Desideria, the Second

The Demon of Lust, with a cunning nature. Possibly the oldest of the Nine, and the only one identifying as explicitly female, Desideria was born of the soul of a geisha from the Pontochō district. The most beautiful and sought-after of her okiya, the geisha caused a local scandal when she retired at a young age to marry a commoner she had fallen in love with. Their romance did not last; the exact circumstances of their parting were unknown. It is suggested that the commoner was unfaithful to his new bride, or perhaps that he took gravely ill… all that is known is that he died suddenly mere months later. Distraught, the geisha attempted to return to her okiya, but by then her name and status were sullied and blacklisted by her peers. With nowhere left to turn, the geisha lived out the rest of her youthful days as a whore, and was cursed with a long, lonely, bitter life for many years afterward once her beauty had faded.

Desideria is a shapeshifter, able to take the form and memories of any she touches. She prefers to remain in human disguise rather than take on her second stage, a hideous catlike creature made of eyes and tongues. (It is suggested that she hates this form, and only uses when in dire need.) Due to her age and her vast store of accumulated human memories, she is by far the most intelligent of the Nine, and without doubt the most devious. Desideria takes sadistic delight in tormenting her victims, using their own worst memories against them and taking on their forms to feed once their Heart is drained. For all her skill at torment and trickery, however, her fighting skills are very weak; when in danger, she will retreat and hide away rather than stand her ground.

Her Lair is a vast and intricate cage of mirrors that form a constantly-shifting maze. The reflections in the glass are her Spawn, which possess an unusual property: they can be summoned to reflective surfaces in the real world, which allow Desideria to transport herself and others from place to place. Even a small shard of glass is enough for her to make a jump across kilometers in an instant. Despite this useful ability, she is rarely seen interacting with her Spawn, and mostly prefers to summon and use them to her own ends rather than let them act on their own.