Fairy, genies and stars

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own no one. Yet

Warning: Some bad language, violence, innuendo

Pairings: Timmy/Chester, AJ/Tootie, Trixie/Veronica, Mom/Dad, Cosmo/Wanda, one sided Dad/Chip, slight one sided Cosmo/Chip, slight Dad/Crocker, slight Cosmo/Jorgen, one sided Tootie/Timmy, one sided Timmy/Trixie, Chad/Tad

Notes: For whatever reason with two other fics I'm still on (One from the King of Fighters and the other from Bomberman) I decided for the first time ever to do a fic on the cartoons section (I usually stick to video games).

Story takes place a few years after Fairly Idol and uses basis from the first three seasons and the pilot. Most of the later eps are... exagerated so they don't count to me at all.

Which of course means no Poof. Hate that dumb baby.


Today was just another day in Dimmsdale where everyone is dim. Kinda sorta.

Mr Crocker handed F to everyone in his class and A to the class pet AJ.

Everyone is pissed off to have Crocker as their teacher this year again after spending last year without him since no one wants to have a constant stream of Fs and his occasional spazzing.

And after school most of the kids has to deal with Vicky who is very manipulative and likes to boss them into doing her work while she gets rich from the fees the kid's parents.

Midway through the year Chester the school's poor kid was stuck having to clean up the rich kid's cafeteria and classroom table after pissing off Trixie when she wanted him move out of the way since her band are gonna sit on the very table. Tad and Chad wanted to punch him til he went black and blue but Trixie decided that he should just clean the tables instead.

Rich kids can have such a horrible punishment... He thought to himself wiping the cafeteria table. Still it was nice that Trixie let him wipe the tables instead of getting Tad or Chad to box him all over.

As he is wiping the table he saw a comic on the floor, picked it up and looked at the cover. Spider-Man... Must be either Tad or Chad's comic. Kinda strange to know one of the rich kids reads comics like this.

He left the comic on the floor just in case the rich kids gets aware that they are reading the comic and continue wiping the table.

It was pretty late by the time he cleaned up all the tables but he decided to visit his best friend Timmy after getting permission from his father.

Vicky opened the door and let him in but she also warned him to not disturb her or she's gonna tell on them that they are horrible and bullied her.

Timmy was in his bedroom watching surprise for Chester, Sailor Moon.

Chester opened his mouth wide in surprise but considering that he noticed that Timmy likes watching Soap Opera two years ago, he decided it might not be so surprising after all.

"O-oh Chester!" Timmy gasped turning off the screen.

"It's okay Timmy" said Chester "I kinda suspected you to like stuff like this."

"Oh okay."

"So how was your afternoon?"

"Mostly fine with just AJ but Tootie keeps insisting to hang out with me."


Chester sigh at the show and stared around Timmy's room. Almost as messy as usual, Crimson Chin comics, Crash Nebula comics, Playstation games, the bowl with the freaky green and pink goldfish. What kinda goldfish comes in green and pink anyway? he thought. And a lava lamp.

That lava lamp looks awfully familiar...

"Say Timmy where did you get the lamp from?"


"I wish I can order things online you are so lucky Timmy..."

"Yeah guess I am."

"So what shall we do now Timmy? Dad said I can stay til 8."

"How about Marvel VS Capcom?"


So the boys spent the time playing Marvel VS Capcom. Chester always appreciated the moment he get to play with Timmy alone. Sure it was fun playing with AJ as well but sometimes it's gets a bit boring to play with Mr Wet AJ and it's just great to hang out with Timmy alone.

But since last year he realize that they might not be able to play with each other forever. They are growing up and they might have to split up, get jobs, marry a girl and have kids.

And boy Chester hates females and fear the time he ever gets married with a girl. It would be pure torture for him.

But it'd be even worse to see Timmy finally get married to Trixie whom he is now really sure that Timmy will eventually suceed in getting. Chester hates women and he hates those stuck up rich kids, Two of them with Timmy will be torture in his mind.

Once there was only half an hour til his curfew he walked back home thinking about Timmy again.

Timmy was his best friend and hopefully Chester himself is Timmy's number one friend as well. He's fearful that they will split up or not be best friends anymore as they get older. Some friends lose their friendship after growing up. He didn't really noticed two years ago and was content day after day.

But alas no one can be ten forever so they do get older and older and Chester is getting aware of this noticing some more stuff. Timmy still has a massive crush on Trixie but he's less vocal about it. Tootie also has a crush on him but has stopped clinging on him and tried to be more friendly to him to earn his trust while AJ isn't as ignorant about the real world as well.

He just want Timmy by his side forever and ever as friends and...

He slapped himself. Oh god what was he thinking? There's something behind his mind beyond friends.

As soon as he head home for dinner he thought about the lava lamp.

Something occourred to him... A hazy flashback he can barely make out about a lava lamp in his house while Timmy was busy somewhere. He doesn't know what happened but shortly after meeting that lamp he spent time with Timmy and he still doesn't really remember what was this flashback. But he hopes that it will come back one by one.

Bucky was a bit concerened for his son and asked him if he's getting tired and needs and early bed time. Might as well, so he headed to bed to try to get some of the thoughts out of his mind.

To be continued