Aura origin

Hey this is a test of my own stories I have many others so I hope you enjoy this one seen as it is my first: 3 enjoy!

Chapter 1: a friend made of flames

Akira's dream: where am I this is strange there is darkness all around me, and I'm all alone. A beam of light shine on the small character that looked around 13 to 14 and scared by the beam it was a giant beast with black and red feathered wings and his arms were thick blade. The beast swung at the 13 year old boy defenceless, he Coward into his arms but then a giant figure with fire flying all around her body blocked the body and said to the now shocked boy, to grab her flamed figure became a sword and fell to the ground. the boy feared for his life did as the spirit type blade asked and he swung at this winged beast as soon as the blade touched him everything became bright.

Akira awoke with a jolt movement seen as his alarm was going off for ten minutes now, "crap I'm going to be late for school", Akira quickly got changed as fast as he could ran out the door to meet the post man with a package for him he signed it fast took it of him it was in a strange shaped barrel like a sword case as he got half way to the school he noticed a flame on his shoulder he was waking it to try and stop the flame it turned with a face on it and cat like ears and said "can you stop hitting me it hurts". Akira stopped still and looked at it and shouted what the fuck.

That's the end of chapter one thanks for reading I hoped you liked it seen as this is my first time writing my own and getting writers block I shall be writing many more different stories and continue this one.

Akira: what the hell is going on?

Avenger: you will understand later just shush and say your line

Akira: but I don't want too -.-

Avenger: just do it

Akira : fine aura approval