(13) April


'I really don't see the point in dressing up when I'm not even planning to leave my apartment,' Gabriel said as he buttoned up a random shirt from the closet. Seriously, he could totally lie around in his boxers if he wanted to, who the hell would care?

Lily stopped listing the recent news and looked at the archangel.

'This is the moment when your brother would call you a "petulant child", I believe,' she remarked.

'Well, aren't you getting cheeky?'

'It was merely an observation, sir,' the spirit answered. Gabriel rolled his eyes. He was pretty damn sure that his brother had a hand in Lily being "observant" like this, saying all the things his brother would if he would be present, which was pretty damn regular actually. It was true that the A.S.M. was no longer, but the former members did find plenty of things that were needed to be done to help the "society". Castiel chose to focus on all the things Gabriel pointed out as major problems. Namely, there were millions of humans all around the globe without homes and work. Well, their numbers decreased day by day since everything from agriculture to economy was based on working humans. All of those who had slaves before now had to employ humans, giving them a reasonable salary. Well, that was the idea, it was hard to make it into reality. Cas and his fellow nut jobs now had taken up the task to ensure that freed humans were treated correctly and were not employed under unfair circumstances. Gabriel told his brother that it's going to take decades until things fell into order again, but his brother said that he would work for decades then. The stubborn little bastard he was.

A loud sound made him look up and frown.

'What the hell was that?' he asked.

'That was the doorbell,' Lily answered.

'Who the hell would ring my doorbell?' Gabriel asked. Only Castiel visited him in his home and he could just fly right in.

'I assume that answering the door is the most productive way of figuring that out, sir,' the spirit told him with a smile.

'Smart ass… back in the skull lady,' Gabriel said and headed out from his bedroom. He walked across the living room to open the door, which he didn't do since ages.

And he promptly stopped when he did. Stopped everything, moving, blinking, he didn't even breathe for a few moments, he just stared. Not exactly sure that he believed his eyes.

'Dean,' he said quietly, his hand gripping the door tightly while he stood still, staring at the man in front of him. Dean was standing tall, but the way he shifted from one foot to the other said that he was a bit nervous. He looked well, gorgeous as ever. He was looking back at Gabriel, standing there wordlessly for a few moments. Then a small smile spread on his face.

'Hey,' he greeted. Gabriel moved without a thought, right into his space, reaching out, pulling Dean's head down and capturing his lips. He kissed him hard and unyielding, keeping his body close to his. When Dean reacted a moment later, kissing back, Gabriel let out a small noise. He didn't think, didn't believe that he could do this ever again. How was he here? Why was he here? He didn't want to care, but…

He slowed down and pulled back after a while. Jumping the human like this, he couldn't just do that. He never thought he would react like this if he ever saw the man again. It's been so long thought and he was unable to control himself. He had to stop before he lost all common sense from the feel of Dean's lips on his.

'Sorry,' he breathed out when their lips were no longer touching. He was reluctant to fully let go though, his fingers lingered on the back of Dean's neck as he looked up at his face. Dean opened his eyes a moment later, they were dark, his pupils large. Dean licked his lips briefly and answered the kiss with a kiss of his own, sealing their lips together again.

Gabriel kissed him back right away, opening his mouth and exploring the other man's. Dean pushed him back to the apartment and Gabriel let him. They didn't let go of each other for a moment, the kisses they shared were fast and messy, all want and lust. Gabriel felt like all the piled up longing suddenly burst into flames inside of him. When the angel heard the door slamming shut he took control of the kiss and pressed Dean backwards until the human's back hit the wooden surface. Gabriel ran his hands down on his chest before settling them on his hips. Dean pulled him closer and twisted a hand in his hair.

Everything was fast and hurried, their touches, their kisses. Gabriel was pushing Dean's jacket down and he basically growled into the never-ending kiss when Dean grabbed a hold of him and turned them around, pressing Gabriel up to the wall to shrug off the materiel. Gabriel's shirt got pulled open, basically torn and Dean let go of his lips to seal his mouth on his neck. Gabriel slid his hands back and gripped Dean's ass while he moaned his name out. Dean let out a short noise in reaction and bit down on the skin of Gabriel's neck before he pulled back to kiss him on the lips again.

Gabriel pushed his hands up under Dean's t-shirt as much as he could to yank the material over his head. Dean helped and soon it landed on the floor and the human was gloriously naked from the waste up. It was the angel's turn to explore skin. He mouthed at Dean's throat, his hands roaming his back. Fuck, he missed him, missed him so damn much. Gabriel grabbed hold of Dean's belt and turned them around again, slotting a knee between his legs and pressing forward. Dean twisted his hands in his hair again and pulled his head up to kiss him more, moaning into his mouth.

Gabriel rolled his hips forward and now both of them could feel the other, even through layers of clothing it was incredible. Gabriel didn't think there was a way for them to move anywhere. Even the couch seemed way too far. He couldn't move away, not with Dean pressed up to his body after so many months of him being gone, with the human kissing him and touching him just as fast and desperately as Gabriel kissed and touched him. It didn't matter where they were, standing or not, nothing mattered, just them, only them. They moved against each other, the friction driving Gabriel crazy, or crazier, if that was even possible.

He moved his hand between them and yanked on Dean's belt, he had to move away from him a little to undo it. But despite Gabriel being in a hurry he undid button and zipper in record speed and pushed his hand inside. Dean groaned loudly as Gabriel's fingers touched his length and he threw his head back until it bumped into the wall with a thud. Gabriel took it as an invitation and sealed his mouth on his neck again as he stroked the hardened flesh under his fingers again and again.

'Oh, fuck Gabriel…' Dean groaned out. Gabriel sucked on his skin and the sound of Dean's breathless voice just made the heat in the pit of his stomach flare up more. He always loved the way Dean said his name and now hearing it after only having a memory for months, it was the damn best sound in the all the worlds.

Dean moved a little and Gabriel pulled back from his neck when he felt his fingers on his slacks, the human tore open his trousers in a blink. When the pressure eased up he moaned again, and when Dean reached in to take him out and stroke on his dick he was truly gone. He yanked Dean's jeans down a little, getting his underwear out of the way too and even if it felt amazing he pulled Dean's hand away from his own length and rolled their hips together again.

Ah, it was so much better like this. Both of them hard and slick already, no layer between them, just their naked cocks sliding close. Dean pulled him into a biting kiss as they moved together. Gabriel pressed him even closer to the wall, to feel the heat of his skin, the shape of his body pressed up to his own. He was not going to last, his entire body was humming with pleasure. Dean finally tore his shirt off of him, now that also landed on the floor, but neither of them cared about that, neither of them cared about anything at all besides each other.

Their kiss was fast and messy, their movements hard and feverish, but they didn't stop, didn't slow down, just held onto the other and gave themselves over to the sensation. Gabriel let himself be overwhelmed by Dean's presence, his skin, his hot kisses, and his scent. He groaned into the human's mouth when he couldn't keep it together any longer and came from the hard press of their dicks. Dean answered with a moan and the archangel couldn't tell which one of them came first, it was all just a blur of mingling breath, clashing lips, heat and pleasure.

They kept kissing, even if they were out of breath, they just kept kissing and Gabriel didn't want to stop, not for a moment. Dean's full lips on his were the most perfect thing right now. Dean pulled back though after long moments even if Gabriel didn't, so they didn't actually get more space between them. Gabriel let his body rest on Dean, so he could feel the beat of his heart in his own chest.

'Ok, I did not expect that happening,' Dean said quietly and Gabriel huffed out a breath and smiled. They were in silence again for a bit, both of them catching their breath as their skin slowly cooled down.

'We should get cleaned up,' Dean said then.

'Okay,' Gabriel agreed and grabbed a hold of the human's wrist and pulled him away from the wall, heading towards the master bedroom, pulling Dean along. Neither of them mentioned the fact that the smaller bathroom would've been closer. Gabriel didn't want to lose the contact between them, somehow he felt like it would break the spell or something like that. The questions would come and he wanted to keep those at bay just a bit longer.

They cleaned up silently. Then Gabriel noticed that he left a small mark on Dean's collarbone, even if it was not intentional this time. He opened his mouth and blurted out what he wasn't sure he wanted to say.

'I missed you.'

Dean looked back at his face at the words. He dropped the towel he was holding and then they were kissing again, with just as much fire as only a few minutes ago.


Dean had no idea how much time passed, but they were once again in the middle of kissing, sprawled on Gabriel's bed when his mind caught up with him and he pulled away, or at least tried to, but the archangel was very distracting and very adamant about putting his lips on every inch of Dean's skin. It felt so good, but really… they were not going anywhere with this.

'No… listen… Gabriel… stop it, okay? I really need to talk with you.'

'Then talk,' Gabriel said.

'No… not… stop it!' he said more firmly and Gabriel pulled up a little and blinked at him. 'Not like this… you get distracted.'

'But you get distracted too, so… no problem,' the angel smiled. Dean huffed out a small laugh, but then steeled himself, not giving in this time.

'No… clothes, we are going to put some clothes on,' he said as he tried to sit up. Gabriel was still practically half on top of him, so he huffed and looked down at him. 'Now. I'm serious.'

The archangel finally rolled off of him so Dean could pull away to stand up and put at least some pants on. Gabriel was still lying on the bed like a lazy sated lion.

'Gabriel, clothes,' Dean reminded him. Gabriel chuckled.

'You're bossy,' he remarked.

Which was sort of true. In the past months Dean got a lot better at standing up for himself and speaking his mind, especially in the not keeping his opinions to himself part. He wasn't sure how that would work around Gabriel, whether he would be able to do it and whether the archangel would let him. To be honest, Dean had absolutely no idea how he was going to react, seeing Gabriel again. He did not expect them jumping each other like this, but it was a lot better still than most of the scenarios Dean's mind came up with in the past days. Sure Gabriel's never been bad, but he liked being the boss in everything and liked it when people obeyed if he wanted something. This whole thing seemed new and intimidating right now even if it had no right to be like that. He liked to believe that he knew Gabriel, but as the months passed by without him, he also realized that there were many things he didn't know.

'Yeah I… tend to be like that,' Dean answered. Sam said it was Gabriel's fault. That Dean acted the way he did when he tried to be authoritative, because that was the way the archangel behaved. Dean agreed that there might've been some influence, but come on! Gabriel was the only one, from all the powerful beings Dean met in his life, who acted decently. What was wrong with going after a good example? Being able to sound commanding without coming off as a complete douche or a tyrant was a good thing, more than a little.

Gabriel was looking at him now, his eyes lazily taking in the sight of him. He had a thoughtful expression on his face.

'What?' Dean asked. Gabriel smiled again.

'Nothing, it's hot.'


'You being bossy,' the angel said. Dean huffed out a laugh, but was actually relieved.

'Awesome,' he said. 'Get dressed then,' he said again. Gabriel grinned, but got out of the bed finally. He only put on pants, but so did Dean so it was fine.

'Okay, so what do you want to talk about?' the archangel asked.

'Well, first of all I think I need coffee for this,' Dean said. 'So I think I'm gonna teach you how to use your own freakin' coffee machine.'

Gabriel's eyebrows went up as he blinked at Dean a few times. His expression was unreadable after that.

'Oh really?' he asked.

'C'mon,' he nodded with his head and headed out of the bedroom. Gabriel followed a beat later and Dean had to smile at that.

Sam said Gabriel would seem different to him now, but Sam also had a wicked low opinion of the archangel for some unexplainable reason. Dean suspected that it was on his behalf, even if he could not wrap his mind around Sam's logic in that one. For now Gabriel was just the way Dean remembered him to be.

They walked over to the kitchen, which was not as messy as Dean would've expected it to be. To be honest the whole apartment was kinda in order, which was surprising. The living room also has been repainted and had different furniture in it. After Dean took in the view of the surprisingly clean kitchen he turned around and looked at the archangel.

'Ok, seriously, don't tell me that you're cleaning the place,' he said. Gabriel stared at him for a moment then chuckled.

'Yeah, not likely… I have a housekeeper,' the angel said. 'She's getting paid for it,' he added a beat later.

'Okay… coffee machine,' Dean started walking to the counter.

'Do I really have to do this?'

'I'm your guest, so I'm not gonna make coffee,' Dean stated. 'Besides, you're a smart angel, this should be easy enough. Time to become a real boy and learn how to make your own coffee.'

Gabriel rolled his eyes but walked to the counter too. This again made Dean feel something embarrassingly warm bubbling up in his chest.

Dean was right thought, it was easy as hell and Gabriel figured out the rest.

'I'm a genius,' Gabriel stated when his coffee was done and he took the first sip.

'Yeah, it's good enough,' Dean said.

'What are you talking about? This is the best coffee ever; I'm a natural coffee genius.'

'Yeah, I guess you just drank so much in your life already that it seeped into your brain,' Dean smiled.

'Cute,' Gabriel said, but he also smirked into his mug.

This was good, this was a lot better than Dean expected.

'Okay, so I'm gonna stay in Los Angeles,' Dean started. 'For the time being… see how things work out.'

Gabriel was still standing by the counter, while Dean was leaning to the table across from him. The archangel looked at him for a moment.

'Aren't things… already worked out?' he asked. 'I mean… you're here.'

'I told you… I didn't plan this to go this way,' Dean said and put his empty mug down to the table then ran a hand down his face. 'Ok, look… I'm not saying this ain't a good start, cause it is, but… what is this even supposed to be? I mean… this is weird.'

'There's nothing weird,' Gabriel said.

'I was your slave,' Dean said simply.

'I… didn't treat you like a slave,' Gabriel answered, in a tad quieter tone.

'Servant then,' Dean told him and the archangel didn't protest against that one. 'I'm not that guy anymore… I mean, I kinda am, always will be, it's been my whole life, so it's gonna take a while until I can forget about it even a little, but I'm different now… so whatever this is… if there's gonna be anything, it's gotta be different too.'

Gabriel finished his coffee then put his mug down too, while he silently thought about Dean's words, or at least he had his thinking face on.

'So what are you saying?'

'I'm saying, that I only came here to let you know that I'm back in Los Angeles, that we could y'know… meet, to figure things out… if you wanted to. I didn't plan on jumping in bed with you the second I saw you.'

'So you're… not coming back?' Gabriel asked.

'I came back. I'm here, aren't I?' Dean said in return, frowning at the angel.

'No, I thought you would stay here,' the archangel clarified.

'No,' Dean answered. 'Sam and I found a decent place we could rent, not in this district obviously, but it's good enough.'

'Why would you live in some run-down apartment, when I got plenty of room here? C'mon!'

'Because it's my apartment, so I don't care if it's not a luxury residence, it's still mine. Something that I can call my own, because I'm my own guy now, because I can be my own guy. I'm not going to be your live-in pet.'

'That's not what I meant,' Gabriel said.

'No, I really want to make this clear. I'm nobody's slave now, and I'm not going to be anyone's servant either. I won't be a hobby or pastime or plaything, not even yours, got it?'

'Well, thank you for the vote of confidence,' Gabriel replied. 'It's good to know that you think I would treat you like that.'

'Okay, maybe this comes as surprise to you, but that's exactly what I was,' Dean said sternly and felt how his body started to tense. Gabriel stayed silent for a few moments again, but his eyes never left Dean's face. He did not look away or seem nervous, more like guarded.

'You're not a toy or a pet to me. Do you honestly think that?'

Dean took a large breath before he answered. 'I came back… to get an answer to that question.'

They stayed silent for while and even Gabriel finally looked away, his face going mostly blank as he sunk deep into thought.

'You didn't plan on coming back to me, did you?' he asked then.

'I don't know… I didn't plan anything, I just… had to come back and see what would happen.'

Gabriel looked at him long and hard at that.

'So what? You're attracted to me, but don't actually want me? Is that it?' he asked.

'I don't know,' Dean said honestly.

'You don't know?'

'I don't. I know I wanted to figure out whether there was actually something or if I was just fooling myself. I wanted to know if you even cared that I left. I wanted to know what it would be like to see you again, but I don't know the rest. I'm fucking crazy about you, but I don't even know what the hell it's supposed to mean, or what it really is. I don't know what I am to you.'

'You're important,' Gabriel said right away.

'You don't even know me,' Dean said.

'I know you,' Gabriel argued.

'No! Because I don't know myself! I've never been myself. I always was what my owner wanted me to be. I am still just trying to figure out who I am, what I like, what I want… you coming into all this just fucking confuses the whole thing even more.'

'But you still came back.'

'I had to see you,' Dean answered. It was the truth, he really had to. He couldn't just bury his head in the sand and ignore the ache in his chest that never disappeared after the way he and Gabriel parted ways.

'Maybe you don't know yourself, but I do know you,' Gabriel said again. Dean shook his head with a huff. 'You like peaches, you always kept buying them even thought I hate it and never ate a single one. You drink your coffee with one sugar only and you drink it while it's still scorching hot. You like beer better than wine. You always put on one of your black tight t-shirts when you dressed up for my benefit, but you actually liked wearing your looser clothes more, like that gray tee with that green shirt. You've been obedient, but not because you were a coward, but because you didn't think it was worth standing up for yourself, but the second you had someone else to fight for, all that was gone, like when you took down those two demons to protect those kids. Because you're selfless, you always put others before you despite the life you led, you never lost that. You're observant. You can form a clear picture of anyone if you have the time to take a good look, even if they don't say anything. You hum when you're in a good mood or doing a kind of work that's pleasant or you enjoy, like when you were making food. Your toes are ticklish, but nothing else. You're passionate, there's a fire burning in you that nobody could put out. You just don't give up, no matter how bad it gets, you adjust swiftly and keep going. Your brother is more important to you than anyone else, even if he does annoy you sometimes, but little brothers tend to do that. I know you, Dean. I know you as much as I can without you saying a word abut yourself.'

Dean kept staring at the archangel at the words, not knowing what to say to that. He was surprised. Very surprised. He didn't think Gabriel was paying attention to him, not to this extent.

'I know you, Dean. You're important to me,' the angel continued. 'So just tell me what you want from me. What exactly am I supposed to do?'

'I don't know, I'm not sure… you've already done more for me than anyone ever has. You fucking saved me, gave me my brother back, my freedom… everyone's freedom. It's already more than I have any right to ask for. You've done a lot.'

'Clearly not enough,' Gabriel remarked with a dismissive tone.


'I don't know what you want from me. You don't know what you want from me,' the archangel said. 'Figure it out.' Gabriel took a calming breath. Then added 'But I guess if ten months was not enough time to make up your mind, maybe this is not something you actually want.'

There was a long silence between them after that and Dean tried to think what he could actually answer to that, but his mind was blank and he had nothing to say.

'I think I should go,' he said finally when he took in the tense set of Gabriel's shoulder and his clenched jaw.

'Yeah,' Gabriel agreed.


It was two days after he saw Gabriel when Dean was woken up in his own bed rather violently, when something… someone was suddenly there, right on top of him. Dean jolted vehemently and the only reason he didn't let out a shout was that there was a hand clamped down on his mouth. He was just about to start struggling, when his eyes finally cleared out and the smiling golden eyes only inches away from his face registered in his brain.

He stopped moving and let out a breath, his heart racing, but his body calming down. Seeing this the archangel removed his hand from his mouth.

'Hey, big boy,' he greeted.

'Wha- Gabriel, what are you doing here?' Dean asked. 'How did you even get here? How in the hell do you know where I live?'

Gabriel chuckled quietly.

'Your brother told my brother, and my brother was happy to share it with me.'

'You and Cas getting along again?' Dean asked.

'You could say. Better than in a long while I suppose,' the angel shrugged.

'That's great,' Dean said. 'Okay… what are you doing here?'

'Well, you mean it isn't obvious?' Gabriel asked. Dean frowned up at him, but didn't actually make a move to get him off of him.

'Umm… no?'

'Well, I came to wake you up and take you out for breakfast,' the angel said cheerfully.

'What?' Dean was sure that it was his sleepiness at fault, because this didn't make any sense to him right now.

'Ok,' Gabriel sighed and rolled off from Dean to settle down next to him on the bed. The bed was not something that could be called even remotely big, it was rather small to be honest, so they were still pretty close. 'So I'm here, because I had a very enlightening chat with my little brother yesterday,' Gabriel started. 'As in, the little bastard was driving me up the fucking wall again until he got his way.'

'Cas sent you here?' Dean asked.

'He didn't specifically send me here, but I've been prompted.'

'Ok, why?' Dean asked again. All the tension from the harsh awakening seeped out of his body now and he turned to his side to be able to look at the angel, who was also lying on his side, looking right back at him.

'I get why this is weird for you,' Gabriel said. 'And I also get now that no matter what, this is not something you're going to just simply "figure out" on your own. You've been away for ten months, so giving you time and space is obviously not the right way here.'

'Okay… and?' Dean prompted.

'And since it's me you want to figure out or us… whatever… I think I could help you figure it out.'

'Oh really?'

'Yeah, really… I am the 50% of this whole thing. I have a right to be involved in your whole "figuring out" process.'

'So you want to take me out for breakfast?'

'And coffee,' the angel said. A small surprised laugh bubbled up in Dean at that.

'Okay… and why do you want to take me out for breakfast? I mean, I should know whether I should go or not.'

"You said you didn't know what you are to me,' Gabriel said, sobering up a little. 'I said you were important. You are, because from the very first day, I wanted you. But that was not just it… I also wanted you to want me the way I do. I wanted you to want to kiss me. I wanted you to reach out. I wanted you to want to touch me. When we first met, you were cautious, guarded, maybe even afraid, but I wanted you to like me, because I liked you. So I never forced, never went too fast, I had time to give you, for you to get to like me. So I've been possessive of you, very much so, but I also wanted to make you like me.'

Dean listened silently as he looked at the angel and noticed how also Gabriel's voice quieted down a little.

'And I think you did… like me, I mean, maybe you still do?'

'Yeah, I like you,' Dean answered. He was pretty sure it was true and the answer came quickly and easy enough.

'So I'm taking you out for coffee and breakfast, maybe for dinner some other time, maybe someplace else. Because I'm not going anywhere and I still have time to give you, because this time I want to make you love me.'

Dean's eyes widened a little at the words and he blinked speechlessly for a moment or two.

'Only, this time you can send me away and not see me again,' Gabriel added. 'If that's what you want.'

'You mean you won't ambush me in my own bedroom at the crack of dawn?' Dean asked in a light tone and Gabriel's face smoothed out into a gentler expression.

'Well… I could swear not to do it again, but I think you're enjoying it, so…'

'You're so full of yourself,' Dean laughed.

'It's part of my charm,' Gabriel smirked.


'So… can I take you out for breakfast?' the angel asked again with raised eyebrows. For all intents and purposes, he looked like a hopeful little puppy lying on the bed like this, looking at Dean with his warm amber eyes. He was so freakin' doing it deliberately, Dean just knew.

'Yes, okay, you can take me out for-'

He was cut off by Gabriel's lips on his. He didn't protest. It was first only a long press of lips then Gabriel gently pried open his mouth to deepen it, not pushing in close, but leaving open the chance for Dean to pull back. He didn't, because it felt more than good. It lasted only for a minute or so, and then Gabriel pulled back, resting his head on the pillow again.

'I'm someone better when you're around me than when I'm on my own. So I did care that you left, but it would've been shitty of me to stop you,' he said quietly.

'I didn't actually plan to leave. I just couldn't let my brother go without me.'

'I know,' Gabriel said. They lay there silently for another few moments and Dean was just about to get up and get dressed when Gabriel opened his mouth again.

'Okay, so I was wondering if it would be still okay to have sex during this "figuring out" phase… I mean, that would definitely help the decision making.'

Dean laughed again, the somber tone and the honest conversation just slipping away in a heartbeat.

'Oh, would it now?'

'Yes, absolutely,' Gabriel nodded firmly with a smile playing on his lips. Then he pulled closer a little, practically speaking right into Dean's mouth, his hand running down Dean's back. 'Because I think you would enjoy me bending you over and taking you hard…'

Oh yeah, shit that really did sent a shiver down his spine and a wave of lust through his body. He was kinda hard since he'd just woken up, but this definitely solidified that state. And it sounded way better than anything else, but with Sam in the other room and Gabriel's tendency to make Dean scream, not gonna happen.

'Maybe later,' Dean said finally. 'If you're good.'

'Ohhh,' Gabriel chuckled as Dean rolled away to get up from the bed. 'So you're a tease now.'

'You know it,' Dean smirked in an all-too Gabriel-esqe way that just made the archangel erupt in laughter again. Sam was totally gonna wake up. Dean got up from the bed to get out and to the bathroom, but Gabriel reached after him and grabbed his forearm. It was kinda familiar, to look down onto Gabriel lounging on a bed. But it was different too. This was the big archangel Gabriel, one of the leaders of Heaven lying on his ridiculously small bed in his shitty apartment, asking him to have breakfast with him. Different, a good different.

'We're going to figure this out,' he said. 'Just don't leave again.'

'I won't,' Dean promised and turned his hand to run his fingers up on the inside of Gabriel's wrist as he pulled away. So this was not much less confusing now than it was two days ago, but it no longer felt weird, not really. Dean still had absolutely no idea what the hell this was supposed to be or how it would end, but for now he was ready to jump even if it was into the unknown. If there was anything that deserved a chance, this was it.

And they will figure it all out… in time.

-= THE END =-

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