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Hwang Tae Kyung sat on the chair, facing his study table. He had to admit. This time, the perfectionist Hwang Tae Kyung ran out of ideas. "Ugh," he grunted, ruffling his already messy hair for the 51st time that night. He could hear giggles from the living room and he was very annoyed. How could they still have fun and giggle while he is stuck here, trying to write a song?

"That ungrateful pig-rabbit!" he muttered angrily before crumpling the music sheet with a lot of crossed out word and threw it to the rubbish bin.

"And Go Mi Nam fell off the motorcycle while trying to get on it". Everyone except Mi Nam giggled. Jeremy was narrating to them, how Go Mi Nam fell off the motorcycle when he tried to get on Jeremy's bike. "Your bike was faulty," he argued. "It isn't," Jeremy attacked back defensively. If there was one thing he loved aside from drums, ice creams and Jolie, it is his motorcycle.

"So true," Go Mi Nam yelled, so loud that it can be heard upstairs. He continued bickering with the drummer without knowing what was going to happen to him that night.

"So true".

Hwang Tae Kyung heard someone yell from the living room and he knew that it was from Go Mi Nam. He was very irritated. He stood up and stomped to the living room.

The first person who saw Hwang Tae Kyung's angry look, was Jeremy. He tried to signal Go Mi Nam to stop shouting. On the other hand, Go Mi Nam was still oblivious, and wondered why Jeremy stopped arguing. "Ahh… So now you know that you can't defeat me in arguing. Well done!" he told Jeremy, ignoring Jeremy's signal. He looked at his sister and Shin Woo and wondered why they didn't cheer for him, instead looked scared. He spun around to see what made them scared and almost choked when he saw the leader, standing there with his arms crossed and an angry expression on his face.

"Hyung, what's that angry look on your face for?" he asked casually.

Irritated, Hwang Tae Kyung replied, "Go Mi Nam, unless you would prefer to sleep outside the house from now on, keep your volume down. It's becoming a noise pollution. I'm sure someone would be able to use the room you are currently using, or it can be a storeroom".

"Ah, ye, hyung," Go Mi Nam answered, afraid of being kicked out. Scared that the leader misunderstood the answer, he added, "To the first demand, not the second one". Satisfied, Hwang Tae Kyung smirked and went back to his room.

"Aish… So scary. That was close!" Go Mi Nam let out a sigh. "Oppa, you shouldn't make so much noise," his twin warned. Mi Nam pouted. "Who made him so irritated in the first place?" he accused. "It was clear from his face that he was irritated, or troubled, on the way back from the agency. I don't need to be an expert to tell that!" He made sure to keep his volume down in case the leader can still hear him.

Tae Kyung sat in his chair, thinking, after he reprimanded Go Mi Nam. He thought about Mi Nyu, about how she is too precious to him. No one had ever held such an important place in his heart. As he kept thinking, an idea came to him. He would compose a song about how precious his pig-rabbit is to him. He carefully took out a music sheet, a pencil and started writing neatly.

"Here, the new song for Go Mi Nyu's single".

President Ahn was eager to read the lyrics. As always, ANJell's songs are about love stories. He wondered how does the composer get never-ending inspirations for love songs. Other bands either co-operate with other songwriters or compose a few songs now and then, which are not about love stories. "Well, option one doesn't seem to suit him. He likes to work alone," the president thought.

"Good, in fact, it's excellent. I'll get Mi Nyu here so she can practice," President Ahn held the sheet in one hand, and the CD which contains the melody, in another. He was very impressed. "How did you manage to compose the whole song in one night?" he asked, but did not get any reply. He turned to face the songwriter, and was shocked that he had left.

"Aish… I'm so tired," Hwang Tae Kyung complained and sat on the sofa in the music room. He had not got a wink of sleep last night due to the fact that he was busily composing the song. As the song is about how precious someone is to you, he decided to name it, "My Precious".

He felt his eyelids begin to droop, and decided to lie down on the sofa and have a nap.

The remaining four of them were shocked to learn that Hwang Tae Kyung had finished composing the song for Go Mi Nyu's single. She was needed in the agency immediately to practice the song. "If things go well, you can start recording the song today," Manager Ma explained.

"Unbelievable… He finished the song in one night," Mi Nam said loudly. "It's true. He handed it to President Ahn this morning," Manager Ma replied. "Now, go and dress yourselves up as we're leaving in exactly 10 minutes!" Coordinator Wang commanded. The four of the idols hurried to their bathrooms to take a bath and get themselves prepared. They know that the coordinator takes her words seriously.

Shin Woo recalled that Coordinator Noona once left Go Mi Nam running all the way to the agency after they had their lunch at a restaurant nearby because he was wasn't ready to head back after the lunch and was late for a few minutes after the coordinator told them to get back to A.N. Entertainment. He quickly showered and got himself ready, and was surprised that they had already left. Sighing, he drove his car there and parked at a special parking lot reserved for the idols. He looked around but did not see a hint of the white van that their manager initially drove to the dorm to pick them up.

The five of them had wanted to wait for the guitarist, but decided to leave without him.

In the car, Go Mi Nam was dead bored because no one talked to him. Usually, Kang Shin Woo would be the one who would chat with him as Hwang Tae Kyung keeps to himself and Go Mi Nam would bicker with Jeremy whenever they talk to each other. He spotted an ice cream shop and persuaded everyone in the van to eat ice cream.

"Didn't they come with you?" the president questioned Shin Woo. "No, I got out last. I thought they came here already," the guitarist replied. After 5 minutes of waiting, the group, which had wandered off to savor ice cream, came back.

"Um… We stopped by to eat ice cream. Mi Nam was the one who suggested it". With that, Manager Ma pushed the keyboardist to the front, facing the president. President Ahn did not want to cause a scene, so he cooled down and lead them to the music room to practice.

The sight that greeted everyone surprised them, including the only girl in the band. Hwang Tae Kyung was resting, sleeping actually, on the sofa. He was the most hardworking of them and had never took a rest in the entertainment company.

The songwriter opened his eyes, to find seven people looking at him. Annoyed, he commanded, "Get ready. This song must be sung perfectly". After that, he took the CD from the president and played the beautiful song. After listening to the melody for four minutes and referring to the music sheet, Go Mi Nyu sang when the song was replayed. She thought that the song was very beautiful, and only a perfectionist like Tae Kyung could write it.

Meanwhile, in the perfectionist's mind, he was thinking about how embarrassing the earlier situation was. That was the first time he had slept in some place other than his room.

Recording started on that very day, but Hwang Tae Kyung drove back to the dorm and got some beauty sleep. In other cases, he would stay and listen to the recording but he believes in his girlfriend. Furthermore, he heard her practice just now and he needed his beauty sleep. Work was the furthest thing from his mind as he took a shower and settled into a deep sleep.

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