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"How can I tell him anything if he wont even listen to me!"

Amy said to herself as she paced back and forth in the woods.

"I could tell him anything." Amy sighed as she thought long and hard. Soon her concentration was soon broken by the sound of a twig snapping underneath a foot. As soon as she herd the twig snap, she bolted into a run. She didn't bother to wait and see who it might be.

"AMES WAIT!" Amy herd Sonic say as he began to run. Amy didn't stop, she knew she couldn't match to Sonic's speed. She had to think fast, Amy kept running until she remembered a invention Tails made for her in case she was in trouble again. Amy pulled out a small sphere with a button out of the pocket of her dress. Hitting the button, a huge puff of smoke appeared out of the sphere making it so Sonic couldn't see a single thing in his path. Amy quickly climbed a tree so she could hide. when the smoke cleared, Amy was gone. Sonic looked around. Amy watched Sonic look around frantically, and she realized that her boot was visible. Amy held her breath and dared herself to not move. Oh god, please don't see me. Just please go! Finally after about fifteen minutes, Sonic gave up. Amy waited for another ten minutes just to make sure Sonic was gone. She climbed down and ran home.

"I have to leave this place..." Amy said to herself as she fumbled with the key to her house. Once inside, she hurried to her room and packed a few cloths and any other necessary items she needs. Then she ran to the kitchen and packed some food for herself. "Where will I go and what will I do when I get there?" Amy said out load and then stopped to think about what she was going to do. "I'll worry about it when the time comes." Amy said to herself. Amy just shook her head and finished her packing. Amy sighed with relief as she packed her last item.

"Now all that's left is..." Amy turned around and stared at her desk. She sat down and pulled out a her supplies to write a letter.

(What the letter said)

To My Dearest,

When you read this letter, I will be far away from here. Please don't send yourself or anyone else to find me. We both know that it is for the best that I go and clear my head of all thought. I need to be free for awhile and start a fresh life for now. I promise that one day I will run into your arms and say that I am here to stay now and forever till I die. Before you go crazy, I promise that I will be careful of all danger. Though we both know you wont be there to save me, I must say to you that you will always be my hero. I will come back to you in good time. For now please remember me and love me with all your heart. I know I will.

Yours truly now and forever,


Amy sealed the letter in the envelope after she puffed some of her perfume onto it. Tears streamed down her face. She picked up a picture and placed it into her bag. Locking her door, Amy placed the letter with no return address into her mail box. With the letter in the mail box, Amy left Mobius and off into her new life.

(with Sonic)

Sonic opened the mail box at Tails house and found a letter for him. When Sonic opened up, he went white. He crumbled up the letter and screamed turning into dark Sonic and went into a rampage. He destroyed most of the town until the police caught him and locked him up.

(At Eggman's Base)

"SHADOW GET OVER HERE!" Shadow rolled his eyes and walked over to Eggman.

"What is it this time?" Shadow asked as he crossed his arms. Eggman handed him a to do list.

"I need you to do all these things. That way I can created my machine to stop that blasted hedgehog. Shadow snatched the list and left. Eggman looked over his plans for his latest creation.

"Sir a letter for you." one of Eggman's robots said as he placed the letter in front of him and hurried off. Eggman could smell the perfume that was held inside and knew it was from Amy Rose . He eyed the letter as if it would bite him. Hesitating, he opened the letter and read it. When he had finished reading, he placed the letter back the envelope and began to cry.