Another three months have passed and Danny had to move in with Vlad now that he was really showing, and the hormones in full swing and he is unable to control going ghost so college is no longer ago ahead "V…Vlad?"

"Yes love?" Danny moved into his offices his hands resting on the bump

"Do you really love me?"

"What makes you say that?"

"Well you might only want me because I am the only other Halfa out there and ummm I might look like my mum a bite?" Danny said his eyes shinny with tears, Vlad sighed and smiled

"Come here my little Halfa." Danny walked over to Vlad who had his arms open out to him and he pulled his lover into his arms and onto his lap and hugged him kissing his lips "I love you n one else would be perfect unless they are you, I want you and yes it might have something to with you being the only other halfa out there but that doesn't mean I mean it any less." He said wiping away Danny's tears and kissed him on the lips once again

"You mean it?"

"Of course, now how about you let me show you umm." He said as he started sucking on Danny's neck making him moan

"AH god Vlad yes." He moan rolling his head back as he felt Vlad's hand move down to his crotch and start rubbing him "Ummm."

"What does my angel want." The silver hair man hummed in to his neck

"Y…You ahhh oh god yeah." Danny cried our as Vlad squeezed him a bit

"You want what?"

"Y…you in me."

"Yeah in you how?"

"Vlad just fuck me." Danny growl, Vlad laughed and scooped dark hair teen in his arms and took him up stairs.

Hours later Danny was sat in the large living room close to the fire black reading a book and making note, when he felt the babies kick "Awo come on guys not my bladder." And they stopped "Good." He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment when he felt someone wake him up

"Danny love you been a sleep it's time for tea."

"What no I only just closed my eyes?"

"It's okay come on lets eat and then we was watch some tv or sleep."

"These kids are going to kill me." Danny sighed rubbing his eyes looking all cute and a puppy.

It was now time for Danny's due date and he couldn't wait to get the back flipping kidney and liver punching, kicking babies, they laid together a sleep in Vlad sleeping behind Danny holding him close, Danny woke up with a twinge in his stomach, he's been having them all day but seemed to dull down a bit but then he felt something wet between his legs "Fuck Vlad…Vlad…VLAD!" He screaming as another pain hit him, the silver hair man jumped up and looked at Danny "My waters just broke so when you done having a blissful nights sleep get me a fucking DOCTOR!"

Hours later Danny was screaming blue murder at Vlad "THIS IS YOUR FAULT YOU FUCKING BASTED WANTED TO HAVE CHILDREN NEVER AGAIN ONCE THEY ARE OUT OF ME I WILL RIP YOU IN TWO." The older Halfer feeling his bones snap holding back his tears

"Danny my love your doing great just a few more pushes my angel and our boy will be here." And had tears down his face as he bore down and the sound of the screaming baby filled the room "Okay my angel please keep going and our other sun will come down."

"I HATE YOU NEVER AGAIN." He cried as he did it again and pushed out son number two, now the sounds of cries can be hurt from all around the house as Danny laid on the bed sweaty and sore and he had the small smile that he could have broken Vlad's hand "I…I want to see my babies." Danny said is voice sounding horse, Vlad smiled and took the two boys away from the doctors and placed them in Danny's arm "They are gorgeous." He said Danny looked down at them both boys had black hair and blue eyes

"Just like their mother." Vlad smiled kissing Danny's head "What are you going to call them."

"Ummm Andi and Jimmie." He said as he eyes lids dropped, taking the boys of him Vlad looked up at the doctor

"He is just tried just let him rest."

When he did wake up he ached he whimpered as he tried to see Vlad and his babies, fear washed over him what if he took them he got what he need from Danny and he took "VLAD!" …no no he couldn't have left me "VLAD VLAD!" the bed room door open and in walked his lover

"Danny are you okay?"

"I…I thought you left me." He whimpered his turquoise

"Hey you were a sleep and the boys were fussing and I wanted you to sleep rest up." He said running his hand though his hair, running his hand though his hair "I'm sorry for scaring you love." Danny sighed and rests his head on Vlad's shoulder

"I'm sorry, I was just a lone a…and I scared."

"Shhh it's okay now come on come and see out angels."