A/N: Hmm… hello… I came up with this new story because my friends told me to stop being a copycat and actually make up some ideas of my own for once, and so, I did. This is actually an improved version on 'Epic Child's Play'. Most of the Character's names are thought up randomly and some of them only appear once or twice in the whole fiction. The plot should be original enough. However, there were just way too many characters and I had to name some of the characters after my idols, or someone I know, or from everything and anything, sorry about that, if I'm using your name. Concepts were formed and scraped during the process of writing this story. Sorry for grammar mistakes and spelling. I hope you enjoy it. The plot will be a bit confusing at first but it'll be clearer later.

Also, I'll try to keep the length of each chapter equal, around three thousand to four thousand words, I think.

Chapter 1: History

Cove Cave Woods, 12th May, 198X

An evergreen forest, spread widely across the landscape, as if a green paradise, a peaceful world, a safe home. It was mid noon, and the sun hung highly above the tall, canopy trees. No one can deny that this forest was a natural beauty; with a peaceful green appearance and a place where all were free to roam.

And everything was free to roam the dark shades, where the canopy trees had blocked out all sunlight, indeed. A scream was more than enough to prove it.

"Jena!" A voice of a voice female called out. The young female was in her mid-twenties, with long, blond hair, and a gold and black harpoon strapped onto her back. She wore a long, black robe with red lines that ran down the robe, and were seemingly forming a symbol of some sort. She also wore a black hoodie that made her look like a lone wanderer. The young female darted towards the scream, in search of the source of it, which, apparently, came from a girl named Jena.

Jena is a girl who was currently in her early-twenties. She had emerald green eyes and her hair was coal black. When her friend found her, parts of Jena's clothing's were torn- a sign of struggling- and that she had her gold and silver bow and arrows ready at her hands. Jena was also breathing heavily, and she seemed confused, lost, even, as her eyes were wide and filled with shock and disbelieve.

"Jena?" The other female said cautiously as she neared her friend. She could tell that Jena was horribly confused, and scared at the moment. Any sudden movement would only frighten her further, "Jena, I heard screaming… are you okay?"

As the troubled female slowly turned her head towards her companion, the other was truly horrified to see the look on Jena's face. The two had been friends since young children; they were almost like sisters, and therefore, they knew almost everything about the other, and right now, the older one of the two can see just how messed up Jena was, for she had never seen the other so broken before.

"Genesis!" Jena screamed as she literally threw herself into Genesis's arms. The older of the two was shocked by Jena's reaction at first, but then pushed her shock aside when she felt the broken female in her arms began to cry. She patted Jena's back softly, in an attempt to comfort the younger female.

"Jena…" Genesis said softly as she felt the other start to still and calm down, "What happened?"

"T-they… took him!" Jena, with her head still buried into the old female's arm said, her voice broken.

"Him?" Genesis questioned, concern filling her voice, "Who's him?"

Jena managed to choke out, "H-him! M-my…!" before she broke down crying again. But it was enough for Genesis to know who Jena was talking about.

Jena had a younger brother that was turning twelve this year, and if there was something Jena cared more about that her own life, it was her brother.

"Alright, alright, hush, it's okay, alright?" Genesis said as she held Jena, "We'll tell the searchers, okay? They'll be able to find him, everything will be okay…"

Jena continued to cry into the older female, but she managed to give a small nod as a reply. It was all that she could do.

- Nine Months Later

"Jena, I'm glad that you could make it,"

"Nethar, not to be rude or anything, but it would be greatly appreciated if you would be so nice to get straight into the reason of why you brought us here," Genesis replied calmly. After nine months of nothing, Jena had received a letter, informing her to meet Nethar , which was one of the leader of the searchers, in the great lobby. Genesis, after getting wind of the meeting, decided to accompany Jena to this meeting. The older female had a feeling that she was needed if things were no to go as they had expected.

"Of course," Nethar said. He was a tall man in his mid-thirties, his eyes where snow white and his long hair was ocean blue. As he walked down the hallway alongside the two females, his leather cape flowed gracefully behind him, and, at the same time, revealing the ruby red sword that was strapped onto his back, giving him an aura of both grace, and power, "right this way," he said as he led the other two into his private quarters, where they can speak freely, without anyone overhearing.

The room itself screamed of medieval decorations. Nethar liked it that way, it was something he liked and admired.

"I understand your worry for your brother, Jena", Nethar said and he took out some archives from an old, dusty shelf, "but you see, it has been nine long months since the search for your lost brother started, and after so long, we still have not find any signs of your brother… nor have we found any suspects that were involved in the kidnap of your brother. We did find two people that matched your description of the kidnappers, but unfortunately, they have been dead for over eighty years, at least, and therefore, could not possibly be the kidnappers."

"Nethar, then is there anything you have found that could prove that my brother was still alive, somehow?" Jena asked, her voice shaking. Nine long months were obviously not enough for her to get over the loss of her brother, as she was doing all she can to hold onto her sanity, and at the same time, not trying to lose hope.

Nethar let out a long sigh before saying, "You see… some of our searchers are starting to get impatient… I hope you understand, but we have been looking for your brother for nine long months now, and without proof that he's still alive… the majority of the searchers have decided that the search had to be canceled… I'm sorry."

There was only so much Jena could take. She cried, unable to hold in her tears anymore, while her friend did her best to comfort her, but there was nothing they could do now, not after nine long months. All they could do now was to accept that Jena's brother was now dead.

?, 12th May, 198X

"So, do you think it was right of us to have taken a child from his family?" A voice asked, it belonged to an orange-brown haired male in his mid-teens. Beside him, is another taller, older male, in his hands, an unconscious brown haired child in his arms.

"Stop asking questions like that," The elder male snapped, "Especially to Father, he wouldn't approve of it, all we should do is to follow his orders, "

But there was doubt in his voice, and it did not go unnoticed by his companion…

Green Wood Orphanage, 24th December, 199X

A soft glowing light emitted from the dimly glowing moon that hung high in the dark sky. The soft light shun down onto the small village below. On the outskirts of the village is a wooden house. The house was actually an orphanage- It was built in those times when the kingdom was at war, but after fifty years of recovering, there was no need for anyone to visit this orphanage, as there was almost no one in that wooden house.


Moving swiftly through the woods, a figure slowed down to a jog as it neared the wooden house, and stopped completely as the orphanage was in full view. The black shadow's blood red eyes observed the wooden house for a while, before it neared it, its movement quick, yet calculating at the same time, and, as if it was a well-rehearsed drama, it slid a thin blade into the small opening of a closed window, and, carefully, forced the locked window open with a small click.

The figure then opened the window, and, with great skill, threw itself onto the inside of the wooden house, a soft thud emitting as it landed on the wooden flooring.

The shadow straightened itself from its landing position, its glowing red eyes scanning across the room. The room was quite dark, but the light from the moon was enough to let it see the two beds that were parallel to the window it just came in from.

As the figure cautiously neared the bunker beds, it could see the very thing that he had come for. A green haired girl, barely five, was sleeping peacefully, without a care in the world, unaware of the figure with the glowing red eyes, and totally vulnerable.

Yet, fortunately enough, the figure's goal was not to murder the young child, as it lowered its blade slowly.

During the young child's slumber, it was obvious that the child had kicked the sheets off, as they were on the ground right now. The green haired girl was sleeping on her side. And on closer inspection, the black figure can see that the girl was sleeping with a wooden doll hugged close to her.

The doll itself was interesting enough. At first glance, the shadow can see that the doll was carved out of a chunk of wood. But, on closer inspection, the wooden doll made itself clear that it was craved into a human like figure, and an emerald green leave attached onto the head of the human like doll. A smile was also carved onto the face of the wooden doll.

The black figure reached its hand out, yet it hesitated, hands stopping in mid-air, still and motionless, as if unsure of what to do. As the figure looked down onto the green haired child, he noticed a white envelope sticking out of the child's pillow. Curious, the black figure carefully slipped a hand under the child's head and pulled out the envelope. The shadowed figure then opened up the envelope, and took out the piece of paper to read what the paper said.

However, as the door suddenly slammed open, a young female around her late thirties standing in the doorway, the figure looked up sharply, quickly inspecting the other occupation in the room, and, quickly came to a conclusion that this female had come to check up on the children, and was unfortunate enough to have come face to face with the shadowed figure.

Quick reflexes took over, and, just as the other opened her mouth to scream, the shadow had already took out its gun, and shot her twice, once in her chest, and once in her abdomen.

The two loud bangs of the gun was enough to wake up every occupation of the once quite wooden house, and, without another thought, the figure took the child's letter, and her wooden door, and quickly fled through the window, just as the small child realized what had been taken from her.

Soon, people arrived, but none of them saw the black figure leap out of the window; none of them saw the shadow that quickly fled into the forest; only the young child, crying her eyes out, did.

-Sun Set Village, 27th February, 200X

The blond haired child was extremely confused. One moment, he was out in the fields of the village, hunting for slimes, and the next thing he knew, there were fires caused by loud explosions, and, suddenly, he had been running for his life in a cloud of fear and confusion, and just now, he realized that he was being held by an unknown force that was taking him to who-knows-where.

That was the most terrifying two minutes of his life, and it wasn't any better now, this ride was all but pleasant to the young child.

It was dark, and all he could hear was the occasional flap of a pair of wings, and the snap of branches here and there. He reached up to grab at the force that was currently holding him up, in fear of it letting go, and result in him falling to his death, only to realize that the 'force' that held him up was rough and scaly. He looked up, but only managing to make out a pair of dark shaded wings that were beating with an aura of grace and power, which, both amazed and frightened him.

The wind continued to blow into his face, and he soon noticed that the air around him had suddenly become colder, the chilly winds, along with a few drops of liquid, which, he assumed was water, pierced his skin.

He felt himself continued to be lifted above the ground for another long while, hearing the sounds of water, the sounds of waves, forming and disappearing just as quickly it had appeared. Was he above an ocean? The child started to panic and tried to kick himself free from his captor, but his efforts were useless, as his captor showed no signs of freeing him anytime soon.

Flap, flap.

The child stopped in his mid-struggle and blinked, concentrating hard. There were the sounds of the beatings wings again, but he was sure that there were two pairs of wings, both belong to something, and both were flying in the dark, cloudy sky. The child looked around, searching for the second pair of wings, but it was too dark for him to make out anything, and the clouds were too thick, they were blocking his view.

Flap, flap, flap.

He blinked again. Once again, the sounds of the beating wings reached his ears, but how many pairs of wings were there? Three? Four? Maybe even more? But no matter how much he concentrated, trying to find what was making these flapping sounds, all he could see was nothing but darkness. His heart pounded, and he started breathing heavily, the fact that there were something around him, making these sounds, and that he couldn't see where they were, really frightened him. Were these beings invisible?

His question was answer as his captors flew into the beams of moonlight. Finally revealing what they truly were.

Large Dragons, at least fifteen of them, are all flying under the moon-lit sky. Their huge dark blue and purple feathered wings beating gracefully and all are flying in the exact same direction. Their large, red eyes all gazed forward, all looking towards the place that they are going to.

It took the child a long while to snap out of his mental shock, and, as he looked around, he noticed that they were indeed above an ocean, its waves crashing angrily against each other, but he could no longer hear them, as the sounds of the beating wings of his captors were all he could hear at the moment. It was then when he realized that he was far away from home, too far away- He'd never seen an ocean before, he had seen rivers, and on rare occasions, lakes, but never, had he ever saw an ocean. It was somehow satisfying to him that he could finally see what the ocean was like, but that only reminded him how far away from his home he really was.

The child diverted his gaze from the ocean, and set his eyes on the nearest dragon, besides the one that was currently carrying him, that was a good distance away from him, and noticed that these dragons only have two legs, their front legs, and a really long tail. As his captor passed by another few dragons, he could also see that these other dragons all have a child in their clawed hands as well. Where are they taking them to?

He turned his head when he heard a loud flap to his right. It was another one of these giant beings. In his hands, a human child- maybe six, maybe seven- with long, dark-red hair that flowed with the wind. He assumed that this other child was a girl from that, and she wasn't having a better time than he was right now. She was shaking, and her eyes were shut tight.

The blond child was more confused than scared at the moment; maybe this girl knows where these dragons are taking them to?

"Hey," he finally called out to the girl, his voice was weak and shaking, but it did not go unheard by the other child, as she lifted her head, ever so slightly, and her eyes peeked open, revealing the two coal black orbs hidden behind her eye lids as she looked towards the blond.

"I'm Matt," the blond haired child said when he was sure that he had gotten the dark haired girl's attention.

The other child took several deep breathes before weakly replying, "I'm Cat,"

The two children were silent for another while, as their captors continued to fly towards their destination. Even though Matt had never been so frightened in his whole life, he could tell that the girl beside him was more terrified than he is.

"Do you know where they are taking us?" He said after a long, uncomfortable silence.

The dark haired girl looked around for a while, making sure that none of the dragons were paying any attention to them, before turning back to the blond, and said, "I t-think they are taking us to their nest,"

"Nest?" Matt asked, temporary forgetting his current situation, "What nest?"

Cat took another deep breath before continuing, "My father told me about dragons. Dragons with only two legs. He said they were b-bad dragons, and he told me to run if I see one," she paused in her mid-sentence, looking around to make sure that no attention was brought to them, "I tried to run, but now they are t-taking us to their nest, my father told me that's where they live,"

So 'The Nest' is where all these dragons lived? "Why are they taking us there?"

"I don't know. My father doesn't know. N-no one knows," Cat said, she was beginning to panic. Matt didn't blame her, he was scared for life right now, and what would these dragons do to them when they have reached their home? Maybe they'll be dropped off a cliff, or eaten, or thrown in lava. He tried not to think about it, but it felt impossible for him to stay calm. Who could, anyways? Being carried off by a large dragon and not knowing what it'll do to you… It was too much for a mere seven-year-old to handle.

Suddenly, he felt himself being jerked upwards; the angry screech of the dragons can be heard, along with the sounds of cross bows being fired. Unknowingly, they have already been brought to land, and, as the enraged dragons started breathing fire towards the dark woods below, the night sky lit up with a red and white light. The child closed his eyes in order not to be blinded by the sudden brightness brought by the flames, so he was unaware of what had happened, all he knew was him being dropped, him screaming, and being caught by something.

"Don't worry, you're safe now," was what he heard when he finally did opened his eyes, realized that what caught him was a person in some silver armor. And, with that, the child's mind could take no more of the current events, as he slipped away into darkness.

-Red Ore Kingdom 27th February, 200X

A pair of round, sapphire blue eyes was staring out of a large window, observing the bright red lights that lit up the sky. Blinking, the blue-eyed child called for her Father, "Daddy?"

"What is it, dear?" said child's father replied, standing over his daughter. He was an old man, with streaks of white hair running down his black hair, as if creating a contrast.

"What's that?" the child said, pointing towards the flashing lights in the distance.

As her Father looked away from her large eyes, and towards the red lights that are starting to glow dimmer, he let out a long, sad sigh. Of course he knew what those lights on the opposite shore of the ocean meant. Those fires were caused by Youth Stealers- a new race of dragons that recently appeared, they never showed themselves, but that didn't stop them from kidnaping young children between ages of five to ten, and, most of all, no one knows where these furious beings took their children, all they knew was that their children, if taken by these beings, never returned. These Youth Stealers were the reason why he was always worried, and why he wouldn't let his daughter leave the mansion, no matter how much she pleaded. But of course, he wouldn't tell the truth to his daughter.

"Daddy?" the child asked once again, looking up at her Father, her eyes pure and filled with innocence.

Her Father just smiled, before saying, "It's… nothing… Just go to bed, it's already past your bed time,"