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Chapter 14- True Sorrow

Cynder opened her eyes. She saw a golden wall in front of her. She didn't know where the heck she was, but she did wonder one thing: how the heck was she still alive? Zyla, after all, had bitten her neck and left her for dead. She definitely should have been dead.

A door opened behind her and when a moment passed, she saw a large green dragon in front of her. It was Terrador.

"Hello, Cynder," he greeted. "Are you feeling well?"

Cynder blinked. "Where am I?" she asked.

"You are in the new Temple that was built after the old one was destroyed during your and Spyro's fight with Malefor," Terrador answered. "Spyro has been here once before, when we were deciding how to rescue you."

"You had to mention my rescue, didn't you?" Cynder said. "I really never wanted to remember it. All I really want to know now is, how the heck am I still alive? I remember that Zyla bit my neck and then left me for dead. Did you find me after that?"

"Yes. I went looking for you after you had flown off. While doing so, I heard the sounds of a fight not far from me. I hurried as far as I could to that spot, and when I arrived, I found you lying there on the ground, bleeding and, I guess, slowly dying. I needed to do something, and so I gently picked you up and flew you back this Temple. You've been sleeping for the past three days. We've been doing our best to nurse you back to health, but it would've been easier had you been awake."

Cynder sighed. "You should have just left me there to die. I didn't want to keep living, Terrador. Spyro is dead now, and because of that, there is nothing for me to live for. Do you not realize that?"

Terrador sighed himself. He felt pity for the small black dragoness. She had gone through much pain already and he did not want to cause her anymore pain. But nothing he said was helping Cynder. Every time he opened his mouth, it made her sadness even worse.

What could he do to help her? It seemed there was nothing more he could do. It seemed it was all lost. But he would do all he could.

"Cynder, you must realize that there is always something for you to live for," he told her. "Even if times seem dark and dim, you must try to remember that there will always be others that love you." But as soon as he said that, he regretted he had ever done so. As soon as he'd finished saying it, Cynder burst into tears. Terrador was about to go over to her and comfort her, but then the doors that led into the room opened and Cyril and Volteer entered. They stared at the scene. Terrador stood near Cynder, who was crying. They both knew of Cynder's wounds and had been tending to them ever since Terrador had brought her back to the Temple. They knew of the pain she was in, whether it was physical or emotional, and knew that it would be a while before Cynder finally calmed down.

"Cynder, you knew that one of these days, either you or Spyro would pass away, and we both know that had that happened, either of you would have wanted the other to be happy no matter what, even if they no longer felt they had a reason to live. Do you realize that?"

Cynder looked up at him with her emerald eyes. They shone with tears and sorrow was deep within them.

"What you are saying means nothing to me anymore," she told him. "I have lost the only dragon I have ever loved. He is the first and last dragon I ever loved. Now that he is gone, I have nothing to live for. When you found me dying there on the ground after the battle with Zyla, you should have just left me there. I deserved to die; I'm sure anyone that has lost a loved one agrees. But I know that you never loved anyone, Terrador. So you never knew and never will know how the heck I feel. You don't know what it feels like to lose someone you loved."

"You are right, Cynder," he admitted. "I do not know that feeling, and I probably never will. But I do know one thing-" But just as he was about to say something, Cyril interrupted him.

"Terrador, please stop," he said. "Can you not see that she is in enough pain already? I do not think that she deserves anymore of it."

Terrador stared at Cyril. He did not know whether to stop or to keep going on. Unknown to him, Cynder had already entered her depression. She had given into the belief that without Spyro, she no longer had anything to live for. And no one could tell her otherwise.

Volteer remained silent. He had nothing to say, but he did believe that Cynder was right. Spyro, after all, had been the only dragon she had ever loved. Why did Terrador believe that it would be easy for her to her to just move on from Spyro's death?

Cynder had had enough. She slowly got up, feeling the pain from the wounds Zyla had inflicted upon her. She knew that it was time for her to leave. Terrador would never listen to her.

She saw that two doors were open. They led to a balcony outside. She began moving towards them, but was then stopped by Terrador.

"Where do you think you're going, Cynder?" he asked her.

"I'm leaving," she answered. She gasped for air as one of her wounds painfully throbbed. "You have done nothing but hurt me more. I've been through enough pain, Terrador. Do you really believe I deserve more?"

She gazed into his dark green eyes. He looked back, and then hung his head and sighed.

"Cynder, I-" Suddenly Volteer stopped him.

"Terrador, she does not deserve anymore of this!" he snapped. The stress of the last few weeks were beginning to show in both his appearance and how he talked. His scales had once been a deep golden color, but now they were a pale yellow. He had also once used large words, but now that the stress had caught up to him, he sounded tired and weary and spoke normally. "Just leave her alone!"

Cynder looked back up at Terrador. "Terrador, if you really wish to know how I feel, know that I will never forgive you for causing Spyro's death. I will forever hate you, and you can do nothing about it." Cynder then limped out to the balcony and opened her wings. Though it was painful, she jumped into the air and flew as far as she could from the Temple. Terrador watched as she moved farther and farther away, knowing that he had done nothing but harm her, and now she would always hate him.

Cynder was heading toward the Valley of Avalar. She would return to the home she and Spyro had once shared. During this journey, she vowed that she would avenge Spyro's death. Nobody could stop her, for she knew that she would fulfill this vow. As she entered the Valley and arrived at the cave, she burst into tears and deep sorrow washed over her. While she sobbed, she told herself one thing: She would find Zyla once more and finally kill the malignant pink dragoness.

End of Book I