Serafino, the First

The Demon of Limbo, he has an inconsistent nature. Serafino was born from the despair of a noble and virtuous businessman whose life was ruined through no fault of his own. When he lost everything he owned, the man threw himself in front of an oncoming train. He drags his victims into an unusual Lair that seems half-formed, retaining elements of the real world. Serafino's second stage form is massive and wormlike, with three sets of bloodstained fangs, and resembles a hideous corruption of one of Japan's shinkansen bullet trains. Having no eyes, he charges forward blindly and tears apart whatever is in his path.

His Spawn are tiny, maggot-like worms that inch along on latticework train tracks, which appear in front of them and disappear as they pass by. They use these tracks to bind Serafino's victims and feast on their Hearts at their leisure. Interestingly, Serafino prefers not to feed on Hearts directly, unless he is enraged… this may be a small remnant of his humanity.