Draco Malfoy put down his cup of daily brandy in the morning to read today's paper. It was a special one, a little bit thicker than usual. This was because it was a special day, sort of a holiday really.

Today marks the fifth year since the Second Wizarding World War, where the light has won over the dark. It was the day Harry Potter, our beloved hero, finally defeated the late Tom Riddle, known to all as Dark Lord Voldemort, therefore bringing peace back into our land. Potter, along with his beloved friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, found Voldemort's so-called horcruxes to end his evil reign. The Golden Trio with members of the Order of the Phoenix fought the Death Eaters, Voldemort's army, at the Hogwarts Castle...

He skimmed, skipping the parts he didn't recognize or didn't want to.

Many lives were taken: Fred Weasley, Remus and Nymphadora Lupin, Severus Snape, to name a few...

Potter's friend Weasley however is still in St. Mungo's comatose and Granger still missing...

This day reminds us the cruelty and effects of war, for us to be thankful of every day of our lives, and make the most of it.

Draco snorted when he finished the article. They have been doing this for years, and he was sick and tired of hearing the story over and over again. About how heroic Harry Potter was. He did not want to sound smug, for he and Potter were co-Aurors, and had some professional respect for the man. He didn't have it all the time, of course, because there were times when he'd notice that Potter had somehow lost a part of his sanity during the War. He was more of a freak than he was at Hogwarts, which wasn't a surprise, when your only family were half-brain dead and lost, you have no one.

And he wasn't the only one who lost his family, Lucius died that day too. Stupid idiot stood by his Lord than take care of his own family, he thought. He didn't feel bad that his name was not mentioned at the paper, he deserved that. He only had his mother left, physically but not mentally. She was cold and distant, and kept saying 'I wonder when your father will come back from meeting the Dark Lord' and 'Oh I do hope your father will come home from their excursions soon'. The woman has lost it, but he never complained, for other than that she was and always will be the caring mother he had.

He put down the newspaper and then took another gulp of his beverage, looking at the view from his veranda in Muggle London. It would have been a terrible idea if he was told ten years ago, when his prejudice towards Muggles was still stuck on his cranium. But somehow he found solace in it for him and for his mother. No sign of magic, just keeping everything simple. He went here every weekend, staying with his mother.

Suddenly he heard an old man and a young woman bump into each other on the street. The man carried a paper bag full of fruits and vegetables, and it toppled all over the ground.

"Oh no! I am so sorry Mister Gibbs!" The young woman apologized, and then crouched down to gather the food that fell. She had a nice bum.

"No, I'm sorry Lola. I had a load of groceries, you see, I couldn't even see the way! Where you off?"

"To work, I'm already late. Sorry again, sir!" They rotated, going into opposite directions, parting ways. Draco caught a glimpse of the woman.

She had long, brunette hair, with curls that tousled like glorious grape vines. She had a small figure, about a little over five feet. Her dainty fingers brushed her hair strands away from her face to the back of her right ear. She had a cute button nose, brown eyes, and skin that glowed as it was lit upon by the sun.

He knew that face all too well.

It was Hermione Granger.

He instantly got out of his chair and bolted out of the room to the stairs, almost tripping and hitting the foot of the table.

"Why sir, what's wrong?" It was Madam Welsh, his mother's caretaker. "Where are you headed?" He did not answer.

"Draco dear, what did I tell about running around the house?" Narcissa scolded as if he was still ten years old, but he didn't answer as well.

He did not even bother getting a coat, coming out of their house in his thin polo shirt, khaki pants and oxfords.


She didn't seem to hear him, her back still turned awat. He ran towards the other side of the street, and almost got hit by a cab.

"Oy! Watch where you're going!" The driver shouted.

"Sorry!" He quickly said and then ran towards the woman.


She still didn't look back, why didn't she look back? He ran further, finally catching up to her and then holding her shoulder. She turned around.

"G- Gr-" Draco panted, catching his breath. "Granger."

She looked at him, perplexed. He knew that face too. "I'm sorry?"

He looked at her, and he could not have been more sure. It was her, it was Hermione Granger. Her small face, her incorrigible hair, her freckles. It was definitely her, no doubt.

"Don't play with me, Granger."

She looked at her, bewildered. "I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about." She was about to turn when he grabbed her by the arm.

"You, Hermione Granger, we all thought you were dead." Draco said, hoping he'd clear it out for her.

She eyed him, and thought he was attractive, other than the odd greeting. He dressed and presented himself well. Surely he's not mental? Visibly impaired, maybe. "I'm really sorry, but I'm not who you think I am."

"What?" Draco was flustered. "But, I'm quite certain—"

"No, really. I'm not." She didn't want to sound rude. "I'm late, so please don't pester me anymore." She then turned around and then brisk-walked, it wouldn't help for she was already late, but did it anyway.

Draco was confused. He was entirely sure that who he just saw was the missing Hermione Granger. He would know what she'd look like, he attended school with her for years for Merlin's sake. They all saw each other undergo puberty. It wouldn't make such drastic change in five years. And her voice, he knew her voice, and it was precisely how she sounded. Bossy with a hint of annoyance, that was Granger all right. He sighed in defeat and then walked back to his house.

"Sir, why were you in a rush?" He heard Madam Welsh ask him as he entered back home.

"Nothing, I just thought I saw someone I knew."

"Oh really? Who is it darling?" Narcissa inquired before she took a sip from her tea cup.

"Hermione Granger."

"What?" She shrieked. "Did she see you?"

"She did, but she did not recognize me."

"Really." Narcissa pondered. "You should have captured her, Draco, and let your father bring her to the Dark Lord. I'm sure he will be most pleased."

"Madam, how many times do I have to tell you that the 'Dark Lord' you are talking about is already dead?" Madam Welsh said. Draco told her a clever story that Voldemort was supposedly her scary, manipulative, father-in-law. He was certain she wouldn't understand it if he told the truth.

"Oh, that's nonsense!" Narcissa opposed. "In fact, Lucius is with him right now, they are on their secret expeditions. Aren't they, Draco?"

"Sure." He only answered. "If you'll excuse me, I will be back to my room." He ascended the stairs.

How can he be wrong? It was her! It was really her! His memory isn't impaired, and sure as hell he hasn't gone bonkers. But how come she said it wasn't her?

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