Hey guys this is my first ever fanfiction and I've decided to do one on my favourite manga and anime series at the moment, love*com! Sorry this chapter is so short, I will definitely make it longer when I update it. I will try to update it regularly and finish it, so hope you guys like it! (^_~)

Disclaimer: I don't own Lovely complex or any of the characters.

Chapter 1

He placed his head in his palms and pulled back his hair. What was he doing? He had been going through quite an ordeal these past few weeks.

How could he have been so stupid? He still felt bad for the mistake this very day, but he managed to pull up the courage to buy her a bouquet of flowers in apology for his lack of knowledge and quite frankly, denseness. Much to his surprise she still wanted to see him more, even after the big mistake he had made.

That was one of the things he loved about that girl, despite all his faults, such as his lack of height and complete and utter denseness she continued to love him with all her heart. He began to smile imagining her bright cheerful gleam as she skipped toward him. "Idiot" he murmured to himself, under his breath.

How could she have even thought that he wanted to go off with his university friends and leave her? He loved her, despite how much he didn't want to admit it and was determined not to tell her his real feelings, he really did infact love her.

It was tomorrow that he would be meeting up with her again, it had been over 3 weeks since then they had last seen each other. Otani was busy working hard at university to reach his dream of becoming a nursery school teacher and Koizumi was busy studying in fashion to become a potential stylist.

They regularly talked on the phone to each other when they had the time, talking about how they were doing and of course the new umibozu album out, screeching on either side of the line in sync with each other like they usually do when umibozu is ever dragged into anything. He asked her to come to the next umibozu concert with him and of course she cheerfully accepted.

He hopped into bed and pulled the covers over himself, adjusting his pillows, smoothing out every little crinkled dent in them. He lay down and closed his eyes. It had been a while since he saw that brightly coloured orange hair and idiotic smile of hers that strangely enough tugged on his heartstrings. He wanted to see her now! He couldn't help but imagine her in his arms, her eyes locked onto his, those chocolate coloured orbs that sparkled with warmth and love in the light. Those lips that only spoke his name, so smooth and soft gently pressed against his.

With these thoughts he gently drifted into a deep sleep and dreamed about the girl he missed more then he was willing to admit.