the bathroom. The thick stubble on his face didn't bother him, so he shrugged it off. He also found a pile of clean clothes which made him stop and frown for a moment. He didn't hear the door opening… well, yeah duh, angel. They rarely used doors, that was something even Dean knew, they could simply whips themselves from one place to another. Even if it was a bit strange that his owner went and brought clothes to him himself, but well, it's not like it seemed there was anyone else here. He dressed up. Both the sweat pants and the t-shirt were a bit small, but it was better than nothing until his clothes dried.

He opened the bathroom door, but his owner was nowhere to be seen. So Dean went back to wash his clothes quickly. They didn't get fully clean, but they were not going to be that dirty and they won't smell anymore, so it was good enough. The place was still all quiet when he was done with that so he just walked over to the room… his room, that was going to take some getting used to. He laid out his clothes on a chair to dry and looked for the alarm clock. He sat it to six, just to be sure, and went to bed.

The bed was firm, the pillow was clean and the blankets were soft, even if everything smelled a little dusty and unused. Again, it was a lot better than most places Dean slept at. His mind reminded him again that the other shoe ought to drop very soon, but he was too tired to get worried about it and fell asleep almost immediately after his head hit the pillow.