She sat, her eyes close as her head began to swim. Or maybe that was her eyes. Maybe her tears would drown her, and she would welcome them. They would take her to a new world where pain did not exsist, and lies were never born. And Dustfinger would be there. Young, without the scars. Her mother, too, wtih a smile that made her seem much younger too. And Mo, and his face would be without wrinkles. And Brandon too! And maybe even Roxanne, for she too deserved a happy ending.

Clearly Raine and his father were at a lost of what to do. Jack had never had a daughter, never had to deal with the burdens of a female. He walked away, while Raine sat beside her, staring and untouching, as if he were afraid if he made a move to comfort her, she would break.

She thought she had known what broken was, but, fuck it, this was broken. She took a shuddering final breath and straightened, pressing loose hair strands down and wiping her eyes. She was going to be a mother, granted, in nine months, but she had to grow up. She had to take responsbility for this child. She could not bring it into this world with the life she was living. She would make sure that it didn't know the temptation of lies.

"You could.. you know. Kill it." Meggie snorted, and thought of Mo. Loving, gentle Mo, who had known how to deal with a daughter. Who had not taught her these wicked ways, who would not condemn the killing of an innocent child. Would not condemn killing ever. Except in the name of his daughter or wife, or son. Would condemn only the right thing. And to kill this baby, well that was so very wrong.

"No. No. We are going to expose Resa but in the nicest way possible. No games. You want the truth right? Or do you want her to suffer, because I'm not here for games anymore. I'm with child, I have to grow up, a child cannot have a child." Raine's dark eyes narrowed and he looked away, and Meggie's heart began to beat very, very fast.

"I want her to suffer. But I think, the truth will do that. Don't you?" And he was grinning at her. It was a very dark but beautiful smile. As if he was bringing in prey, enchanting them. In fact she could see it now, the prey having no choice but to move closer, to get to that beauty and to shine in it, with it. And then the attacker would stop smiling, and a cool smile would take it's place, and then they would attack. She shuddered.

"I.. I need to go. I need to think about this. Don't do anything yet, please." And she stood. Raine stood with her.

"You're going to go back home."

She looked at him, and suddenly she felt afraid. She had been living with Jack and Raine for some time now, and was sure that she had them figured out. Sure that they were sad creatures who just wanted the truth so much that they were consumed by it. But maybe she had been wrong. Maybe the lies had eaten all of the good. Maybe Jack and Raine were starved not for the truth now, but for vengeance.

"I need to." He grabbed her arm. Hard.

"No! We have it right here, the evidence!" he was pleading, and that broke her heart, and she felt mad at Resa all over again.

"We will expose her, Raine. I promise."

"You will go and get sucked in again. She loves you and her precious Mo so much but she does not care for us! Do you know how much that fucking hurts?" She flinched at his harsh words, flinched from the raw emotion.

"I know it does. Raine, please. I think we need to-"

"We are past thinking Meggie! Please." The first words were shouted, and the last word was whispered pitifully. Broken, he was just as broken as she was.

"Alright Raine. Let us go now. Let us go and tell the truth. Come." She took his hand and lead them inside, grabbing their evidence. Jack sat in the couch, shadows falling over him.

"Father, are you coming?"

"What good is it going to do." The voice was hoarse, and Meggie knew he'd been crying. She walked over and dropped a hand on his shoulder. These men needed a woman. But they couldn't have Resa. Resa was Mo's. That's how the story went. It didn't matter about the past that book was done, and this was her sequal. You couldn't close the sequal and just pretend that there had only been one book. It didn't work like that, though Meggie sometimes wished it would.

"Clarity and freedom." Meggie said quietly, and waited. She could feel her arms tickling with anxiety. What they were about to do, could change everything. She needed the truth almost as much as she did, because she would be free and not the bad person anymore.

"Please father. I cannot do this without you." Jack looked over at his son, the only family he had left. With that reminder of authority and responsbility, Jack stood tall.

"Come. Let's do what we've been waiting to do for years." It was a good line, an exit line, preparing for what was to come next. Three marched onwards to Meggie's house, all experiencing different feelings and emotions about what was to come. Jack hadn't seen Resa for awhile, and he still loved her with all of his damn broken heart. He almost hoped that this would break Mo and Resa's relationship, for although he didn't know Mo, he hated him. Wondered what he had that Jack didn't. Raine wanted his mother to come home and be a damn mother to him, make up for all those missing years. He also wanted to see her in pain, to show her what he had felt. That was cruel and Raine hated it, but that was what anger did to you if you didn't deal with it. Meggie was excited to see her parents, sad about what she was going to do to them and their family, and wondered about how it had withheld all of the other challenges. She was also worried about Dustfinger, her love whom she had not seen since their last encounter. She wondered how he would feel-did he still love her? He must, if he loved her as much as he claimed. If she told him, would he be happy about his unborn baby? As her house came into view, Meggie could feel her heart slamming against her ribcage, and she had to stop to press her hand agaisnt her chest, almost as if to stop her heart from jumping out. Jack put an arm around her, leading her on.

"Come on honey. We're here."

Dustfinger: So you finally came back eh?

Me: Yep you must have missed me.

Dustfinger: Missed knowing what was going to happen...

Me: Me too actually.

Dustfinger: Didn't miss this.

Me: You did actually.

Dustfinger: No. And it makes me depressed knowing that we have to keep chatting till the story is over.

Me: I'm excited and I know you are too!

Dustfinger: I am clearly not.

Me: Are you sure? Do you remember-

Dustfinger: Fine fine. I am excited. You haven't changed, you are still sadistic. This is going to be fun.

Me: I knew you'd warm up to me again.

Dustfinger: Didn't really have a choice..