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Bulma held onto Vegeta for dear life, trying not to look down as they flew to their doctor's appointment to see what gender their baby was. Vegeta could sense her uncomfortableness and held her tighter. She smiled and snuggled deep in his chest, causing Vegeta to blush.

"Woman, would you stop that, I'm a warrior, not a god damn teddy bear!" Vegeta demanded.

"Vegeta, I'm fuckin' cold and he wind is blowing in my eyes, so no!" Bulma yelled back. But before Vegeta could make a comeback, the child kicked for the first time.

"Vegeta put your hand on my stomach!" Bulma insisted.

"Woman, why the hell would I do that for!" Vegeta yelled at her. But Bulma, being pregnant, causing her to have mood swings, began to cry at him yelling at her. Vegeta, realizing she was crying, stopped mid-flight and stayed where he was in the air. She was in his arms bridal style, her arms tightly clasped around his neck, sobbing into his 'Earthling clothes', which consisted of a black wife beater, faded navy blue jeans, and his saiyan boots. It was his 'favorite'. For whenever they went out somewhere (much to Vegeta's disliking), he always wore that. But he always wore his gloves. So she barely got him to not where his gloves, but she knew he was going to at least wear something of his saiyan race. Then, with his ungloved hand, softly stroked her silky tendrils of hair. She was still sniffling when he said;

"Woman, do not cry. It does not suit you." Then, he placed his hand on her stomach, just to feel the child kick strongly, causing Bulma to wince slightly.

"He's strong, like his mother;" Vegeta began, but Bulma cut him off.

"-And Super Saiyan like his father." She finished. She took his hand in hers and placed it on her stomach again. He felt the child kick again and saw her smile. But then, he surprised her and smiled back. He actually smiled. Something he hadn't done since he was a child.Bulma then reached up and kissed Vegeta on the lips, her tongue begging for an entrance. He let her tongue in and their tongues began to spar with each other. Their steamy makeout in the air was interrupted by the beeping of Bulma's watch, signaling that they only had 5 minutes until their appointment. Bulma swore she heard vegeta growl in anger. Vegeta suddenly clutched her tight and blasted off, Bulma snuggled deep in his chest, smiling. He really does care for us. She thought, her smile becoming larger. How right she was.


"Alright Miss Briefs, if you will please lift up your shirt, then we can take a look." The doctor said in a cheerful voice. She did as she was told and gasped as the cool gel was applied on her stomach. She saw Vegeta give a heated glare that said 'if-you-try-to-fuck-with-her-in-any-way-I-will-whoop-your-ass-so-hard-you-will-wish-you-hadn't-done-anything'. She smiled and held Vegeta's calloused hand as the image appeared on the screen. The blurry image of her child brought a tear to Bulma's cerulean eyes. Vegeta realized the screen was blurry, and against the doctors yelling (much to Bulma's enjoyment), moved the screen sideways, revealing a clear image of their unborn child. Breaking the sweet silence, the doctor interrupted, saying;

"Miss Briefs, congratulations, you're going to be the mother of a baby boy." He then left the room so that Bulma and Vegeta could be alone. As soon as he left, Bulma wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck and cried tears of happiness. He held her and smiled, thinking, Wow, a weak Earthling carrying the heir to the saiyans. Not bad. If we were on vegeta, she would have been the perfect queen. Feisty, smart, not afraid to speak her mind, and most of all, she is beautiful.


As they flew home, Bulma held on to Vegeta and snuggled in his chest. But this time, he let her and, he kissed the top of her forehead lightly. Seeing this act of kindness, Bulma said very happily;

"Vegeta, you aren't that cold-hearted bitch of a prince that I met on Namek. You've changed, for both me and Trunks." But at the sound of the baby's name, Vegeta instantly disagreed.

"WOMAN! You're out of your mind if you think we are going to name our child a type of boxers!"

"Well, I'm the mother and I saw we name him Trunks! Anyway, you probably will be training when he's born." Bulma added the last bit sadly. Vegeta realized this possibility and instantly changed it.

"Woman, I will be here for the birth of Trunks. I won't leave your side. Saiyan's honor." He said, stopping mid-flight, causing her to cling to him tighter.

"Vegeta, I believe you. And Vegeta, promise me something." Bulma insisted.

"And what would that be?" Vegeta asked, curious.

"Promise me that, that you will protect me from Yamcha. He's unstable, and he'll do anything to get to me. And when he finds out I'm pregnant with your child, he'll go fuckin' psycho. He may try to kill me, you, or both of us." She finished, scared. It was true, Yamcha was unstable. He should be locked up, but since he was a major baseball star, he couldn't. So her only, and best, protection was Vegeta.

"Bulma, I will always protect you. Once a saiyan chooses his mate, he protects them with his life. You are my mate, so I must protect you." Vegeta said soothingly. She smiled at the thought of Vegeta protecting her and smiled. He just held her tight and blasted back off to Capsule Corp. But then, to vegeta anger, Bulma added;

"Hey Vegeta, you agreed to name him Trunks." She added with a wink.

"WOMAN!" He yelled at her. She just smiled and snuggled into his chest again, leaving Vegeta blushing and confused.


As soon as they landed, Bulma hopped of his arms, but was a bit shaky since she hadn't stood in 20 minutes. She nearly fell, but Vegeta put his arms her waist.

"Woman, learn your balance." Vegeta said tauntingly.

"Bitch, I haven't stood in 20 minutes! What the fuck did you expect!" Bulma yelled back.

"Fine, woman." Vegeta said, removing his arms from her waist causing her to fall on her face.

"Asshole." Bulma stated. Vegeta helped her up, getting a kiss on the cheek in return.

"Damn that woman." Vegeta cursed, earning a slap on the arm.

"Vegeta, stop being a bitch. We're going to tell my parents the gender of the baby. Now come on." Bulma said, dragging him into the room. Mrs. Briefs was sipping some tea and Mr. Brief was looking at some blueprints. But Bulma caught their attention. A sharp whistle that made Vegeta slap his hands over his ears in pain.

"Mom, Dad, we know the gender of the baby." Bunny and Dr. Briefs both looked at her and Vegeta and ushered them to sit down. But Vegeta just leaned against the wall in his regular fashion. He was never one for 'all together now!' types of moments.

"Well…" Bunny asked, excited. Her first grandchild! And the best part was it wasn't with that slut Yamcha. Amongst her cheery attitude, she hated Yamcha.

"Well, Mom, Dad, you're going to be that grandparents of a baby boy!" Bulma informed happily. Instantly, her mother hugged her, as did her father, then her mother went to hug Vegeta, and he did, after a death glare from Bulma. Vegeta hated to admit it, but that woman could be scarier than Hell sometimes. He knew because he was once there. He hated Frieza. He also shook Dr. Briefs' hand. Suddenly, Mrs. Briefs said something that Vegeta feared. 'Marriage'.

"Sweetheart, if you're going to have a baby, you need to be married!" She chirped happily.

"MOM! By the time the baby is born, there will be only 6 months until the androids came. That won't be near enough time." Bulma yelled. (A/N: You need more than 6 months to get ready for a wedding? Damn ….)

"Fine then. But we should at least have a party for you two then." She insisted. It was fruitless to try to argue, so they gave in.

"Great! The party should be tonight at 6!" Mrs. Briefs, running into some room in their huge house to set up. Meanwhile, Bulma decided it was time for them to get ready. She handed Vegeta his spandex suit, which he gladly took. She then went to her room and got dressed.


Vegeta was on the couch, watching wrestling again. As a precaution, Dr. Briefs turned off the GR to keep Vegeta from skipping out to go to train. But Dr. Briefs said that Vegeta could spar with Goku as a super saiyan. But only outside, away from where the party was being held. Even if the party was in the house, those two could make the house shake.

Bulma walked downstairs like a princess. Vegeta heard her and turned to see her. His eyes widened. How the hell does she do that? He thought, looking at her outfit. It consisted of a rose pink cocktail dress, black diamond studded flats, pearls earring and a single tear-drop necklace. Her hair was down, flowing down he back with a rose hair clip in it. Damn she's beautiful. Vegeta thought. He got up from his spot on the couch and walked over to her. Her put his arms around her waist and kissed her. She turned around so that she was facing him and slinked her arms around his neck, kissing back. But that's when Bulma realized something; Vegeta wasn't wearing his saiyan armor, but Earthling clothes. He was wearing a navy blue t-shirt that made his muscles ripple, ripped jeans that made him look punk and his saiyan boots.

"Vegeta, I love you." Bulma whispered in his ear softly.

"You too onna." He whispered back. Bulma snuggled into his chest when the doorbell rang, breaking the sweet moment between the two. Bulma muttered 'dammit' and Vegeta said something in a foreign language which Bulma quickly determined was saiyan. But as soon as she opened the door, her eyes widened in shock. There stood Yamcha, smiling like a sick bastard. She screamed for Vegeta.


As soon as she screamed, vegeta rushed over to her and saw a sight that frightened even him. He growled deep in his throat as a warning and wrapped his arms around her waist. But before Vegeta could kick his ass back to wherever they hell it came from, Mrs. Briefs came running to the door and smiled.

"Hello Yamcha! Glad you could come!" She squealed in her annoyingly high pitched voice. Yamcha walked in, and frowned at Bulma. She whimpered and hid in Vegeta's chest. Vegeta held her tighter and gave a death glare to Yamcha. He walked away quickly into the room where the party was being held. But as soon as he was alone, he smirked evilly and whispered;

"Bulma, you will pay. No one fucks with Yamcha and leaves." And with that, he went to get some blue colored punch. Blueberry. His favorite.



Bulma rushed up from her spot on the couch to get the door. She opened it and this time was happy to see who it was. It was Goku, Chichi and 9 year old Gohan. He had a smile on that matched his father's perfectly. Chichi instantly came over to her and gave her a huge hug.

"BULMA! I can't believe you did it! You're gonna be a mom! Oh, I'm so happy for you! So, who's the dad?" Chichi asked excitedly. Goku watched nervously as he awaited his wife's reaction to Bulma being pregnant with Vegeta's child. But thankfully, now he got to watch his wife's reaction to it knowing it the whole time. And he got to role-play! He but on a smile as Vegeta walked over and put his arms around Bulma's waist. Gohan's eyes widened and Chichi nearly fainted.

"V-vegeta?" Chichi asked, shocked. Definitely not expecting that. Gohan's eyes widened in shock as well. Vegeta had tied to blow up the planet, kill his father, which was one of Bulma's best friends, and then he gets Bulma pregnant. That's messed up. But he just said;

"Bulma, how?" It wasn't too pushy, or demanding, and Vegeta probably wouldn't lash out. Gohan was so happy that his mother how to be a gentleman, otherwise either Bulma or Vegeta would probably have killed him. More likely Vegeta. Never trust the enemy, even if he impregnates your dad's best and oldest friend.

"Well, once Krillin, Maron, Tien, Chaitzo and Launch get here, then I'll tell you." Bulma said, smiling happily at Gohan. But then she realized that Goku hadn't said anything.

"Goku, are you ok?" She asked him. He looked fine, like he knew something she didn't.

"Hmmm? Oh yeah. I'm fine. Why?" Goku said, hoping she didn't notice anything suspicious. Thankfully, she just nodded and smiled. They went over to the party room to see lots of blue. Gohan went over to the table to put the presents they got Bulma and put them on the table. But when Gohan saw the table he realized that the table was completely empty. And Yamcha was standing near his father, talking with him.


As the Tien and Launch came into the party room, Goku nearly cheered. He hadn't been allowed to have any food until Bulma and Vegeta came in. and Vegeta had to admit, he was starved too. But it being him, he just stayed in his spot with a scowl deep on his face. Bulma and Vegeta waked in behind them. Vegeta went over to his little corner, away from all the chatting and partying. But he did realize that Yamcha had taken Bulma away from the rest of the group and out onto the balcony. He went over to Goku, and whispered to keep an eye on Yamcha. Goku nodded and watched as Vegeta went over to the balcony.


"Yamcha, what do you want? You're ruining my party!" Bulma yelled at Yamcha. Severely pissed? Yes. Scared? Not yet.

"Bulma, I have always loved you. Vegeta never will. And why I know this? Because, if I can't have you, then no one will." Yamcha threatened. Scared? More than hell. Pissed? Not a fuckin' chance.

"Y-yamcha?" Bulma asked, scared for her and her baby's life. But the next thing she knew, she was on the ground, nursing a bleeding nose. Yamcha then punched her hard in the stomach, causing her to scream out in pain, before passing out. He slapped her hard in the face, leaving a huge, red hand mark on her creamy white skin. But before he could kill her, he suddenly sensed two tremendous powers. Goku and Vegeta's.


"BULMA!" Vegeta cried out, seeing her beaten and bloody unconscious form on the ground. He screamed and flew to her side, leaving Goku to Yamcha.

"Yamcha, I've always tried to like you, but Bulma comes first. She was the first girl I've ever met, and she's been my friend ever since." Goku said, lunging at Yamcha. He hit him as hard as he could, causing Yamcha to hit the concrete wall as hard as a boulder. He then picked him up by the shirt and threw him to the ground like a piece of trash. Yamcha groaned in pain as the hurt of force and impact hit him. But Goku just laughed at his pain and then very seriously aid;

"Yamcha, you are no longer part of the Z warriors." And suddenly, Vegeta added;

"And if you ever come near Bulma or our child ever again, then the next breath you take will be in the fuckin' depths of hell." Goku nodded in agreement as Vegeta stood up, walked over to Yamcha, picked him up, and flung him across the Capsule Corp. lawn. He landed back in his desert house, and stayed there.

"Bulma, wake up!" Vegeta said, shaking her, tears nearly coming to his eyes. He squeezed them shut, tears now cascading down his tan cheeks. Goku stood there, shock clear on his face. He had only seen Vegeta cry once, and that was while he was dying. And now he was crying over one of his best friends. This was nothing like what Mirai trunks had said. He saw Vegeta quickly put his hand on her stomach and felt the baby kick strongly. He then focused his energy and gave some of it to her. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, and as soon as she fully awakened, she flung herself into Vegeta and began to sob. He just sat there with her, not realizing that Goku had gone in to tell everyone what had happened. Chichi was about sobbing at the thought of her best friend nearly dying when suddenly, Bulma and Vegeta walked in. Everyone began to clap as Bulma wrapped her frail arms around his strong, tan neck and crushed her lips into his. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed back. But breaking the steamy moment, Goku yelled out;

"BULMA! What's the gender of the baby?" And with that, everyone, except Vegeta, who muttered;

"Dumbass.", burst out laughing. But Bulma replied;

"It's a boy! A strong, half-saiyan boy." And with that, everyone began to party.

The last song came on and everyone except Gohan, who just sat in a chair, thinking about the upcoming androids, grabbed their girlfriend and/or mate. The song 'It Ends Tonight' came on and everyone began to dance. Rocking her slowly to the beat Vegeta held Bulma tightly. Bulma was humming to the song, smiling at how it seemed to soothe Vegeta.

Your subtleties

They strangle me

I can't explain myself at all.

And all the wants

And all the needs

All I don't want to need at all.

The walls start breathing

My mind's unweaving

Maybe it's best you leave me alone.

A weight is lifted

On this evening

I give the final blow.

When darkness turns to light,

It ends tonight

It ends tonight.

Bulma held onto Vegeta tightly, laying her tired head on his shoulder. It truly had ended tonight. She was safe from Yamcha, but she still didn't feel safe.

A falling star

Least I fall alone.

I can't explain what you can't explain.

You're finding things that you didn't know

I look at you with such disdain

The walls start breathing

My mind's unweaving

Maybe it's best you leave me alone.

A weight is lifted

On this evening

I give the final blow.

When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Just a little insight won't make this right

It's too late to fight

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Bulma felt a rush of emotion come over her. She suddenly felt what Vegeta felt when she was hurt. It reminded her of her dream. Maybe it wasn't a dream, but a vision. Everything seemed so real. Did Vegeta really kill himself for her, as he said he would if it were needed?

Now I'm on my own side

It's better than being on your side

It's my fault when you're blind

It's better that I see it through your eyes

All these thoughts locked inside

Now you're the first to know

When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Bulma realized that it was a vision and let a tear fall down her cheek at what was to happen. Now, she just hoped that he would be able to come back to life. Their family was royalty, and she was going to enjoy it with her prince.

Just a little insight won't make this right

It's too late to fight

It ends tonight,

It ends

When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.

Just a little insight won't make this right

It's too late to fight

It ends tonight,

It ends tonight.



When darkness turns to light,

It ends tonight.

It does end tonight Bulma thought. She was going to prove to Yamcha that Vegeta did love her. She suddenly crushed her lips into Vegeta's. He didn't oblige but kissed back. And somewhere in her mind, she heard Yamcha say 'God Dammit, he fuckin' loves her back.' She smiled at the thought and then heard Vegeta whisper something.

"Bulma, it ends tonight."


Vegeta carried her up to his bedroom and laid her down. He stripped her clothes off and changed her into her favorite silk pj's. He stripped down to his boxers and slid into bed with her. He put his arms around her swelled stomach and held on to her tight. But before he slipped into the wonders of sleep, he heard but her say something in her sleep that would have been a yell. And it was;

"Vegeta…" And then, sleep took over him like a blanket.


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