This is my first ever fan fiction. This chapter is just the beginning and kind of introducing how they become friends.

Allys POV:

I hate working in my dad's shop. I don't understand why he even has it when he's never here and makes me work for him. How many business trips does a music store owner need to go on? Isn't stock usually shipped to the store?

I was dusting off a guitar when the little bell rang above the door. A boy walks into the store and starts looking around. I can't help but stare. He's extremely cute and has messy blonde hair and nice eyes.

I walk to the counter where the register is an attempt to act normal to make sure he doesn't notice I'm staring. He notices me, smiles and then walks over.

"Hey, I'm Austin Moon. I just moved here a couple weeks ago."

It took me a minute to answer because I was mesmerized by his smile.

"Um hi." I'm Ally Dawson. Welcome to Miami." I said shyly.

"Thanks. This is a really nice store you got here." He said, walking towards the back where the pianos are.

"Thanks, my dad owns it but he makes me work here all the time. I think I work more than he does." Why am I complaining to a boy I just met?

"Yeah parents are crazy like that." He said while brushing his fingers across the piano.

"Do you play?" I asked, walking up to him.

"Somewhat. What about you?" He smiles at me.

"Uh. Yeah I do." Such. An. Amazing. Smile.

"Cool. You should play for me sometime. But I got to go. See ya later Ally." He winks at me and walks out the door. I just stand there. See ya later? Does that mean he's coming back? I hope.

It's 6pm and I'm closing up the shop when my dad comes in. I didn't expect him to be home from his business trip this early.

"Hey dad, your home early." I said while counting the money in the register.

"Yeah I thought it would be longer then it was I guess." He said nervously. "Can you work my shift tomorrow? I have to leave again."

"But dad, it's my day off!" I said. Why would he have to leave again?

"I know, I'm sorry but it's a last minute thing and I can't get anyone else to cover for me"

"Fine." I said. Unbelievable, making me work for him again. Good thing I didn't have anything planned. Not that I do much, I rather sit at my piano and work on music.

Austin's POV:

While eating breakfast, I sit there and stare at my mother, who's distracted by her laptop.

"Mom, I'm going to go to the mall, check out some more stores."

No answer.

"Mom?" She focuses more on her work than me.

"Oh. Sorry Austin. What?" She says, while still looking at the monitor.

"I'm leaving. Not that you care." I said while walking out the door.

I walk into the entrance on the far side of the mall. Should I go to that music store again? Sonic Boom is the name. That girl Ally seemed nice, and she's very pretty. I hope she didn't notice me staring at her. Would it be weird to go back so soon?

I walk in anyway, ignoring that I was just in here yesterday. She's leaning against the counter, writing something in what looks like a notebook.

"Hey." I say to her.

She looks up from her book and loses balance and almost fell over but she caught herself just in time.

I laughed and she looked at me, very embarrassed.

"Hi, sorry you had to see that." She says, laughing too.

"It's okay. You seemed really into that book of yours." I said, eyeing it.

"Oh. It's my diary. Well more like my song and random thoughts book."

"You write songs?" I ask.

"Kind of." She says, starting to turn red. She seems very shy.

"That's awesome, because I love to sing but I'm not very good at writing songs." I admit.

Allys POV:

He sings? We seem to have a lot in common. I wonder what else he does, and if he would ever sing for me.

I got so lost in my thoughts that I realized I haven't said anything back to him. That I've just been standing there staring at him.

Austin's POV:

What's her problem? She's just standing there. Staring at me, making odd faces. I waited a few more seconds before saying.

"Uh, Ally?"

She snaps out of it and looks at me and turns even redder.

"Oh I'm sorry Austin. I guess I just spaced out a little." She couldn't seem to look at me now.

"A little?" I laughed. "I thought you'd never come back to reality."

She was still staring at the floor. I have to admit, she's pretty adorable when she's embarrassed.

"Anyway, that's awesome that you sing. I'd love to hear you sometime." She says.

"Oh, I've never really sang in front of anyone." I admit. Now being the one who's staring at the floor.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Well my mom's too busy with work to be interested in me. My dad still lives back home in California and he told me I had no chance of becoming a singer."

"That's awful." She looks at me for a few minutes, waiting for me to say something. But I kept quiet.

"I have an idea; I have a practice room upstairs with a piano. I can close up the shop for lunch and I'll play you one of my songs, if." She stops.

"If what?" I reply.

She smiles. "Well, if you'll sing the song for me."

I smile back. Someone actually wants me to sing for them. "Okay fine."

I follow her upstairs into the room she was talking about. It was really nice. Comfy chairs, a mini fridge, a couch, and a big grand piano. She sits down and I hesitate but I sit down next to her, keeping some room between us.

She opens up her notebook and sets it down on the piano. She starts playing this beautiful melody and points to the words written down. I study them for a while. But I get scared. What if she thinks I'm a terrible singer? Why do I care? She's just some girl I just met.

She looks at me and continues to play, waiting for me to start singing.

Just do it Austin, don't be a wimp.

Finally, I started to sing. We actually sounded really good together. She gets really into playing the piano, and she's wicked good. She seems to go into her own world when she plays, I like that. We finish the song and she looks at me.

Here it comes. I'm waiting for an 'Austin you're a terrible singer' but she says.

"You're amazing."

I just look at her.

"I mean an amazing singer." She says, with a nervous laugh.

"You're an amazing pianist." I smiled at her.

I asked her to play more songs and she did. She kept playing until she looked at the clock and stopped.

"How long have we been up here?" She asks.

I look at the clock too, and it's four in the afternoon.

"Wow. A long time I guess." I say. About four hours to be exact.

"It did not feel like that long at all. I think my lunch break is over." She says as she gets up and heads toward the door. I follow her. She unlocks the door and puts the open sign back.

"Ally." I say.

"Yes Austin?" She stands there awkwardly.

"We should do this more often." I say.

"I agree." She says, with a huge smile.