A different possibility

Summary: Harry meets the Green grass family instead of Weasley family and the changes that follow. It will be Harry and Daphne fiction with Ron/Luna Hermione/Neville as side stories.

Harry stood in the King's cross station bewildered the guard just told him there is no train scheduled at 11. He suddenly felt a presence his hairs on the back of his neck tingling, this feeling was familiar to him he felt it when he was at the diagon alley. Quickly he turned around and discovered himself looking at a family of four. Their laughter quenched his heart and he found himself dreaming of his parents a loving family tears threatened to spill from his eyes. The family was going towards platform ten he felt a pull towards them and followed them.

They stopped in front of the wall separating the platform 9 and platform 10. Harry stood watching as a girl with flowing black hair about his age came forward a girl of about seven to eight years was holding her hand. "So Daphne ready to board the train? We will miss you honey." the man spoke to the elder daughter kneeling down before her. Harry watched with a pang of jealousy and loneliness as the girl hugged her dad and her dad hugged her in return.

"Meow" the sound came so shocking Harry jumped up and fell on his ass. Looking for the source of sound he spotted a black regal looking cat sitting in front of him looking at him with remarkable pride and sneakiness. The cat seemed to be proud to cause him his fall. "Queenie here you are you little beast." Said the younger girl picking up the cat and as Harry stood up dusting himself he noticed the family looking at him.

The woman had deep brown eyes and black wavy hair just like her elder daughter though Daphne had blue eyes like her father, the youngest one seemed like a ball of energy with a head full of blonde golden hair and brown eyes and man stepped forward he had stubble and kind face blonde hair and aura of power. He asked in a deep kind voice full of warmth "who are you son and sorry for the cat by the way he likes mischief."

"Harry sir my name is Harry and no I don't mind thank you for asking though." The man raised his brow while musing to himself 'Harry can it be James's son he looks like him though he looks underfed. I don't think the boy who lived shall be treated like that no he must be someone else still better check it out.' He asked again, "so first year at Hogwarts I guess." Harry's eyes widened at that he nodded quickly, the woman laughed from behind "it's ok dear our little princess is also starting this year by the way are you by any chance Harry Potter." Harry nodded again, the woman laughed again her laughter was soothing Harry was feeling lighter than he felt in years, the man spoke again ,"ah! Where are my manners today Harry I am Cyrus Greengrass and this is my beautiful wife Roxanne and these are my princesses Daphne and Astoria." Daphne came forward and held her hand out," hi Harry am Daphne nice to meet you. Would you like to go on the platform with us or you are waiting for someone." Harry took her hand it felt really soft against his skin and warm he smiled and answered," I would love to."

To his great amusement he could just pass through the pillar separating the platform nine and ten. It was a platform full of students and their families many were of his age and most were older than him a scarlet steam engine stood in the platform. Cyrus helped to heave the trunks in the train and shook his hand.

"You know Harry you really look like James though your eyes are that of your mother's. James and I were never really best of friends but I respected him a lot. I have some photos of him and his little group of friends. I will send it to you because unless I am wrong you never saw their pictures." Harry was stunned to say the least he has found a person who not only knows his dad can give him his pictures too. It was the best gift he received till now.

"Thank you sir I can't really express how grateful I am to you." Sweeping the stammered thank you aside Cyrus replied, "that is nothing much Harry. If you ever need any advice or help just send me an owl I will help to the best of my abilities and don't call me sir, it makes me feel real old Cyrus would do just fine. Now go and have a good term take care of Daphne for me ok."

"Sure si..Cyrus I will help her in any way I can." Inside the train Harry started searching for Daphne found her in a compartment with both their trunks chatting with a girl with dirty blond hair. Noticing Harry at the door Daphne gave a smile, "Tracy, meet my new friend Harry and Harry this is Tracy my best friend since the age of three." After they exchanged greetings Tracy asked, "Harry can you please show…" she trailed off realizing it to be tactless. Harry removed the fringe of hair covering his scar both the girls were awed at this. But Daphne could see he was uncomfortable with the concept of his past so "where do you think we will be sorted Tracy? I hope it's either ravenclaw or slytherin. I totally hate the hufflepuff they are just too weak and Gryffindor they are just stupid."

"So if I get sorted in to hufflepuff or Gryffindor will you break friendship with me?" Harry asked in a small voice, he was afraid maybe here he will lose the two new friends.

"Of course not, Harry I am not stupid sorting or being in different houses mean nothing to me as long as friendship concerns but it would be fun if we three get to go in the same house." Daphne replied a bit ashamed because she made Harry think she was prejudiced.

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The next hours went smoothly talking and laughing both learning about other's childhood and practicing the few spells they knew. Though Harry knew none at first it soon became evident he had a talent for absorbing new spells for they were able to use the small spells like reparo or wingardium laviosa by the time they reached station, the journey was peaceful with two small interruptions as Draco Malfoy and his two thugs came and went back insulted by Daphne and another was in the form of a bushy haired witch who came searching for a lost toad. Before leaving the train Harry decided to corner Daphne, "wait a minute Daphne when the Malfoys came you acted with hate. I want to know why?"

"Harry well you should know this Malfoys are one of the most evil wizard families out in the open today, Dad says they were big in the league with you know who."

Harry was shocked so the blond haired ferret looking kid's dad helped Voldemort killing his parents, those scumbags are the reason he is an orphan. Deep hatred bubbled from his chest as he remembered the vicious dream of the green light and a cruel laugh. Daphne sensing his friends distress hugged him tight "it's okay now harry don't feel bad we are here. Tracy and I will be always with you." Soon they came down on the platform and Harry spotted his big friend Hagrid waving a lantern and roaring in his booming voice, "first 'ears this way," Harry catching his eye waved at him and Hagrid smiled at him from the dense beard of his.

Soon they were on the boat riding towards where destiny awaits them all.