Serpent lord's heir part one

"Strike... strike... dodge…create distraction… strike hard" Harry chanted under his breath as he kept unleashing his magic on the unique kind of dummies Flitwick had provided him they were charmed to fight as a live opponent casting stinging hexes at him.

With a slashing movement of his wand Harry unleashed his latest learnt spell and watched in fascination as the dummy turned to ash. He had been frustrated for a few days now he knew his friends were trying to believe him but even to his ears his story sounded farfetched.

He felt another spasm hit him he had been getting this spasms since the day dobby visited him especially in the full moon. He had asked Remus about it but sadly Remus didn't have much information about this.

"If this continues I will have to go to hospital wing." He groaned out aloud.

"What continues?" the voice of Daphne made him flinch involuntarily. This was not her normal voice it was cold with edge in it she wasn't asking she was demanding and her tone made it clear that she wouldn't be denied.

Harry sighed; this was going to be a fucking long night. "Daphne sit down I will explain" he said while flopping down on a bench Daphne just stood in front of him her hands wrapped around her body her brows furrowed.

With another sigh Harry began talking, "I don't really know what to call it. But ever since sorcerer's stone incident, I started having strange dreams about some creatures called kaldore'i and their destruction. I saw them use magic far more powerful than anything I have ever read about I mean maybe only Dumbledore can match that. I watched them being slaughtered and worst of them all I felt I was one of them. I saw my friends my family being killed over and over again. I know I am not one of them but it feels like I am one of them."

Daphne sat shocked to see your family being killed repeatedly will drive any one insane but still at least she tried to tell her that it was not Harry's real parents. Because if it were to be so she didn't think the messy haired teen could take it.

"I am sorry Harry, I never thought it was something so bad but you should probably go to someone. Maybe some professor this is not normal Harry."

But her words got the opposite reaction she wanted as Harry snarled at her, "go and be declared a freak no, I think not." Harry regretted it the next moment as the shadow of fear in Daphne's eyes he stepped forward and wrapped her in an awkward hug.

"I am sorry Daph I am really sorry it's just I am going through a tough time that's all." Harry kept muttering again and again but soon he felt Daphne's arms snake around him wrapping him in a cocoon of warmth. He relaxed the spasms all gone. Daphne felt great she hated to see her best friend in the world to be down.

Still holding hands they entered the almost empty common room it was almost curfew. As Harry tried to head upstairs to bring his potion's essay he felt Daphne move beside her. She whispered so that no one over hears them, "I still think you should go to a Professor. In our world dreams are often more than they seem." Then kissing him lightly on the cheeks she ran to her dorms hiding her blushing face.

Harry stood there his hand reaching upwards to touch the warmth on his cheek and the corners of his lips stretched until a shit eating grin appeared on his face. His bliss lasted exactly five seconds as the cat calls from the Weasley twins took good care of it.

"That is one hot bird you landed there mate." Seamus the bull of Gryffindor second year made his opinion known from the chair fire side where he had been reading some magazine that suspiciously looked to be under a badly done glamour charm.

Shaking his head at the antics of his friends he went to his bed. Surprisingly this night his dreams were full of a black haired teen he knows so well.

"Oy Potter! Wake up. Harry wake up" Harry was savagely torn apart from his happy dreams as a pair of rough calloused hands shook him gently. Snapping up from his bed Harry looked around frantically until his eyes landed on Oliver Wood or at least that's what he seemed from the almost blur. Putting on his glasses Harry slipped from the bed yawning loudly.

Hastily scribbling down where he would be he kept it on the table by Ron's bed before he began to follow his enthusiastic captain out of the dorm. That was until he met with a bright flash making him temporarily blind. He shook his head to clear his head and get rid of the encroaching sleep.

"Hi! Harry" an overly enthusiastic voice chirped in front of him. Harry groaned internally 'great just great the ones I hope to avoid pile up on me.' The face of Colin Creevy came in to view. Colin was a new first year muggle born and perhaps one of his most rabid fans. He carried a muggle camera and kept taking photos madly.

"Hi! Colin" Harry mumbled halfheartedly, while he understood the awestruck condition of the younger boy it didn't mean he had to like it. Especially the fiasco last week really soured him towards the boy. Right now half of the school was thinking him to be publicity hunter. That prat of Lockhart was only making it worse he seemed to think Harry wanted to be in lime light so he started shouting advice to him.

By the time Harry had reached the team room he had learned all of Colin's dreams and ambitions. Wanting to bang his head against some solid place harry somehow by his great will force he managed not to.

"Ok Colin thanks for the company but right now got to go quiditch practice." Quickly tuning the chattering boy out to enter the team room Harry escaped. But he sure was not expecting the scene he found himself in. Katie was snoring against the wall while the rest picked up their partners and dozing off, Angelina totally leaning against Fred or George while Alicia was on the lap of the other one.

Oliver was watching his team bonding while the roar of laughter alerted him Harry was on his back laughing madly at the scene. A quick flick of his wand and muttered Silencio later Oliver could once again keep watching the romance scene in peace while a pint sized celebrity kept rolling on the floor.

It was nearly after five minutes before Wood let out a bang from his wand and started on his plans for this season. He had 17 different strategies built to counter various teams in spite of himself Harry couldn't help being impressed. While he loved the game he could never have the passion that Wood brought to this game.

It was nearly one hour later when they hit the pitch without wasting any more time harry jumped on his third most precious possession. He loved flying he loved the feel of air rushing pass his ears he enjoyed the speed and the thrill that flying brought with it. Like a bird of prey he would search the sky before lunging to capture the snitch.

He doubted he would enjoy any other position as much as seeking the simple fact that he will be pestered with bludgers and snitch is extremely fast made it all the more fun for him. Harry made eye contact with one of the twins a grin erupted on their faces as Harry began the most ferocious bludger drilling he had ever done applying the styles Wood had taught him mixed with his own instincts.

Sounds of clicking told him Collin had found his subject but Harry could not bring himself to care about one ickle firstie. Wood was barking orders from his post near the hoops while the chaser trio kept shooting quaffles at the goals. Harry just caught his first snitch of the day when he spotted seven green robed figures entering the vicinity.

A cry of surprise from told him that he wasn't the only one to notice the intrusion. Shaking with barely contained anger Wood crash landed on the ground while rest of the Gryffindor team landed. And soon the fourteen students were caught in the dead glaring match.

" . . .FLINT" Wood spat through his teeth while the recipient only flashed a cocky grin.

"And why should I?" he replied in a cool snobbish tone.

"Because I booked this damn pitch for today a whole bloody week ago." Snarled Wood his boiling point was approaching quickly.

Grinning broadly at the temper of his rival Flint pulled his hand into the inner of his jercy and pulled out a rolled out parchment Wood's eyes scanned over it before a dejected look flashed upon his features.

"So you got rid of the gibbon you called a seeker. And who is this new seeker your team needs to practice with that Professor Snape had to cancel ours for." Wood was barely keeping his fury back in check he knew he was defeated here.

The six tall and hulking figures in green shifted aside to reveal a face Harry least expected. Among the hulking figures of pureblood heirs of new generation wearing a look of pure arrogance stood the scion of Malfoy line.

"Draco Malfoy! ha seems like your father did buy you a place in the team." Fred or George commented from the sides their usual jovial tone absent Harry was thinking along the same line as well.

"Funny weasel that you should mention my dad seeing as he got the entire team brand new Nimbus 2001 fastest broom of the world, these beauties far out strip the 2000 model and for your cleansweeps sweeps the floor with them."

The Gryffindor quiditch team left the field with such an aura of hatred that would scare anyone away for once the snakes has crossed their limit. And their skills will be put to the ultimate test.

Instead of going with the rest of the team Harry moved to his friends who stood near the edge of the field. Daphne saw the look of her best friend's eyes quickly moved in to help. After a while the edge of Harry's temper had worn off a feeling of dread rose to take its place.

"Seven brooms those are faster than my nimbus 2000. How the hell are we supposed to play them? Even their keeper can beat me in speed." Harry groaned his head lying on the cold surface of the table. the entire Gryffindor table seemed to be silent almost scared.

Hermione scoffed at his comment without taking her eyes from her heavy tome, "you know Harry, you seem pretty pathetic to me now. So are you saying you won the matches just because you had the better broom?"

Daphne caught on from there, "Harry do you know why playing seeker is so complicated because it requires skill far higher than other positions, quick thinking, daring to take risks and above all reflex. Unless you have it the broom can't help you. Just have faith in you we all do."

"Yeah mate she is right." Ron piped in while Tracey seemed to differ but Harry understood that she would want her house to win. But still he felt hope and confidence.

The two weeks that followed saw some of the most gruesome practice in the Hogwarts history. Wood was driving the team hard he was making every one give their hundred percent. There was no miss hit of bludgers no miss pass. Harry was learning some of the most complex moves for a seeker his reflex has been honed to the optimal point.

For others it ended there but for Harry it was far from over. Finally Flitwick had deemed Harry capable enough to start effective dueling while the charms master taught him strategies and the basics he let Harry cultivate his unique fighting style.

Today Harry has to prove he earned his lessons. They stood at the opposing ends of a dueling ring. Harry ran his mind over the strategy he planned to use while Flitwick explained the rules to him.

"No lethal uses of jinxes or curses are allowed the first one to be incapacitated or thrown out of the ring wins. And final thing if you last more than five minutes I will begin teaching you the next level of this skill."

Harry's determined look was answer enough for the old wizard he simply conjured a clock on the table far side of the room and sank into a bow. Harry also followed suit but both of their eyes were locked on to each other. Harry could swear he saw Flitwick smirk at him both of them slipped in to their respective stances Harry into the basic stance while Flitwick a modified one.

"ONE…TWO…THREE BEGIN" a monotonous voice announced. Harry opened the fight with a stunner aiming at the centre of Flitwick's chest who dodge it by quickly side stepping. Harry wanted to attack but his plans were foiled when he heard Flitwick mutter, "Locomotor lamp" a lamp flew from the table towards Harry at the same time when Flitwick unleashed two back to back stunners.

'shit' Harry cursed under his breath he knew very well he will not be able to dodge all three so he did the next best thing revolving around his place he dodged the flying lamp while casted a portego shield to stop the stunners.

The red jets hit his bluish shield and visible cracks formed around the places the spells hit. Knowing that shield won't be able to hold such an attack again he swiftly cancelled the shield and blasted the piece of furniture that came flying at him with a well placed reducto he felt a spell hit him from the left and darkness covered his vision.

He opened his eyes to see Flitwick watching him with amusement Harry tried to sit up only to realize he had a mild concussion.

"how long did I last" Harry asked already slipping into the dueling stance he practiced last night aiming to keep the master duelist on the back foot.

Slightly arching his brows the tiny charms master replied, "one minute and fifteen seconds, not bad but still a long way to go."

Nodding at the word of advice Harry focused the last time he lost because he lost track of the surroundings.

"ONE...TWO...THREE...BEGIN" once again the count was ended with Harry going onto offence.

He sent three stunners side by side in a diagonal way following by an expelliarmus Flitwick dodged the first two stunners before using wingardium laviosa to levitate a wooden block to block both spells. Knowing that his teacher would use the smoke to change places Harry hastily erupted a shield spell around him.

His hunch proved correct as a petrificus totalus hit his shield he quickly muttered, "Creare fumus" waving his wand in a half ring around him covering the arena in smoke. Harry sighed in relief as several violet jets of light missed him barely but now he had a brief idea of where Flitwick was.

Flitwick smirked as he saw a confringo hit the desk he was just standing up on. He quickly casted a bludgeoning spell to the place he was sure was just beside Harry.

He dodged as three red jets followed this time right on mark. 'It's time to up the ante a bit' Flitwick thought with an evil grin. Moving his wand in a whip like motion he casted one of his favorite offensive spells albeit in a low power.

Harry heard his opponent cry, "pressura percusserit." He never heard of the spell before so he stopped hiding and yelled "portego" forcing his magic in it he gong like sound a faint blue light told him the spell has hit his shield and soon he felt the opaque layer of protection fade but before he could think of any other spell he was hit with "flippendo" throwing him out of the ring.

"Good job this time Mr. Potter you have been in the ring for six minutes. From the start of the new term I will guide you to the world of far advanced dueling and potentially more dangerous spells." Flitwick said while using his wand to get Harry rid of his bruises.

For the remaining of the term Harry was at least able to relax now. Wood was still driving the team to the wall. But with the dueling lessons out of the way Harry was able to sit and enjoy his time with his friends. It was fun doing nothing just goofing off or competing with Daphne in classes.

Daphne, she was his best friend, she was more than that. Every time he sees him a deep knot forms in his stomach. Even right now she was leaning against him snuggling with his body slightly. Harry knew she fancied him hell she said it last year and he did fancy her as well. But the problem is sometimes he felt that this was more than just that.

He tried to concentrate on his father's journal in his hands. It was like learning about the world that is Hogwarts in a completely new way. The pranks James and his friends pulled were nothing short of awesome. But still Harry really wouldn't have thought his father to be such.

It was another Halloween once again Harry had stayed behind but this time the twins had nicked some food from the kitchen to make up for it. Daphne was pulled by Tracey who believed Halloween must be observed in Hogwarts. So now Harry sat by the fire side leaning against the stone wall of the common room when a familiar voice startled him.

He hadn't heard of the voice for over a month a slowly like everyone else he too had thought it to be a figment of his imagination. He quickly stood up and ran at the exit this time he was determined to prove that he was not insane.

Following the strange chilling voice Harry across floors the voice seemed to be travelling all over the school as Harry ran after it. Finally when he reached the staircase leading to the second floor corridor the voice became more urgent.

'Oh no' panic rushed through his mind and his body started sprinting in auto pilot his wand in hand, he was halfway there when the ancient call for blood suddenly vanished. Turning around the corner Harry stood shocked as he saw the stiff body of Mrs. Norris lying on floor with a large abundance of water pooling nearby.

He scanned his surroundings the footsteps from downstairs told him that the feast has ended and they are going to see him there but shock and panic froze him in his place. He had no doubt it was the voice that did it. His eyes franticly scanning the deserted corridor until his yes landed on the wall opposite of Mrs. Norris's unmoving body.

Written in dark red paint was the sentence, "THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED


Harry watched the writing with a morbid fascination a faint growling could be hard at the back of his mind he heard the footsteps getting nearer. He was well aware that within the next minutes the students and teachers would be here. The rational part of his mind screamed at him to run and for the first time he heeded its voice.

He ran back to the Gryffindor common room not stopping anywhere. Back in his old place he sank on the couch his heart beating faster and faster every moment. He wasn't sure if the cat was dead or not but he knew whatever the voice belonged to it spelled only trouble for them. But what he couldn't understand why could he hear the voice when others didn't?