Most cats eat a lot,

(Though some may eat naught),

But my favourite talking cat will

Make them all feel ill!

Sleeping is a hobby, eating is a love,

He symbolizes it like peace is a dove.

His diet is mostly Italian,

Though he could eat a stallion!

Show him a room full of lasagna,

With perhaps a little bologna,

And I shall swear,

He will give you a smile rare!

Towers of pizza,

Rows of lasagna,

Bottles and bottles of tomato sauce

Red and gleaming with gloss.

Buildings of chinese food,

Take it away and you'd be screwed!

Sarcasm, pride and cruelty aside,

If I told you he didn't adore food, I'd have lied.

His stomach is a never ending chasm,

If he didn't eat, he'd have a spasm!

Normal people would like presents on birthdays,

He wants twelve course meals. The craze!

Cat food spewing everywhere,

Inhaling his food as if it were air.

Snorting and grunting as he scarfed

Down food so messily it's like he barfed.

Then the smell of lasagna wafts into the room,

He runs to the kitchen so fast there's a sonic boom!

He is the world's favourite fat cat,

Though he is quite a brat,

He will lighten up your day!

The comics, the shows are always gay.

Here is the name finally revealed,

He is... GARFIELD!