Caroline was all alone in the woods. She had been hunting bunnies because the decreasing numbers of blood bags in the blood bank had taken the curiosity of the council members from towns nearby. Hunting wasn't exactly her forte. That and it made her seem like a psychopath. Hunting defenseless animals was always the first step in becoming a serial killer. And it was weird because she'd always ended up with fur in her mouth unlike Stefan. Stefan. Gosh, now she sees why Stefan has been nicknamed the Ripper. He hunts bunnies.

"Here bunny bunny, come out come out wherever you are." She called out, supposedly trying to attract her preys, who scattered at the sight of their vampric predator.

A suppressed laughter echoed through behind a bush. It sounded like it belonged to a man, and Caroline frowned at having company during her lunch hour. She was hungry, and that company could just end up on her platter. The blonde girl decided to approach the source of the noise as softly and slowly as she can, hoping she won't easily scare her company off. Caroline wanted to make it dramatic. She didn't intend to have him for lunch, but the man could use a good scare, followed by a compulsion. Hey, at least she'd have that satisfaction to keep forever.

As she make her way round the bush, she found no sight of a human there. Good, if it isn't enough that I'm an insecure vampire, I have to add the part where I'm a loony too. Gosh Caroline, you have to stop imagining things.

"What do we have here?" a voice called out behind her. It had the same ring to the laughter she thought she heard in her mind.

When she turned around, she found herself face to face with a man she met at the Grill yesterday night. She remembered him as Klaus's younger brother, the one who got himself daggered. He's cute. No Caroline. You can't think of him as cute. He is dangerous. Yeah, and he's an Original.

"Somebody rude who stalks then laugh at me?" She replied. Seriously, what was he even doing in the woods? One thing for sure, he wasn't hunting bunnies.

The man laughed heartedly. "Sorry. I'm Kol. Kol Mikaelson."

"Yeah, like it's okay to suddenly introduce yourself in the middle of a forest." The girl clucked with disapproval.

Again, the man laughed, this time at her expression. He knew his brother had taken an interest in this girl, and at first, he couldn't see why. But with her sharp words and her gimmick expressions, he could shed a light to Nik's absurd fascination. And to think she's really pretty too.

"Forgive me then. I believe you were hunting bunnies, is it, before my untimely intrusion?" Kol smirked at the beautiful blonde in front of him. When she could only scoffed at his response, that smirked turned into a crooked smile. Not so eloquent now are you.

Caroline gave a menacing glare to the young Original in front of her, wanting to lunged her fangs at his neck if he was human. Human wasn't anywhere close to describe the man. He was an Original after all. A rude one. Worse than Klaus.

"Well, are you going to continue to give me that alluring glare of yours, or are you going to humor me with your answers?" Kol teased, thrilled at having the upper hand to their first conversation.

Caroline shook her head in disbelief. Relax Caroline. Count to three, smile and walk away. Yeah, walk away NOW.

As she walked away, she realised that her company was far gone. She'd been expecting him to call out to her or to chase after her, but no. He disappeared into thin air, the same as he magically appeared. Oh god, I'm such an idiot. A hungry one too. Curses.

Unknown to her, Kol was still in the vicinity, this time behind a tree. He heard her soft grumbles as she returned home with an empty stomach. He wondered how she'll handle the thirst, secretly hoping she'd take a human or two as dinner. She was definitely intriguing, he'd allow her that. But he needed more reasons for Nik's infatuation with the blonde girl. It's okay Caroline. We'd have more fun in the future. Kol had to keep up with the girl's life should he want to "bump" into her more often. As he cleared the woods, he couldn't help but grin widely at the plan laid out before him in his mind.