My child, I sing this as you sleep:
The secret you must always keep,
Your name, the reflection of your soul
Once known will always do you ill.

When a Time Lord's name is revealed,
Time itself will become unsealed.
The three suns will burn no more,
Gallifrey will fall into war.

Worlds will crumble into dust,
Your home will burn, and it must.
For the price the lone survivor pays
Is our time locked up for all days.

The healer can't renew the ember;
War will call him to remember.
Friends, enemies, enemies, friends,
After which the Time War ends.

AN: I wrote this rhyme for one specific fic idea, although as it kind of feeds into all my ideas now I'm posting it alone as well. It may be a while before the fics themselves appear, put me on profile alert if you want to be notified. I have a drabble being posted soon, it's just being beta'd now. Thanks for reading.