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"You boys enjoy yourself here." The older woman behind the counter says as John pays for his order of coffee. "We will. I mean we're not - We're just friends." "Oh. Of course."

she responds with a smile that tells him she doesn't believe a word of his protest.

They're on a case for Mycroft in small town outside of London; investigating attacks on government employees who vacation there. They're staying at an inn up the road from the cafe where the employees and their families usually stay. Apparently the inn is linked to the attacks; according to Sherlock anyway. Something about fibers from a maid's uniform.

Her husband who is manning the other end of the counter recommends "You should stop by Lana's for dinner. Just up the road. Elegant little place; great for some quiet time together." John's mouth twitches in irritation as he says "Thanks. But really we're not -"

"John let's go." comes an irritated huff from beside him. Sherlock takes his cup and quickly sweeps out of the cafe leaving a bemused John in his wake. He quickly catches up with him though muttering that it was a bit rude for Sherlock to just sweep away like that. "We had our coffee they had their money. What's the point in hanging about?"

John doesn't bother with an answer; just sips his coffee.

"I do wish you would stop that." Sherlock grumbles. John lowers his cup in confusion. "Stop drinking?" he questions. Sherlock throws him a sidelong look that tells him he is being ridiculous. "Stop what then?" he questions. Sherlock lets out an irritated huff and snaps "Telling everyone who so much as smiles at us that we're not a couple!"

"But we're not." John quickly protests; growing more confused and frustrated by the second. Sherlock gives him an odd sort of sideways glance before quickening his pace; leaving John struggling to catch up. "Sherlock? What is this about? Sherlock!"

He shouts as the detective continues to hurry ahead of him. "Damn it Sherlock! Stop!"

he says finally reaching him and grabbing his arm yanking Sherlock around to face him. "What's this about Sherlock? Why don't you want me to tell people we're not a couple?" Sherlock doesn't meet his eyes when he says "It's irritating hearing you repeat yourself so often. Especially when it falls on deaf ears." Then yanks his arm from John's grip and hurries on again. But John isn't letting him get away that easy. "Sherlock would you stop running away!" he growls in frustration. That got the detective's attention. "Running away?" he demands incredulously rounding on John. "Yes running away." he insists; firmly holding Sherlock's icy glare. "I'm not running away. I'm moving with a purpose as you should be; we do have a case on our hands." he snaps before turning to move again but John's already anticipated this and grabs him arm; holding tight.

"Sherlock stop. Listen." he says pitching his voice low and firm. "You're not being completely honest here and while that's not uncommon for you I want to know what going on since it involves me as well. Now is this part of the case or something?"

Sherlock looks rather exasperated "For the case? What could this possibly have to do

with the case?" "I don't know. Under cover or something." Sherlock quirks his eyebrow

and gives John a look of condescending amusement. "You watch too much TV John.

Under cover? Really?" he says; coloring his tone with a derisory laugh.

Then he tries to turn again but John doesn't release him; unaffected by Sherlock's attempt at insult. "Why should I stop denying that we're a couple?" he insists; adopting a

"Captain" stance and tone that brokers no argument. "Because we are!" Sherlock snarls; yanking his arm from Johns grip so he can gesture wildly as he explains.

Well that's the last thing John expected to hear from Sherlock's mouth.

He recovers quickly from his shock though; demanding explanations.

"What? We're the hell did you get that idea Sherlock!" "For god's sake John!" Sherlock groans in an overly dramatic tone "We just need to admit it to ourselves. Look at us. Look at the way we work. Look at the way we live" he supplies gesturing between them. "A lot of people live and work together Sherlock." John argues.

Sherlock gives him a look akin to the one he uses when they're on a case and John is being particularly slow in understanding something. "Our entire lives are wrapped around each other. You're the only one who can make me eat, sleep, laugh. The only one who I allow to work with me, to solve cases with me. The only one who's presence I not only tolerate but enjoy. I'm the only one who could restore you after the war. The one who healed your limp and tremors. Who stopped your nightmares. We fight for each other. We protect each other."

John opens his mouth to protest again but Sherlock cuts him off; continuing with his tirade.

"Everyone sees it John! I know you may not like it; I'm not too thrilled about the whole thing myself. The last thing I need or want for that matter is to get involved in a romantic relationship. I've always focused solely on the Work and now I'm distracted from it. But it's not something we can protest against and this is getting tedious. We need to stop lying to everyone, lying to ourselves and accept that fact that we are a couple!"

With that Sherlock whirls angrily away hurrying up the road and disappearing around a corner. John's eloquent response to all of this is to stand there opening and closing his mouth; staring at the corner Sherlock disappeared around moments ago looking for all the world like a very confused fish. His mind has evidently decided it would be better served elsewhere because he can't seem to form a coherent thought. He's not even breathing; just standing there feeling like he's in a surreal sort of dream-state. It takes him a moment to collect himself but he manages to as all his thoughts come rushing back into his mind swirling furiously. Belatedly he thinks to chase after Sherlock and dashes around the corner only to find that he has completely disappeared. After scanning the streets once more he decides it's probably for the best anyway because he has a lot to think over now. Without noticing or caring where he's headed he turns in the opposite direction and begins to walk; replaying Sherlock's tirade over and over in his mind.

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