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When Gordon and Sherry walked into the sickroom, Jess was sitting on the bed talking to Tin-Tin and the rest of the boys. Seeing them, Virgil took Sherry to a chair and made her sit down. While he checked her over, Gordon moved to Jess' bedside and asked, "How's the leg?"

Tapping the cast Jess smiled tiredly. "It's a lot better now. Thanks." Looking at Gordon, and seeing wetness on his cheeks as he held his hand on Sherry's shoulder, Jess asked, "Have you been crying, Gordon?"

Gordon shook his head. "No, I've just been in the pool water too long."

Jess knew that Gordon wouldn't tell her what had really gone on, but from the smile he had on his face she knew that Sherry had sorted out her brother. Seeing Virgil walk off, Jess called after him. "Virgil? Where are you going?"

Turning at the door Virgil grinned. "I'm going to get my 'bird ready to pick up all that junk out of the pool. She's still sitting outside her hangar."

Nodding as the older man left, Jess felt arms suddenly around her shoulders. Turning slightly to hug Gordon back, she smiled softly. "Thanks Fish Face."

Pulling away from Jess, Gordon pulled a funny face at her and left Jess laughing. Soon the rest of the boys had followed Virgil out the door, along with Brains and Grandma, until only the girls were left. Once Tin-Tin was sure that no one would come back, John made his way in and sat himself down on a chair next to Sherry.

Turning her head to where Jess was sitting Sherry asked, "So Jess. Are you nice and dry?"

Blushing a deep shade of red, Jess nodded embarrassedly. "Yes, I had some help getting dressed though. When I got in here, your dad and Brains helped me. They both had their eyes closed. It was funny to watch, but it really hurt when I had to move to get my sweats on. I kind of cursed a little. Your dad wasn't pleased…"

Hearing a soft laugh Jess looked at John. "It's not funny! I was told a few times to watch what I was saying. Although I think your dad did understand why I was cursing. My leg looked like and still looks like a shark's had fun playing with it and that hurts." She grimaced.

Getting up from the chair where she had been sitting Sherry said, "Well, I'm going to go get into some dry ones myself." Hearing John get up too, she nodded to her brother. "See you later John."

Passing Tin-Tin Sherry gave her a hug and finding Jess, did the same to her. Finding her room was easy and when Sherry was dressed in a fresh pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, she sat on her bed and listened to the sounds of Thunderbird Two and her brothers working outside. She knew that her dad would cancel the contract with the people who made the so-called safe platform. She was glad. They could have died. All three of them.

Suddenly, the morning's events caught up to her. Turning her face into her pillow Sherry began to cry. She could have died. She could have lost her friends today. They could have gotten themselves killed.

Sherry didn't realize that Gordon had come to her room when they had finished cleaning the pool. She didn't feel him as he lay down next to her; she'd fallen asleep with silent tears still running down her face.

Gordon gently wiped them away, and pulled her close to his chest. He closed his eyes, letting his sister cry. Before he knew it, he too had fallen asleep.


Jess now had a pair of crutches which John had found for her to use. Walking with her to her room he waited for her to enter. Not sure if he should follow the young teen in, he just stood there, watching her carefully to see if she would be okay moving around on her own.

Seeing John watching her Jess smiled. "You can come in John. I want to talk to you if that's okay?"

Walking carefully into the room John sat down on the bed. Moving slowly over to sit next to him, Jess smiled when John took her feet and swung them on to the bed and when he gently placed her casted leg on a pillow. Letting her head rest on the cushion behind her, Jess watched John as he just sat there, watching her expectantly. As she grinned disarmingly at him, Jess frowned. John looked a little pale. She could guess why.

"You guys feel like brothers to me John." Jess could see understanding in John's eyes at her words. We're okay, you know. No harm done." Sitting up a little straighter, she continued. "From what Sherry told me this morning, I fell asleep on you last night. I didn't plan on doing that. I wanted to tell you that I wished that you guys were my own brothers. I feel safe with you lot. I have my sisters yeah, but I don't know. It's just the way that you guys are that's tugging at my heart. I've always wanted older siblings, and I feel like you lot are it." She went red as she realised how strange it felt to be admitting that.

John placed a brotherly hand on her arm, looking at her seriously through warm blue eyes. "Seeing you girls fall into the water scared me to death. When I'm up on 'Five I don't see what happens on the ground. I hear it, and I can only listen and hope that my family is okay. You girls could have died today, and despite being down there, I couldn't even help. I know you know that we nearly didn't get to Sherry in time."

Pulling away from John, Jess looked him straight in the eye. "I would never have been angry at you or any of your brothers if I did die today. It sounds silly, seeing as I wouldn't even be alive to say it, but you can't save everyone John, not even family." Seeing him flinch at those words she frowned. "Did someone else say those words to you?"

John nodded solemnly. "Yes, Dad has said it to us many times when we've lost someone on a rescue."

Letting her head drop tiredly, Jess gave a tired sigh. She felt John lift her chin with his hand and when she looked at him he asked, "Would you like us to be your brothers?" Feeling a smile make its way on her face Jess felt John's arms tighten in his embrace.

"Why are you hugging me? From what I know, I thought you hate too many hugs."

As he laughed softly, she wondered why.

"I only let Sherry hug me as she pleases. That is true, but I've also found that a hug can make someone feel better. Getting hugs from you girls is okay. My brothers hug me too but not as much." He grinned.

Seeing Jess was beginning to get tireder, John smiled. Letting her head rest on her pillow he softly combed his hand through her hair. Smiling he began to softly sing to her, to put his new little sister to sleep.

Outside Jess' door, mouthing the words along with John's soft voice, Scott whispered the name of the song to himself. "My Wish." Smiling he walked off to his own room to sleep. After what had happened today, they all needed to rest.


Alan had found Tin-Tin and both had fallen asleep on the couch in the lounge. Virgil had seen them before he went down to the sickbay to put his supplies away, and he covered them with the blanket off of the back of the sofa.

When he reached the sickbay however, he saw that Kyrano had already done it for him. He smiled, but then his stomach grumbled suddenly. He frowned as he realised that the rescue and the rather intense aftermath had made all of them to miss lunch. Looking down at his watch, Virgil saw that it was still a few hours before dinner. Walking off to his studio he decided to work on designing Sherry's new eyes.


John was very tired. He quietly slipped out of the room where Jess was sleeping, and headed to his own. Lying down wearily, he closed his eyes and thanked the Lord for helping them through the day. Not long after, he too slept, the day catching up to him.


Unlike the majority of his sons, Jeff had gone to his office to make a few calls and to cancel the contract that had caused the day's almost-disaster. He was so glad that he hadn't signed anything yet.

When dinner came around, everyone was quiet and didn't talk much at the table, the events of the day weighing heavy on their minds. Afterwards, most of them ended up going back to bed.

Sherry headed to her friend's room, using the chime to let Jess know that someone was outside.

After a moment, the door opened slowly, she sensed Jess leaning on one crutch. She hugged Jess tightly. "I've just come to say good night and thank you for being my friend Jess. Let's hope that tomorrow is much better than today and that we we'll have some good luck on our side again."

Hugging Sherry awkwardly back, Jess grinned tiredly. "You go back to bed. I'm going to read that book John gave me and eat a chocolate or two." She suddenly looked uncomfortable. "Um, is there any way that I could possibly have the chance to call my mum?"

Smiling understandingly, Sherry nodded. "There's a phone just there on the table. It's next to the alarm clock if I remember correctly. My dad won't mind you using it to call your home. He's probably actually wondering why you haven't yet. Don't worry about it at all. If your mom doesn't have a video phone it'll still work. It's automatically programmed to select the type of call that the other phone can receive."

Hugging Sherry gratefully, Jess bid her goodnight, and then watched carefully as her friend walked off with her hand on the wall to guide her. Smiling as she sat down in front of the video phone she thought proudly; You're getting there Sherralie Tracy. All you need to learn now is to learn Braille, and then you'll be fine.

Smirking as she noticed a small slip of paper with instructions on how to use the phone, Jess found the country code for England, dialled her home number, and waited for it to ring with suddenly trembling hands.

When her mother answered the phone, her eyes opened wide as she saw her mum's face painted across the video screen. Feeling her lip tremble as all the day's events caught up to her, Jess was hit by a wave of homesickness. Swallowing against the tears in her eyes, and the pain still emanating from her broken leg, she tried to smile at her mother in greeting. "Hi Mum…. I've got something important to tell you."