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"Kesese~ my diaries are truly the most awesome books in the world! They have everything in them needed to inform me on how to humiliate all the people who piss me off!"

Prussia grinned to himself, letting his trademark cackle echo throughout his secret diary-library hideaway. He was once again roaming the halls, which on both it's sides, were hundreds of shelves stocked with thousands of hand-written books, or in this case, diaries.

"Yes, no one is better than I am when it comes to spending all my time writing on how awesome I am! Still..." Prussia's enthusiasm sagged slightly at the last word. He wasn't feeling as awesome as he wanted to when reading his diaries lately. Something was going on, but whatever it was, Prussia didn't know what it was.

He picked up the diary he had before and continued reading about how he defended Hungary's house from those lame-ass soldiers. But this time, the satisfaction he always felt when reliving the awesomeness of saving said Hungarian's territory wasn't there. Prussia felt as if, dare he think it (or I type it)

It's like I've read these diaries so many times, that it's become boring.

"Am I tired of reading my own diaries?" Prussia asked himself. At that, he bolted up from the floor which he had been sitting on for the past ten minutes.

"How can that be? They're most awesome diaries in the world! Well, I have been reading them for the past few decades over and over again..." Prussia scratched his head sheepishly at the realization.

Picking up the books, Prussia set them back into their original places. (All of his diaries were in alphabetical order-not that he would ever tell anyone) He began to walk down the hideaway, looking at the all the diaries he had filled with his "awesome penmanship".

"Man, what now? These diaries are the best books I've ever read, (obviously because everything I write it awesome!) and now they're getting to be boring? Man, I don't wanna start writing up diaries again! Even if I wanted to, nothing exciting ever happens nowadays!" Prussia whined, holding his hands behind his head.

As he continued to roam the hideaway, Prussia thought of something that made him stop walking for a moment. I have to have more diaries lying around that I haven't read yet! I mean, I've been writing these diaries for CENTURIES, even the Awesome Me might have missed a diary or two!

Spurned by the thought and determination not to be bored, Prussia began to browse through the diaries, looking to see if he could find any diary he hadn't read, even looking between the pages for some secret entry.

Many hours later...

A pile of diaries nearly reaching the ceiling were stacked not so neatly behind Prussia, who had a cloud of gloom hovering over him. "It's no good. I've checked everywhere I could and there's nothing I haven't read. My poor awesome diaries..."

Prussia groaned in despair, curling up into slight ball. "Well, there's nothing left to do, but put all of the diaries away," Prussia pushed himself back onto his feet and started to pick up the diaries when-

"Hmm? Was'zat?" As Prussia had picked up the diaries, he noticed a loose tile on the floor beneath them. "How in the holy hell didn't I notice that before? Maybe the diaries knocked it loose or something," Prussia muttered, bending over to examine the tile.

Upon inspection, the tile was covering a small hollow in the floor, with a bit of wood that looked suspiciously like a box. "Huh? Wait, is that-?" Prussia quickly set the tile aside, pulled up the box and opened it.

"Yes! So I did write other awesome diaries!" Prussia cheered, his voice bouncing off the walls. For in the box, were a beat-up looking diary, with Prussia's handwriting clearly labeling them as his' "The Awesome Me's diary: FORBIDDEN".

Prussia blinked. "Huh? Why did I write that this was forbidden? Anything that I write is awesome, so it shouldn't be forbidden! Unless it was so awesome that you would die from reading it?" Prussia wondered.

"Sweet! If it IS that awesome, then I wouldn't mind dying just to read it!" Prussia grinned as he plopped on the ground and opened up the diary.

Month X, day XX, year XXX

"Dear Diary, I AM AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF! Something happened today, but I don't know whether it was awesome or not..."

"Kesese! Geez Little Master, I already knew I was a way more awesome fighter than you are, but you're sucking even more than usual!" Chibi-Prussia boasted, standing over Chibi-Austria, who was covered in scraps from the fight. The brunette wiped some blood off his lip and hoisted himself onto his feet.

"Prussia, just leave me be, please? I don't want to deal with you right now," Austria said, but instead of facing Prussia, was actually turned to a bush and said the sentence, before turning and trying to walk away, but then bumped head-long into a tree.

" Wha-?" Prussia blinked in confusion but decided not to dwell on it. There were more important things at hand, like the fact that Austria was turning away from him.

"Turning your back on the Awesome Me? Who do you think you are?" Prussia exclaimed before tackling the smaller boy to the ground, pinning him down and boxing his ears. "Owowowow!" Austria cried, trying to pry Prussia's hands off of him.

"Kesese! Man you really must be outta it, Little Master! First you're not holding your sword by it's blade, then you're mistaking a bush for the Awesome Me and then walking head-long into a tree? It's like you're going blind or something! That or your sense of direction is getting even worse than it already is!" Prussia laughed, still keeping a firm hold on the smaller boy.

At that point, the brunette had stopped struggling. "Huh?" Prussia removed his hands from Austria's head to get a better look. The smaller nation's shoulders were shaking slightly and a small sob hitched out as tears began falling out of his violet eyes.

"Huh? What-Why are you-?" Prussia stammered out. He enjoyed teasing Austria, but Prussia teased only to make him angry, not start bawling! "You-you w-w-would cry too if...if...you were really going blind!" Austria stammered out, before the tears started falling faster. Prussia gaped before quickly getting off the other nation. "Wait, you-you're going...blind?"

Austria sat himself up, trying to turn away from Prussia, but ended up staring right at him. "Yes. I...I thought that maybe it was because the last battle with Hungary had gotten dust in my eyes, but lately...I can barely make out anyone's face, I've been getting lost more than ever before and worst of all, I can't even read my music anymore, it looks so blurry!" Austria's voice cracked at the end of his slight rant, tears pooling in his eyes again.

Prussia, for once, was at a loss for words. He figured that Austria would be the most upset about not being able to read his music. But...seeing him so upset, Prussia felt awful, much to his surprise. It's not that I hate him or anything! I just like teasing the guy, is all! And seeing Little Master like this,it's totally un-awesome, and I never thought I'd think that! Mein Gott, what do I do?

"Um-er-I-" Prussia tried to find his voice, to say something that was totally awesome and that would make Austria stop crying, but all that came out was stammering. This wasn't like him at all! He was the Awesome Prussia, the one who practically coined the phrase "Actions speak louder than words"! Wait. That's it!

"Huh?" Austria looked up in time to see Prussia take off his cloak and tie it around the other's eyes. "Prussia, what in Gott's name are you dong?"Austria exclaimed.

Prussia didn't say anything, but lead the other nation down and out of the clearing they were in, guiding him so that he wouldn't trip over any rocks or walk into any trees or bushes. Prussia then lead Austria to a small town, then into a shop and plopped the other down onto a chair.

"Again, what in Gott's name are you doing?" Austria asked, trying to get up, but Prussia pushed him back down onto the chair with his tiny hands. "Stay here. I'll be right back." Prussia said in what he hoped was an authorized tone.

Walking up to some of the lower shelves, Prussia scanned them until he found what he wanted.

"Hey, how much is this?" If the store-keeper was surprised that a little boy wearing the Teutonic Knight's uniform asked how much a pair of over sized glasses cost, he certainly didn't show it. After giving the man the money, Prussia walked back to Austria and took off the cloak from over his eyes.

"Prussia seriously, why did you drag me here?" Austria asked, his patience with the silverlette all but spent. Prussia said nothing but slid the glasses onto the other nation's face, so that they wouldn't fall off.

"There, perfect!" Prussia grinned triumphantly. Austria's eyes widened from behind the glasses.

"Prussia...why did you...?" "Y'know, you look nice with glasses, Little Master! I'd even go far enough to say that you look cute with them!" Prussia exclaimed, before he realized what he just said. At that, the two nations looked each other square in the eyes for a moment, both processing what Prussia just said before both turned away, their faces bright red.

Gott, oh Gott, why did I just say that? Prussia thought, knowing that his face was probably a dark shade of red. "Prussia..." The silverlette snapped out of his thoughts and turned around to see Austria holding his sleeve, face still red and looking hopelessly adorable with those new glasses.

"Why did you say I'm cute?" He asked, slightly cocking his head to the side. "I-er-it just came out that's all! Don't think it means I like you or anything!" Prussia snapped, face still bright red.

"HEY!" An angry voice snapped, surprising the two Germanic nations.

A Chibi Switzerland stood by the door frame, looking out of breath and panting, fixing the silverlette with a glare that would make even the bravest of men want to squeak out "Mother" and hide under the nearest object.

"What do you think you're doing with him?" Switzerland growled at Prussia, stomping up him in a way that would look very threatening if he wasn't a child.

"Well, I was just being awesome as usual and got the Little Master here some glasses so he wouldn't bump into everything that gets in his way," Prussia replied, trying to look haughty, but seeing is how his face still had a slight blush, the haughty look failed epicley.

"Oh. Well...Come on Austria!" Switzerland then grabbed the brunette's hand and started to drag him out. "Hold on a moment please!" Austria planted his feet on the ground firmly to stop Switzerland from dragging him further. He walked up to Prussia and said, "Thank you for getting me these glasses. That was very kind of you," He said, a smile spreading across his face.

Prussia felt his face heat up again. "Well duh! I'm awesome, so it's natural I'm awesome at being kind too! Kesesesese!" Prussia added his trademark cackle at the end, hoping it would make the other ignore his blushing face.

"Yeah fine great, let's go now!" Switzerland snapped, taking hold of Austria's hand and started to walk him out when Prussia felt something twitch inside him. He didn't want Austria to leave just yet! "Hey!" "Hmm?" At that moment, Prussia ran up to the two boys, face palmed Switzerland out of the way and planted a small kiss on the Austrian's cheek.

"PRUSSIA!" Switzerland roared as said Prussian quickly ran away, leaving an extremely pissed off Switzerland and a blushing stuttering mess of Austria. The shop-keeper decided to just ignore what was going on. Wasn't any of his business anyways...

Prussia stared at the diary in hand, a look of complete shock on his face. "WHAT." He said in slightly cracked voice. I did that? For that little brat? And I thought he was CUTE...and I kissed him... Oh Gott... Prussia thought, eye twitching slightly.

At that, he thought back to how Austria looked with those huge glasses. "Thank you for getting me these glasses. That was very kind of you." ...Prussia ran up the the two boys...planted a small kiss on the Austrian's cheek...

That grateful smile, that gentle-looking face, how those violet eyes shimmered behind the glass, and how he blushed when Prussia had kissed him... Prussia felt his face heat up. "OK, so maybe the Little Master was kinda cute back then. He sure as hell isn't now!" Prussia shook his head of the Metal image of the chibi.

"He's stuffy, whines like an old man, wears clothes that have been outta style for over a hundred years now, frugal beyond belief, and pays too much attention to that stupid piano when he should be paying attention to ME!" Prussia ranted angrily. Wait, what? Why would I want HIM to pay more attention to me, besides the obvious? Prussia thought, scratching his head in bewilderment.

"Geez, better put this away, I guess," Prussia sighed and set the diary back in the box and into the hollow. Placing the tile over the hollow, Prussia decided to leave. But before closing the door, Prussia took one last look at the loose tile that hid the diary. To be honest, Prussia thought, feeling his face heat up, That's one diary I wouldn't mind reading over again...

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