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Rumors flew, that Hwang Tae Kyung cheated on Yoo He Yi with Go Mi Nyu, Kang Shin Woo's girlfriend. There were also rumors that Yoo He Yi found out about it and decided to break up with Tae Kyung.

"I don't get it. Why must people create rumors?" the innocent Go Mi Nyu asked. Sensing that Hwang Tae Kyung wasn't going to answer as he had his sour expression on, Jeremy explained that paparazzi would write anything about celebrities to earn money.

They were in the main room, with a copy of Korea's best-selling newspaper on the table. At the front page, there was a picture of Hwang Tae Kyung hugging Go Mi Nyu last night.

Tae Kyung was still drinking his water when Go Mi Nyu kneeled down and apologized to everyone in the room, for being the cause of the terrible news. As usual, Tae Kyung harassed Mi Nyu and retreated to his room. Jeremy and Shin Woo reassured Mi Nyu that everything was fine and it wasn't her fault. Go Mi Nam became angry and stormed up to the leader's room.

Slamming the door behind him, Go Mi Nam looked at Hwang Tae Kyung with fire burning inside him. Hwang Tae Kyung scolded, "Don't you have any manners? This is my room. The 'No entering my room' applies to you too, although your sister sleeps here".

Go Mi Nam shouted at Hwang Tae Kyung for scolding Go Mi Nyu. When he was out of breath, the leader put on his earphones. Knowing that Hwang Tae Kyung loves the doll of a rabbit with a pig's nose the most, Go Mi Nam snatched the rabbit from its place and started to play with it. He knew that Hwang Tae Kyung hates it when anyone touches his stuff.

"Oppa, you broke rule number 2 and 3, 'No entering hyung-nim's room' and 'No touching his belongings'," Go Mi Nyu said as she quickly snatched the pig-rabbit doll from her oppa's hand and settled it back in its rightful place. Go Mi Nam could not believe his eyes and ears. His sister, who used to stand up for him, now scolded him for Hwang Tae Kyung.

"I don't care about the rules," answered Go Mi Nam. This angered Hwang Tae Kyung. "You follow the rules, unless you want to get kicked out. I shall add another rule only for you". He emphasized on the word 'only', to make Go Mi Nam feel pissed. "No answering back to your sister".

"You can't create that rule. My sister isn't your business," shouted Go Mi Nam. By then, all the members have gathered outside Hwang Tae Kyung's room as they were prohibited from entering the leader's room.

"She is my business as she is my girlfriend. She's mine," Hwang Tae Kyung said. Go Mi Nyu's heart skipped a beat when she heard that she was her hyung-nim's girlfriend. She thought she would never hear that word coming out from the perfectionist's mouth as he thinks that love is too sentimental.

Go Mi Nam had nothing more to say. He was stunned by what Hwang Tae Kyung just said.

He walked out of the room without any word. He avoided everyone and went to his room.

"Hyung-nim…" Go Mi Nyu was almost to tears. Tears of happiness were starting to roll down her face. It has been a long time since Go Mi Nyu cried because of happiness.

"Go Mi Nyu", called Hwang Tae Kyung. When she didn't answer, he looked at her. "You're crying?" He thought, "My pig-rabbit is crying right now. She never cried when I scolded her. Did I do something wrong?"

"Hyung-nim, thank you very much. You have just made me feel…" Before she could finish her sentence, she found herself crying again. She tried to hold her tears but they were rolling down uncontrollably.

"Sad?" When Go Mi Nyu shook her head, he tried again although he was certain that it was not the correct answer. "Happy?" He was shocked when Go Mi Nyu nodded. He thought that in his whole life, he never made anyone happy. He made everyone sad because he wanted others to feel his hurt and anger. The only moment he felt happy was when Go Mi Nyu was with him, whether giving him problems to solve like the fingers that got stuck together or cheering him up whenever his mood was bad.

His train of thoughts was interrupted when his cell phone rang. "Who's this?" he asked although he saw the caller ID. "Tae Kyung, let's meet up for lunch today together with your girlfriend". He always tried to be polite to his father as his father was his only parent who attended to him. "Yes, of course, aboeji. I'll meet you there".

"Is everything ok, hyung-nim? What did your aboeji say?" Go Mi Nyu looked concerned. "He wants to meet us in an hour. Get ready", replied Hwang Tae Kyung. "I can't. I have never met you aboeji before. I might mess up," replied his pig-rabbit with an apologetic look on her face. "You're my girlfriend so you are my responsibility now. I'll brief you before we reach there,", assured Hwang Tae Kyung, much to th relief of Go Mi Nyu. Without a word, she picked out her best outfit and went to the bathroom to change. _Hwang Tae Kyung dressed quickly and sat down to think while waiting for his girlfriend. "Why would aboeji want to meet us all of a sudden?" he wondered. He felt frustrated as he hates it when he couldn't figure something out.

"Hyung-nim, can we go now?" asked Go Mi Nyu. She was wearing a white colored t-shirt paired with a pair of faded blue jeans. With her hair still short, she wet it to tame the flyaways. The leader was relieved that Go Mi Nyu did not wear a wig. He would have felt awkward like the two times when he saw her with a wig.

Grabbing his black leather jacket, a cap and a pair of sunglasses, he started to leave the room when he suddenly remembered that Go Mi Nyu was famous and would be easily recognized. "Pig-rabbit, where's your disguise? Go and wear your sunglasses now", commanded Tae Kyung, forgetting that he had never seen Mi Nyu wearing sunglasses when she was acting as her oppa.

"I don't have any sunglasses. I have never bought them", said Mi Nyu sadly. She did not earn as much as the leader when she was in the spotlight, using her brother's identity. Hearing that, the perfectionist proceeded to the drawer where he kept all his sunglasses. There were more than 45 sunglasses, each one for an occasion. "Pick whichever you like. I'll give it to you", he told Go Mi Nyu.

Go Mi Nyu chose a plain-looking one. Hwang Tae Kyung grimaced at Mi Nyu's poor choice. That was his first pair of sunglasses that he had and he was going to throw it away a couple of months back but decided to keep it as the plain design would help him in disguising himself.

"You have just helped me get rid of that plain sunglasses," Hwang Tae Kyung responded to his girlfriend's choice. Taking Mi Nyu's hand, they started for the door.

They had just got into the Tae Kyung's blue Audi. Tae Kyung thrust the key into the ignition and drove off to the meeting place. A few minutes later, Mi Nyu reminded Tae Kyung that he did not brief Mi Nyu yet.

"I think you're doing quite well", complimented Hwang Tae Kyung after Go Mi Nyu practiced on what to say. He had never complimented anyone before the girl who was sitting next to him. He was an absolute perfectionist and he could not see others' good work as he thought that he was the best.

They arrived outside the meeting place, an expensive restaurant. Tae Kyung's father loved to dine in this restaurant, probably because he wants to show people that he is a high class man. They went into the VIP room and were greeted by Hwang Kyung Soon and his girlfriend, Joanna.

"Tae Kyung, I'm glad you came." Hwang Kyung Soon turned to Mi Nyu. "You must be his new girlfriend. Have a seat." The dishes were served. Hwang Kyung Soon was aware of his son's allergies, therefore he did not order any dish that has shellfish or sesame seeds in it. He also told the waiter not to put flowers in the room.

They ate in silence for a few minutes. Sensing the awkwardness, Tae Kyung finally broke the silence. "Aboeji, why do you want to meet us?" Hwang Kyung Soon replied, "I want to get a clearer picture of this whole mess. Tae Kyung-ah, I've never thought that you would be like this, but how could you hug and say 'I love you' to someone else's girlfriend? Furthermore, she is your bandmate's girlfriend!"

Tae Kyung felt that he was being challenged and insulted. He fired back, "She is my girlfriend. Of course I have the right to hug and say 'I love you' to her!" With that, the leader took Go Mi Nyu's hand and dragged the surprised girl out of the room.

Hwang Kyung Soon regretted his actions. He had only wanted to discuss about this matter with his son. He had never questioned his son's action as Tae Kyung is a smart guy.

On the way back to the dorm, Hwang Tae Kyung did not speak at all. This worried Go Mi Nyu. "Hyung-nim, I'm sorry. I'm the cause of your argument with your aboeji", she apologized for the second time that day and expected to hear her boyfriend's scolding again. The next few words took her by surprise. "It's not your fault", the leader reassured her and continued driving.

They quickly went into Tae Kyung's room to change into a better outfit for the press conference. Tae Kyung wore a nice tuxedo while Mi Nyu wore a turquoise dress and matched it with a pair of beautiful sapphire earrings.

The five of them grouped up in the living room and walked to the van that was waiting for them. Manager Ma and Coordinator Wang were arguing when the five of them entered the van. Realizing that it was a lovers' quarrel, Jeremy refrained himself from asking any questions. He thought, "Tae Kyung hyung and Go Mi Nyu are deep in thought. I wonder what they are thinking about, especially hyung. It would be nice to know what's on his mind for once".

"We are here", announced Manager Ma excitedly. "Sister…oh no, Mi Nyu-yah. You must be feeling excited, right?" Tae Kyung added, "And nervous", which made Go Mi Nam felt like punching him. "Manager Ma, why did you call Mi Nyu 'sister'?" asked a curious Jeremy when they were walking to the back entrance of the venue. "My sister was once a sister-in-training", explained Go Mi Nam. "Banana".

"Hey, why did you call me a 'banana'? At least give me a better nickname, pineapple", replied Jeremy. "I called you a 'banana' because your color is yellow and you posed with a banana in the previous photo shoot. What does a pineapple have to do with me?" argued Mi Nam. "Well, your head looks like a pineapple. No wonder no one likes you", replied the drummer. It was true. No one ever bonded with Mi Nam as he always went out to see He Yi. He had never tried talking to them, too. "Your sister was better than you by millions of times", Jeremy muttered under his breath before they entered the hall which was fully packed.