Just read this from other fanfics and got this idea

Hanna leaned back on her hospital bed recalling what just happened between her and Emily. She has just Emily of she could kiss her and Emily rejected her, she felt bad she felt Emily playing with her heart. That bitch has everything Hanna can't have now Hanna believed that she can get Alison's image off of Emily's head.

It has been two days since she came back to school, it was just a regular day Mona was chatting with her about her love life which Hanna didn't listen to. The day before was crazy, Hanna messed up her dad's wedding then Emily was found outside a barn saying Ali was here, she traced her lips and then I realize what she meant Ali kissed her. Hanna's blood is boiling she needs to work fast.

That day Hanna just finished taking a shower when she walked into her room she noticed Emily was crying, she quickly went over to her and said: "Emily what happen tell me?" Emily shake her head and said: "No...no..." Hanna loved Emily but this is not the Emily she like to see, she said: "Please Emmy...I tell you everything." Emily looked at her and said: "Maya broke up with me..." Hanna looked at Em and hugged her. Hanna said: "Don't worry I got you I got you."

That day was the day of the plan to lure A out, Hanna get to see a brand new side of Emily. This new Emily was fierce and confidence, Hanna loved this new Emily she was bitchy but she loved the new challenge. Afterschool, they held another sleepover playing truth or dare. The bottle pointed to Emily and Spencer said: "Emily do you still love Ali?" Emily looked at them and said: "Pick dare Spencer." Spencer said: "I dare you to kiss one of us." Emily looked at all three of them, Hanna played with her hands she wanted to kiss Emily her friends wasn't blind Emily was beautiful and everything was good about her. Emily leaned into Hanna and gently kissed her on the lips and said to Spencer: "There you go."

Hanna was still stunned from the kiss as Emily walked in the room, Emily looked at Hanna and said: "Hanna I'm sorry if that offend you Spencer was playing truth or dare and..." Hanna didn't let Emily continue as HAnna pressed her lips into her and passionately kissed her. Emily quickly backed away and went to bed left Hanna stood shocked.

The days after the kiss Emily started avoiding her so Hanna decided to test out if Emily had feelings for her, she grabbed Caleb and kissed him passionately in front of her friends. Emily felt like her heart has been ripped apart and looked at Spencer said: "Spence I have a math test I need to finish see you."