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It was his own fault he supposed, ending up in his current position.

After the time-turner accident sent him back in time several centuries, with no money to speak speak of, he had turned to piracy to make a living. And he had come to love the sea, to love being a pirate. He made his own name, forsaking his old for a fresh start.

For years, he roamed the seas. And then he attracted her attention.

Calypso, goddess of the sea, had sought him out. And over time, he had fallen hopelessly, madly in love with her.

So when she asked that he ferry the souls of those lost at sea, he had agreed, even with the condition of ten years at sea, for one day on land with her.

And so Calypso cast her magic upon him. She then gave him the Flying Dutchman, the finest ship to ever sail above or below the water. And for ten years, he did his duty, ferrying those lost to their eternal rest.

And when the day came that he could be with Calypso again, she could not be found.

Furious, he had forsaken his duty, without realizing the full impact of Calypso's curse. When his body began to change, he had realized a truth he had long denied.

Life was unfair.

As Harry Potter, his parents were torn from him. He spent the first ten years afterward a virtual slave of his relatives. His years at Hogwarts were riddled with danger. And then, after finally defeating Voldemort, he had been thrown back in time a few weeks later by a careless accident.

As David Jones, he started out a penniless sailor. And when he had finally found love, she had betrayed him and tricked him.

But he refused to go back to his duty. If Calypso intended that this condition would make him return to his duty, she was mistaken. He would take her curse, and make it his own.

And then he helped the Brethren Court bind her in human form.

Satisfied that he had his revenge. He began to build his legend. After carving out his own heart and burying it in the chest, he bred the Krakken himself, and bound it to his will. Then his reign over the sea began.

Without Calypso, he was the reigning monarch of the sea. None could oppose him, though many tried. Many of them ended up crewing his ship after he had defeated theirs.

And then Sparrow came.

He had underestimated the pirate. After all, how could a mere mortal best Davy Jones, the sea himself. And now, it had cost him everything.

His heart in the hands of Beckett had rendered him a slave once more. And not even his uprising had gotten it back.

Instead, Jack Sparrow had held it, threatening him, and he knew that nothing he did could change the outcome. Jack wanted immortality, and would even accept being bound to the Dutchman for it.

And in that moment of realization, he realized that he would not wish his curse upon anyone. And as he looked over at the fallen Will Turner, he made a decision, one that counted on Jack's love of his friends, and the Captain's own twisted sense of honor. Sparrow was a good man, for a pirate, but he would be forever bound by the curse.

If the woman truly loved Turner, the young man wouldn't be. In ten years, Turner had the chance to be free, so long as she remained faithful to him.

And so he stabbed Turner through, shocking everyone.

As expected, Sparrow helped his friend stab Jones own heart.

As he died, the most feared man on the seas couldn't help but smile sadly.

The whisper, "Calypso," would be the last word spoken by Davy Jones, formerly known as Harry Potter.


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While Curse of the Black Pearl is easily my favorite movie of the POTC franchise, my favorite character is Davy Jones. This idea, actually stemmed from another idea I had were Lily was actually Calypso. And suddenly the idea hit me, I've made Harry into these other characters, Why don't I make him Davy. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed.