I'm Different

What if the Tracy brothers had a blind sister? How would they treat her? What will they do if she wanted to join them as a thunderbird? How would she show them what she could do?

When Alan and his sister Sherry was born, it was something the family was grateful for. The family was complete. Jeff had always wanted a little girl.

Then one day Jeff thought that his life was ending. He had just lost his wife, and his children had lost their mother. The one who made him smile. The one who would chase the kids and made them laugh until there tummies hurt. He forgot that he had six little kids. Kids that would be there for him.

Really, it was lucky for all of them that Scott was there. He ended up looking after the five younger ones. He also got a hand from Virgil. Gordon and Alan became best friends and John and Sherry always tried to do everything together. Then there was Scott and Virgil. They were always there for each other.

So they all grew up, and one by one, they became part of International Rescue.

When Alan and Sherry were only fourteen years old, something happened, that would change

their lives forever.

Alan and Sherry didn't go to the same schools and while Alan was in school in America, Sherry went to school in South-Africa. So that meant that holidays were slightly different. Sherry came home a bit early and had gone up with John to spend time on Thunderbird Five for a while.

As Sherry unpacked her bag she dropped one of her chocolates from her stash, which John spotted and before she could pick it up again, a blond head shot past her and she ended up with empty air between her hands. She jumped up, and grabbing for it she said: "Hey! That's not yours! Give it back here!"

John only gave a huge smile and ran for the door, waving the chocolate as he went. With a sigh, Sherry ran after him. They chased each other around and around the space station, until John finally gave up and gave the chocolate back to her.

As she took it, she turned and saw that they were standing at one of the big windows, and she couldn't help but smile. "You know what John? Wouldn't it look funny to someone from outside to see us running around with a chocolate? I mean. Just think!"

She heard a soft laugh behind her, and she knew that John was thinking along the same lines. "I think that they would have thought that we were mad or something Sherry."

Before she could answer him she felt him come closer and hug her tight. "I missed you so much Sherry. Why do you have to go to that school in S.A?"

Sherry pretended to smack him on his arm and said: "Well, I just have to do something different. Besides you should see what we get up to over there!"

John only shook his head, and turning her around, he said: "I'd rather not ask, if it's all the same to you."

That afternoon while Sherry was getting ready for bed after watching a rescue, John called his dad to have a little talk. Sherry didn't mind John talking on the video link while she was getting ready for bed. She knew that her twin brother was back home, and that he had surely done something to make their dad angry. She went to her bag and finished unpacking it. Smiling to herself, she took a small packet and went over to John's bed. She hid it under his pillow and then went to the control room to see what he was up to.

"Hello Johnny boy. Would you like some coffee or one of my strange drinks?"

At his puzzled look she laughed and said: "Oh my, dear Johnny. Why so puzzled?"

Without waiting for him to answer, she turned and went to the small kitchenette to make something that was edible. When she came back again she saw that John was talking to Scott, Gordon and Virgil. She went closer and while she placed John's, and her own food on a small table she said: "Hello guys. What's up with you lot today?" She could hear someone grumble something along the line of 'South Africa is bad for her', and then Gordon's voice came through.

"Oh, just doing this and that. You know? It would be better if you got your short little self over here so that we could see you, and not mister blonde over there. We've been seeing his ugly mug for too long!"

Sherry could only imagine John pulling a face at them as she walked over to the screen.

"Gordon, my dear brother of mine. Don't forget that mister Virgil over there is short too. At least I don't look like my head is on fire!" She grinned when no sound came from Gordon. Maybe Virgil was busy killing him or he had forgotten how to talk. She thought to herself as she went to sit down on Johns lap.

"Hey! You're getting too old for this, Lil' Sister." John said as he tried to get her off.

"Aww! It's just for a while, Johnny. I won't kill you..." She could feel him shift some more and then she said: "Well? Is that better?" She could see her brothers smiling at her now. "Where is that brother of mine?"

Scott shoved Gordon away from the screen and smiling said: "Oh, Gordon is going to fetch him now. So while he's doing that... How are you?"

"I'm fine Scott. How are you Virgil?" Sherry saw Virgil smile at Scott and knew immediately that he was up to something again. "Uh oh. Don't tell me." Sherry waved her hand and then she saw Virgil holding up a painting of her dressed up like a poodle.

"Like it?" He asked. Virgil was grinning like a madman now.

Sherry squirmed and cried out: "You didn't show that to everyone right! Please tell me that you didn't? Please?"

Virgil turned the painting around and Sherry saw that they all were on the beach laughing. Even their mom was there. Sherry could feel John move behind her and she realized that he was trying to look at it better from behind her. She jumped off his lap, and then said: "Wow, when did you do that Virgil? I didn't know that you'd paint something like that for me!"

Virgil turned away and put the painting behind him on a table and when he turned back he looked a bit sad. "After you asked me about Mom, I got this idea to make you a painting which you could put up in your room and remember her."

After a bit of chit chat Alan came running in the room with Gordon behind him. Gordon jumped on him, and Alan went down yelling at the top of his voice: "Get off!" Scott moved away from the screen and got a hold of Gordon.

"Ow, ow, ow! Let me go!" Gordon begged while trying to get his arms free from Scotts grip. Virgil caught Alan when he tried to run again. Turning a red faced Alan around to the screen he said: "Say hi to your sister before you disappear again."

Alan looked at the screen as if he was seeing it for the first time and pulling away from Virgil came closer. "Hi sis. What you doing?" Sherry smiled at him and waving at the screen said:

"Oh, just talking to the mad house."

Alan laughed and asked: So when you coming back down? Tin-Tin said that she wants to show you something."

Sherry knew that Alan was just trying to get her back down so that he could get her to get up to mischief with him.

"Oh, Alan. I just came up here this morning. Its only for a week, and then it's your turn!"

Alan looked away from the screen for a while and when he turned back said: "I have to go sis. Dad's calling. Love you."

Sherry waved at him and said brightly: "Love you too!" Alan ran off and Scott, Virgil and Gordon moved back.

"Okay guys. It's time for us to say goodbye. Dad's going to kill us if we talk too long."

John and Sherry smiled and then John said: "You three behave okay?" Sherry could see them pulling a face at him and she started laughing at them.

"You better listen. He knows best. Love you guys! See you when it's the next turn in call. I'll look after Johnny here." She patted him on his arm, only to get a playful shove to the side.

"That is if I don't kill her in the meantime." Her brother said while trying to prevent her from pulling him off his chair.

Smiling at Sherry and John; Scott, Virgil, and Gordon said goodbye, and ended the call.

Sherry finally managed to drag John from his chair and made him sit at the table.

"Look what I found for us. She waited for him to have a taste of his food and then asked. "Well, how is it? Do you like it? Is it nice? Not to hot? Or is it burned? Come on. Tell me?" She started to play piano on the table until she got a kick from the other side. "Ow! what was that for?"

John couldn't believe how many questions his baby sister could ask in one breath. "I kicked you, because you're asking to many questions at once. And stop playing piano on the table!" He peered at the bowl in front of him with great interest. "What is this?"

Sherry gave a sheepish grin and said: "It's curry. One of the ladies working at the main kitchen back at school showed me how to make it. So I made some before I came up with you. So? Do you like it?" She could see John's face go red and his eyes were watering, along with his nose.

He looked at her incredulously. "Am I supposed to over-heat?"

Sherry was grinning at him. She couldn't help it. "Yes, that's why it's called curry." She started eating her own and glancing at him, she saw that he was trying his best to stop the unwanted waterworks. "Guess you like it then, huh?"

Sherry was sniffing hard after a while and when she looked up John was smiling at her. "What? I guess I've put a bit too much curry in here." They were both sniffing and both had waterworks going that would have made Gordon proud had he seen it. As soon as they were done with the curry, Sherry ran to the fridge and dug out two large bottles of water. Handing one to John she said: I hope the others remember to drink some too!

When John got his bottle of water he got it open and started drinking as much water as he could handle and to cool down again. When he let the bottle down Sherry had a smile on her face and when he looked down he saw that she had a camera in her hand.

"Where did you get that?" She turned the camera to him so that he could see a photo of him with the bottle of water in his hands and that is when he also saw that his face was flushed red. "Oh, that's not me. Please don't tell me your going to keep that?"

Sherry smiled and while she turned the camera back to save the photo she said: "Just a little album I'm making to remember the day you all ate curry." At John's questioning look, she said: "Dad is taking photos down there. He's eaten some before I came up, and I have a really cool one of him standing bent over at a tap. He was cursing up a real good storm. He didn't realize that I was still there or that I'd followed him. The camera I got from Tin-Tin. She gave it to me as a gift." John groaned at that, in mixed amusement and despair. Blackmail in the hands of a Tracy was dangerous.

After finishing her water Sherry went back to the bedroom and got her laptop out to download the photos to show John, and saw that her dad had sent her the photos he had taken of her other brothers eating their curry. Even the rest of the household had tried it, and boy did they look funny. Sherry placed the laptop on the bedside table and went to look for her missing brother. She nearly crashed into him when they both rounded a corner. John stuck out his hand and grabbed her before she could fall over.

"Whoa!" he laughed. "Where are you off to?"

Sherry regained her footing and said indignantly: "I was coming to find you... Found you!" She laughed and turning she walked back to the bedroom with her brother a few steps behind.

As John was walking, he thought of how much his little sister had changed. She was still short. Her hair was longer and not as ash blond as it used to be. It was turning to a light brown, which he thought suited her. Her eyes were still the blue orbs he knew, and he realized with a start that his little sister was becoming a woman. When he got to the bedroom he smiled down at his baby sister and said: "I see that you still want someone to tuck you into bed huh?"

Sherry was in her bed with the blankets all on a heap at the one end of the bed. She kicked at them and said with a baby voice: "Please tuck me in?"

John couldn't resist and did as he was asked. Giving her a kiss he got up and turned out the light. When he came back later that night and got into bed, he felt something hard against his head. Sitting up he lifted his pillow and found a small packet. It didn't look like one of Gordon's prank packets. So he opened it. Inside he found a silver bracelet and when he took it out he saw that on the inside it had his name and on the other side it had an engraved picture of him and Sherry.

He put it on and found a little note saying: You'll be my best friend and brother forever. So when I'm not here, just look at it, and I'll be there with you. Never take it off. Love you.

He closed the little box it had came in, and putting it away safely, he got up and went over to his little sister's bed. Getting down on his knees, John leaned over and gave her a hug. Even in her sleep she reacted to him and hugged him back. When he let her go, he saw her smile and then she turned away and he saw no more. He got up and got into his own bed, pulling the covers up over his shoulders. He fell asleep with a huge smile on his face.