Chapter 9

Bella jerked awake feeling as if she was being watched. Her son's big brown eyes were an inch from hers as he stared at her.

"Momma! You woked up! Come on! Ewards comin!" Dylan said hopping up and down.

Bella groaned turning her head to look at the time. Six in the morning. Way too early for her to be up on a Sunday.

"Momma, momma, momma, momma," Dylan chanted bouncing on her.

"Alright, alright. I'm getting up Cricket," Bella said holding him in her arms as she got off the bed.

It took Bella almost an hour to get Dylan ready. He was full of energy, talking non-stop about the trip to the zoo yesterday and how he loved Nana's house and Edward and other things she wasn't really paying attention to. After she was done with him Bella quickly got ready as well, considering she was already awake. She dressed in a knee length yellow sundress with a v neck cut. She added a white belt right under her breasts and wore white ballerina slippers. Her hair was loose down her back in soft curls. She packed a bag with clothes for Dylan in case he needed a change.

By the time they were sitting for breakfast it was already past eight. Bella wasn't sure what time Edward planned on heading to her house but he did say bright and early. She contemplated calling him on his cell but chickened out. He had given her his number the day he took Dylan to the circus so she could get in contact with him if she needed to but she still had yet to use it.

Bella and Dylan sat in the living room watching SpongeBob when the doorbell rang. Bella hopped up quickly running to the door before her son could. She really needed to get a lock for the top of her door where Dylan couldn't reach.

Edward stood in the doorway wearing a black sleeveless Forks Police Department T-shirt and army cargo shorts. He hadn't shaved so he was sporting a five o clock shadow that made his jaw look more defined. Bella was so caught up checking him out she didn't realize he was doing the same to her.

"Eward! You hewe!" Dylan yelled and jumped into Edward's arms.

Bella watched his muscles flex as he picked Dylan up and hugged him. "Good morning little man!" He smiled.

Edward cleared his throat making Bella's eyes shoot quickly from her blatant ogling of his arms to his face. She felt her cheeks burn and she bit her lip in embarrassment. Edward gave her a sexy grin and leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning baby. You look beautiful." Edward said.

"Thank you," Bella said softly still feeling the heat from where his soft lips touched her face.

"You guys ready? My mom can't wait to see you." Edward asked.

"Yeah!" Dylan yelled bouncing in Edward's arms.

Edward chuckled and led them to his car. Esme and Carlisle didn't really live very far from Bella maybe ten minutes away but with her son chanting 'Nana, nana, nana, nana,' the entire time it felt like hours. Once they arrived Edward got Dylan out of the car and picked him up in one arm then took Bella's hand in the other. Bella looked up at Edward in surprise but he just winked and began to walk up to his parent's door. Dylan leaned forward and pushed the doorbell about six times and once more when the door was open.

"NANA!" Dylan yelled and jumped out of Edward's arms and into Esme's.

"Oh, good morning precious!" Esme cooed and hugged him tight. "I missed you,"

"Mish you," Dylan said grinning.

Bella felt her heart swell. She could see how much Esme loved Dylan already and her son loved her just as much.

Esme turned to Edward and Bella her eyes zeroing on their clasped hands. She grinned widely. "Good morning son. Good morning Bella, You look beautiful! I'm so happy you guys came,"

Bella smiled, "Well, I couldn't not come. Dylan's got to see his Nana right?"

Esme's eyes watered and she reached over to give Bella a tight hug. Bella hugged her back just as tight though she used one arm conscious of the fact that Edward's large warm hand still held hers.

"Well, let's go out back! " Esme said after she pulled back and discreetly wiped her eyes. "The boys are already setting up the grill and I have a little surprise for my precious here,"

"Nana! I goed ta the zoo and I seen beaws and gowillas and and biwds and and Eward gotted me a biiiiiig gowilla and and…."

Edward heard Dylan telling Esme as she walked on ahead of them. "You know you probably made her the happiest woman in the world right?" Edward said closing the door and watching his mother.

Bella smiled as Dylan babbled to Esme and her oohing and aahing in all the right places as he spoke. "She's wonderful with him,"

When they got the backyard Bella's eyes widened at the gigantic bouncy house set up in the back. It was sort of like a mix between a water slide and jungle gym. She looked over at Esme who was grinning at Dylan's stunned face.

"Surprise!" Esme smiled.

Dylan began to bounce clapping his hands together and quickly getting over his shock. "Momma! Look it!" he yelled.

"Oh my goodness," Bella answered then looked over at Edward who didn't seem surprised. "Did you know your mom was going to do this?" she asked.

Edward shook his head, "No, but I'm not surprised. My mother tends to overdo things sometimes. She means well though."

"SQUIRT!" Emmett yelled coming out of the French doors and heading straight to Dylan. He took him from his mother and gave Dylan a big hug. "I'm, so happy you're here! I was waiting for you to get into the bouncy house forever!"

Dylan was shaking with excitement, "Yeah! Les go!"

Emmett grinned, "We gotta ask your mom first,"

"Momma? Memmett and me wanna go in thewe!" Dylan said pointing at the bouncy house.

Bella glanced at it. The thing really was huge. She bit her lip, "Well…"

"Pwease momma!" Dylan said sticking his little lip out.

"Yeah, Please momma!" Emmett said sticking his bottom lip out too.

Bella couldn't help but giggle at Emmett's silliness. "Alright, but you need a bathing suit Cricket and I didn't bring one,"

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, I sort of picked up a couple things and I bought Dylan some stuff a bathing suit included," Esme said hoping Bella didn't think she was over stepping her boundaries.

Bella shook her head beginning to see what Edward meant about his mother over doing things. "It's alright." Bella answered. She was happy that the Cullen's loved Dylan as much as he did them.

"Come on Squirt! Let's go change into our bathing suits!" Emmett boomed and ran back into the house.

Esme shook her head chuckling, "Let me go after them, before Emmett destroys upstairs looking for his clothes,"

"Hey guys!" Alice called coming out of the house holding a pan of raw hamburgers. While Jasper came out behind her with hotdogs and buns.

Jasper smiled at them, his eyes glancing down at their clasped hands quickly, "Hello Bella, What's up Ed?"

"Hi," Bella and Edward answered.

"Wow! You look great Bella!" Alice said once she'd skipped over to them leaving Jasper at the grill.

Edward leaned in, kissed Bella on the side of the head and squeezed her hand before finally letting go, "I'm gonna go help Jazz,"

Bella blushed as she watched him walk away. Alice's eyebrows were raised so high they almost disappeared into her hair line.

"Sooo, where's Dylan?" Alice asked.

"He's inside with Emmett, they're getting on their bathing suits," Bella answered though her eyes were trained on Edward as he laughed at something Jasper said.

"Hmm, soo you like Edward," Alice said more like a statement than a question.

Bella's eyes shot to hers. "What? I-I don't," she stuttered and shook her head.

Alice smiled, "It's alright if you do. He likes you too."

Bella bit her lip, "He…he does?"

Alice snorted, "Isn't it obvious?"

Bella shook her head and bit her lip as she looked down at her hands. "He can't, I'm, I'm nothing. He can't l-like me,"

Alice looked at Bella sadly. "Bella, you're not nothing. Bella look. Edward's my older brother, I've known him my entire life and I promise you, I've never, never ever seen him act like the way he acts with you. He looks at you like, like I look at my Jazzy. The day I met Jasper, I knew he was it for me. I felt it in my heart. I told him I loved him less than an hour later."

Bella stared at her wringing hands until they became blurry as her eyes welled up with tears. She thought of all the things Josh had ever said to her. How no one would ever love her. How ugly she was. How useless she was. "Alice what if, what if he realizes I'm not anything."


Bella's head shot up when she heard his velvet voice. Edward took one of her hands in his. He reached over to tuck her brown hair behind her ear and caressed her soft cheek.

"Bella, you…you're everything." Edward said fiercely.

Bella vaguely noticed Alice walk over to Jasper though her eyes were still trained on Edward's sparkly ones.

"Bella, I, you and Dylan are so important to me." Edward began. "The day I met you guys was like a shock to my system. When I saw you I don't think I'd ever seen anyone more beautiful. I wanted to know you. I wanted to know Dylan. When you opened up to me that night about what happened to you I felt protective of you. Of Dylan. I knew it was too soon to have the feelings I had but, that didn't stop me from having them,"

Edward hoped Bella could see the truth in his eyes as he spoke.

"I want you. I want Dylan. I want to show you how a real man treats his woman. I want to take you out to dinner. I want to give you anything, I want to give you everything. I want to take Dylan on more trips to the carnival and the park. I want it all. Do you…do you want me too?"

Bella felt the tears stream down her cheeks. She knew he was telling the truth, she could feel it in her heart. "Oh, Edward," Bella began in a whisper. "I want to. I want to, but I'm scared. I'm so scared and I don't want to be anymore," she cried.

Edward leaned in cupping Bella's face in his hands, "Never again. You don't ever have to be scared again. I will always protect you."

"What if, what if one day you realize you don't want to be with me anymore," Bella said holding Edward's wrists tightly.

Edward pressed his forehead against hers and shook his head, "Oh, baby, that'll never happen," He answered and captured her lips with his.

They were as soft as he imagined. She froze at first but with a little coaxing from him she kissed him back. Her soft tongue tentatively tangled with his and Edward groaned into her mouth. A throat clearing finally made them pull apart. Edward gave her lips one last kiss before he stepped back keeping her hand in his.

Carlisle stood near them a large smile on his face as he held a pitcher of lemonade and glasses in his hands.

"Hello son, hello Bella. I see we're all having a good morning," he said chuckling at Bella's red face before walking over towards the table where the plates were set.

"We're ready! We're ready! We're ready!" Emmett said loudly in a SpongeBob voice and running out of the house with Dylan in his arms.

Emmett wore plain black trunks while Dylan wore yellow SpongeBob trunks. They wasted no time climbing up into the bouncy house and sliding down the water slide that ended in a puddle of water. Dylan's laughter could be heard loudly as they played. Esme had come out with a camera and began taking pictures.

"Momma! Eward! Come! Come!" Dylan yelled bouncing up and down.

Bella shook her head, "I can't baby. I don't have a bathing suit!" Bella yelled back from where she was watching them play at the table.

"You can borrow one of mine!" Alice said happily. "I've got tons in my old room."

Bella bit her lip. "Oh, I don't know,"

"Come on baby, It'll be fun," Edward said from the chair next to hers. "I'll go get my bathing suit on too,"

Bella's face flushed at the thought of Edward in his bathing suit.

"COME ON MOMMA!" Dylan yelled as he slid down the slide.

Bella finally nodded. "Alright,"

"Yay! Let's go!" Alice said grabbing Bella's hand and running into the house.

"I left swimming trunks on your bed honey," Esme smiled at her son. "I figured you'd need them eventually.

Edward ran up the stairs and into his room already half way out of his shirt before he even got inside. He was trying to control his excitement of seeing Bella in a bathing suit but he couldn't help wanting to get back outside quickly. When he got out of his clothes he reached for the trunks on his bed and burst into laughter. They were yellow SpongeBob trunks identical to Dylan's. He put them on and ran back down the stairs getting to the yard before the girls came back.

"Nice bathing suit son," Carlisle said chuckling.

"Hey, SpongeBob is cool," Edward answered.

"Eward!" Dylan yelled running towards Edward. Emmett jogged slowly behind him.

Dylan was soaking wet but Edward didn't hesitate to pick him up when Dylan reached him. His brown hair was spiked up all over the place sort of like Edward's hair was all the time. Dylan looked down at Edward's trunks and grinned.

"Spunbob!" he said smiling.

Edward grinned back. "We match!"

The flash went off ad they both turned to look at Esme who was smiling. "You guys look so cute!"

"Hey! How come I didn't get cool SpongeBob trunks?" Emmett complained.

"Because we obviously know who the favorite son is Emmett," Jasper joked.

Before Emmett could respond Bella and Alice came out of the house. Edward's mouth went dry.

Bella wore a yellow bikini with a yellow sparkly sarong tide around her waist. Her soft curves were on display and Edward couldn't help but stare. Bella wrung her hands in front of herself feeling a bit self-conscious. Her face was beet red and she couldn't look at anyone as they reached the table.

"You might want to close your mouth bro," Emmett whispered into Edwards's ear.

Edward did clearing his throat. "You look…wow."

Bella glanced up at him then looked away shyly. "Thanks,"

"Momma! Lellow, Lellow, and Lellow!" he said pointing at her bathing suit then at his and Edwards.

"Very good Cricket," Bella smiled knowing he was just learning his colors.

"Les go pway!" Dylan said kicking his feet so Edward could put him down.

He reached one hand for Bella and the other one for Edward. The flash went off again and Esme smiled innocently when they looked at her.

Bella unknotted her sarong when they reached the bouncy house and dropped it by the entrance. Edward bit back a groan as he watched her luscious behind bend over as she climbed in. Dylan went in after her and Edward shook his head trying to get dirty thoughts out of his head. This was going to be hard….uh, difficult.